The Days Between…

In North America there is a couple of days in July that feel lost and without fanfare.

July 2nd and 3rd.

These are the two days that fall between Canada Day and Independence Day. The celebrations on July 1st north of the border and on July 4th south of the border. Canadians and Americans share a huge border and those that live near it, such as myself, benefit from the ability to visit freely from one side to the other.

What should we do with those two days in between? We should create an official celebration between our two countries that lasts four days. Hear me out… Already many people extend their time off around one of these dates. Many of us have family and friends who live on either side of the border. Plus the number 23 in numerology contains elements of companionship, diplomacy, and teamwork energies. A perfect description of the camaraderie between our two countries.

Why not make it official? Call July 2 and 3rd The International Two-Three. A new holiday celebrating friendships. I’m on board and want to make posters now!

Canada Day

I am Proud that we have Canada Day. To me, being Canadian means being kind and polite. I’m glad that’s also how the world sees our country.

So today I implore you to go out to enjoy our glorious country. Meet people and smile. Smile so that the love you have in our glowing hearts spreads far and wide.

May your celebrations be lighthearted and full of friendships!

Happy Canada Day!

What Do You Call December 23rd?

Today is December 23rd. So I am curious which faction people fall under these days. Do you call it:

A) Christmas Eve Eve

B) Festivus

Or do you have a different name for it? Is it just another day? Is it the last day of shopping? Is it a day of travel? What do you do on December 23?

This year, I had to work. So it was a day of Holiday well wishing to coworkers. I enjoyed the day.

Pi Day

I love fake celebratory dates. “Star Wars Day” is the best one. (May the 4th). But today is also a perfect example of made up celebration days.

It’s “National Pi Day” or “Pie Day”. Whichever dad joke you want to use to share 3.14 is ok with me. I like pie.

Time to go out and spread some silly joy and plaster social media all about pie and Pi. Math and dessert go hand in hand.

I’m going to get me an apple pie later on. That’s my favorite pie. What’s your go-to pie for celebrating today?

Happy Birthday!

Today is my wife’s birthday.  I have often spoken of her in my blog posts.  I even raved about her on Mother’s Day.  So today is another special day to celebrate all things Lee-Anne!

Every year my wife has her birthday on December 6th.  It never changes.  That makes it easy to remember.  In the past I have done my best to show her how much I value her and how much I love her.  From dinners to hand made gifts and everything outside that spectrum, here is a list of some of the more memorable birthdays I have tried to give her:

Last year I made her a gift of a record cut into the shape of an old 45 adapter to celebrate her turning 45.  It was challenging to say the least, but I think she was happy with the results.  Probably because I paid attention to one of her favorite things and found an old copy of “The Sound Of Music” at a thrift store to use.

Six years ago, I was getting a chip on the windshield of our minivan repaired on the morning of her birthday.  I was browsing online while I waited and found an SUV for sale, so I went to look at it.  Needless to say, my wife got a new car for her 40th Birthday that year.  It was easy to get her to agree since she absolutely despised the minivan since we first purchased it years prior.

Now, originally on her 40th Birthday, I had made her a hand drawn picture of her favorite place to view from when we visited Disneyland (we have a bench that we sit at every time we go there to watch the Pixar Parade).  A new SUV was great, but the real gift was the one I made for her that year.

For her 35th birthday, I had us picked up in a limo and taken to the local airport.  She took her first (and only) flying lesson that day.  She flew us through the mountains and back to the coastline.  Afterwards, the limo took us around to see the Christmas light displays.

Sharing experiences with my wife is what I really enjoy.  I also love making her birthdays a little more special as each year passes.  We have spent many years together now, and I really enjoy having fun with her.


Happy Birthday Lee-Anne!  I hope you have another fantastic year!  Love you.

Celebrating Two Lives In One Day, In Two Very Different Ways

Today was the funeral service for my old friend Jeremy.  I wrote about him two weeks ago. Feel free to go back and read it in case you wondered who he was to me: Jeremy.  It was a lovely service filled with more friends than I could have imagined one person to have.  But here we all were, gathered together to say a final goodbye.  The stories and speeches were touching.  The photos shared showed a man full of life.  The hardest part for me was hearing his 11 year old daughter speak of her father.  The courage she possessed to speak about her loss and share a couple of stories was impressive as well as heart wrenching.

Seeing some old familiar faces was nice, but awkward.  I suppose that’s normal for a funeral.  You want to share good stories of your own life and what has happened over the years, but you slow it down and find there is no easy way to talk with those who you once knew.  Bringing people together over a loss is difficult.  But our friend, Jeremy, was a fun loving and out going person.  Smiling today seemed ok to do.  

May you be at peace my friend.

The other celebration of life today was the celebration of a new born child.  

This little guy is adorable. I almost didn’t return him.

Another friend of mine gave birth to one of the most beautiful baby boys I have ever seen. Not including my own son.  (I still have parental biased going on.)  Gage was welcomed into this world early this morning by his mother Jen, father Greg, and big sister Emma.  Mom was doing so well, they discharged her from the maternity ward late this afternoon.  Ok, maybe it was more like Jen said, “We’d like to go home now, thanks for helping with my baby.”
Originally I was going to head to the hospital immediately following the memorial service.  But because they headed home so quickly, my wife and I decided to stop by their home and take a peek before dinner.

Seeing two factions of what life is in one day is humbling.  It made me realize that life starts and ends rather quickly.  From an old friend of twenty years, to a baby not even twelve hours old- both will mean something special to me.  

You can go through life sometimes not realizing who you’ve touched along the way.