Since 1989, the BC Liquor Stores have been doing a program called Share A Bear. It’s a simple concept- you buy a small teddy bear and the Liquor Distribution Branch donates a similar bear to a child in need.

I don’t usually do impromptu purchases. But every year the bears do get cuter.

I’ve bought them in the past because they are super cute. And cuddly. My kids have loved them, so I assume a child in need would love one as well. This year I chose to buy a Polar Bear in a cute flannel hoodie.

This year, I’ll be giving it to our oldest daughter when I come home tonight. I owe her an apology, and a cute-pa-tootie bear should start to make a difference.

So if you’re buying something this season from the BC Liquor Store- (I know you will!) think about getting a bear. For $11.70- you get a cute toy to give away and a child in need will get a cute toy at the same time.

Giving feels good.

   Giving Tuesday 

Today is now known as “Giving Tuesday”.  It marks the start of being charitable this holiday season.  It’s no surprise that it follows the weekend of Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  Now that people have gotten what they want, the charities are asking for a bit of help.  Check out Giving Tuesday if you don’t know where to start.

I’m sure many of you already give in one form or another.  Be it volunteer time or money, each of us has something that we support and feel strongly about.  Strong enough to try and make a difference.  Cancers, diseases, mental awareness, animal cruelty, homelessness, schooling, hunger, poverty, the list goes on…  But not one is worth more than another.  

Remember to be a bit more charitable this year.  But do your research!  There have been many fraudulent “charities” and many others that claim to do charitable work but also profit from people’s good intentions.  Like taking advice from a celebrity about your health, you can’t always trust their Charitable Organizations.  Many famous people choose to be in the limelight to showcase how kind they are being but being commended for a selfless act in hopes to boost a movie or career is tasteless and tacky.  

If you choose to donate to a good cause, share the reasons why, not the monetary value you donated.  Not everyone can give $1, $10, $100, $1000…  if you do give money, feel good about it- not pressured.

It’s not always about money.  (But that is the best way to help).  We often donate old clothes and household items.  Our children volunteer time at their school for Pa-Moja.  I wrote about it back in January: What Makes My Kids Wonderful.  I encourage them to be actively helping others even in the smallest ways.

Everything and everyone has a purpose.  We are all just trying to get to the finish line with a clear conscience and a feeling of good will to all.  Or at least that’s my goal.