Trick or Treat! 2017 Halloween.

When I was younger, the costumes at Halloween were either store bought plastic sheets and masks or “mom-made”. Now our children go hardcore and have gone off the beaten path of traditional costumes. They have created their own designs and poses- giving their character’s life. They also received numerous questions and compliments about their designs. It seems that years of attending Comic-Cons has paid off.

For during the day at school, my daughters did “Steampunk Alice & Mad Hatter”. They worked together to create a look that worked for both of them. For trick or treating- they changed outfits to be a bit more scary.

Our youngest daughter did her take on Freddy Krueger. And our eldest did Professor Stein.  Creating costumes are becoming second nature for us. We’ve always loved Halloween and have made it special every year.

In the past we’ve hit Disneyland three times to Trick or Treat. We also attended Stan Lee’s Comikaze for a couple Halloweens. Always plenty of costumes and tons of candy!

Any time we didn’t travel, we would hit a residential neighborhood with crowded homes lining the streets. It was great for when the kids were younger. This year to trick or treat, my wife drove around our neighborhood (since the homes are spread out between 1-10 acre lots). Less houses but still a good haul. With quite a few full size chocolate bars and cans of soda.

I joined up with them at the end of their evening because I was at work all day. But in the spirit of Halloween- I still got dressed up! My coworkers were rather impressed by my outfit.(Tomorrow I’ll be sharing about making my costume.) I’ll always love Halloween and dressing up. I’m just a big kid at heart. I’ll leave you tonight with a phrase I love to say- that I even put on a t-shirt for my kids:

Many years ago with my son.

“When I grow up I wanna be like me.”

Easter Sunday 

Easter.  Meh.  Just another day.

Easter Bunny DGAF.

I don’t eat much in the way of chocolates or sweets as it is.  Candy just doesn’t appeal to me.

Growing up Catholic- I understood and despised the story of Easter.  A strange celebration marking the suffering and resurrection of someone dying for my sins made about as much sense as a bunny delivering chocolate eggs.


But when I became a father, my kids needed some magic in their lives.  Thus, I was ok with the Easter bunny bringing treats.  Same idea as Santa or the Tooth Fairy.  Magical lies told to my children in order to get them to behave and cooperate. And it was about as much fun setting up an Easter egg hunt as it was to watch the kids search them out.

My wife and I would use Easter as a time to give toys to the kids as well.  The Easter Bunny would bring items for the summer as a way to celebrate spring blossoming.  Somehow it turned into videogames and board games as they grew up.  Now, even as we have two teenage girls and a boy turning 11- they all still want to search for treats.  They also wanted me to be home to watch.

Yes I think our kids are too old for this.  But I also think my wife is afraid to let go of their childhoods.  Which is completely understandable.  The kids play along because they get candy, chocolates and goodies.  My wife plays along for nostalgia.  I play along because I love all of them.  

And my vote doesn’t count… 


Last night my family and I were watching Netflix.  We tuned in (is that the term still these days?) to Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events.  We usually snack a bit while watching tv/films.  For the first time in a long time, we weren’t eating potato chips or popcorn.

We were eating glazed donuts, Dr. Pepper licorice and drinking IRN-BRU sodas.  The Sugar Rush hit four out of the five of us pretty hard.  My wife seemed unaffected…  Giggles and silliness was abound.  Then, we crashed.

We crashed hard.  All of us went off to bed by about 11pm and passed out.  In the morning, I had a tough time waking up.  Finally at around 10am I sat up in bed to play some videogames.  My wife brought me a coffee, but within an hour, I was crashing again.  So I took a nap.  For two hours.

All day I have felt like garbage.  My body isn’t used to large intakes of sugar.  Coffee-yes, sweets-no.  Even my heart decided to skip a beat this afternoon while I hung out with my son building Lego.  A very relaxing activity that shouldn’t have done anything exhilarating to me.

I don’t eat chocolate very often.  Nor do I enjoy cakes, icing, or candy in general.  But after the last 24 hours, I can say my body doesn’t like it either.  I’m not going to do this again anytime soon.

Hopefully I’ll be back to normal by tomorrow.  Whatever my normal may be…