Skinflint Supper

All my life I have been very conscious of my spending. I’m not always good as saving money, but I do my best. Shopping is a lot of what’s on sale and price matching.

If I choose to eat fast food, which is maybe twice a month, I will order from the value menu or use coupons. Last night I order some McDonald’s using the app. And I saved big time. (No, I am not sponsored by the Golden Arches, nor do I really consider it a healthy food choice.)

My total should have been $10.58 plus tax. Instead I paid $1.05 after taxes for my order. That’s because the app gave me a coupon for a $1 burger which I used. But because I generally use the app to order food (I find the accuracy of my order has increased) I am now gaining “Points”. So I used some points and got a free large fries. I felt really proud of myself for such a good deal.

However it got me thinking… since it was so cheap does that mean I can get an extra day of fast food this month? The other question that arises is, what is the dollar amount that would constitute a “meal” because clearly spending one dollar isn’t it in my mind.

For now, as I try and sleep after a night shift, I’ll just let the stomach pains tell me it was a bad idea- and that twice a month for junk fast food is more than enough- no matter the cost.

Cheap Fashion

I’m the kind of fellow who wears jeans and a t-shirt most days. I have a tough time buying shirts that cost more than $20. Last year I bought 4 shirts the entire year. I also find it difficult to spend $80 on shoes. I did not buy a single pair of shoes in 2021. I wear my shoes right down to nothingness, and then I continue to use them as “garden shoes”. You know what I mean- the kind of shoes you put on to quickly step outside. The heal is destroyed from walking on it and the laces are so loose you just slip into them.

But accessories? That’s just superficial for the most part. I have a pair of diamond earrings my wife gave me for my birthday one year. I wear them daily and only take them out periodically to clean them. That’s my most expensive flashy accessory. I also have a 40th Anniversary PAC-Man watch I got as a birthday gift and I love it.

Before we went to Mexico, I bought a pair of $20 sunglasses. This is the first pair I have bought in almost 20 years. Every pair prior was free from conventions, or tinted safety glasses from work. If it protects my eyes, it’s good enough. No need for name brand eyewear that I’ll break or lose.

I only wear the PAC-Man watch when I wanted to feel dressy. Normally I am wearing my wife’s old Fitbit on a daily basis. But I didn’t like the look or feel of it. So I bought a $20 watch off Amazon last week. It tells the time and date if I push a button. Basic led numerals. Nothing fancy or high tech.

I’m cheap when it comes to accessories for my appearance. Honestly all jewelry is costume jewelry, why not be cheap if you have to accessorize?

Hot Dog!

I’m a sucker for hot dogs. Especially a Costco Hot Dog! A buck and a half for a beef wiener and a soda? Hell yeah!

I swear that no matter what Costco you go to, their hot dogs always taste the same. We’ve done road trips up and down the west coast of British Columbia, the United States, and into Alberta- stopping for a Costco hot dog is a must. The price is a reliable $1.50. Ever since the mid 1980’s!

Costco Hot Dog with mustard- it’s my dinner tonight since it’s too hot to make a meal at home.

Crafting on the Cheap

I went to the dollar store yesterday and walked out with a cheap Christmas wreath.

It is rather ugly on its own, but I had a vision for it. I wanted to make my own Nightmare Before Christmas decoration. Similar to the one found on the Haunted Mansion ride:

Obviously I wasn’t going to make it as large. But with the ugliness of the dollar store wreath, I figured it could look cartoon like when done.

I pulled out some old craft foam we had and my glue gun. Within a few minutes, I had pretty much completed my decoration. I am impressed with myself.

All that’s left is to dig out an old red bow for the bottom and presto- our wreath will be completed. Now to just find a good place to hang it in our home.