Chainsaw Carving

In the tiny town of Gold River, BC there is a chainsaw carving competition happening. It has been going on for the past few years.  

Gold River’s iconic Penis Boot…

They set up in the only parking lot in the only shopping centre in town.  We went there a couple times today to check on the progress.  Maybe four other people were there… Not including the carvers or their families.  Small draw- making it more intimate with the carvers.

This morning the artists were preparing their pieces for the competition.  From 7am-7pm in the hot sun for three days, they will showcase their artistic skills and  talents.  After almost the entire first day, you can see some amazing progress.

I wish I had the talent these folks have to do such amazing art.  How they can take a large piece of yellow cedar and see life inside of it is far beyond me.  Using chainsaws of all sizes, art springs forward from nothing more than a tree stump.  Throughout Gold River, there are many sculptures and benches from previous competitions littered throughout the town (most available for purchase according to the Chamber of Commerce). 

Surprisingly many of these are more affordable than one might originally have thought.  As much as some have caught my eye, I cannot imagine owning one at this point in time.  We have one piece that came with our home, and he fits in perfectly.  

I am still in awe at the talents that people of the world have.  Plus the smell of chainsaws and fresh cut cedar really screams “The Great Outdoors” to me.  Which, btw, is a cinematic classic.