Last Minute Darwin Dinner Date

I left work at 6pm to go home. On my way, I went to pick up our middle child from their work. What should have been a 20 minute drive to meet them was well over twice that. So we decided to grab some dinner and wait out the traffic.

We stopped at Red Robin near where we met up. The burgers were pretty good and of course an Oreo milkshake was needed. We had a good conversation that was more adult-like than we normally have.

I’m glad we took the time to just hang out. It was far better than me rage driving in bad traffic. After our dinner, the commute home was quick.

Our doggo needed our attention since they had been home alone while we were both at work. It’s rare that someone isn’t at home to love her. She was super excited to see us when we did arrive home.

It was a pleasant evening together. A chance to hang out as friends instead of parent/child. I look forward to many more dinners like this as they grow up and want to share about their day and life with me.

April 15th, 2016

Twelve years ago today our second child was born.  She has become an amazing little person over the years.  Since it’s her birthday, I’m going to share some information about her (proud parent moments to be precise) about who she is today.

Darwin Petra Havelka:

  • Nicknames include “Dar-B-Cute” and “Darweena”
  • Middle child/ younger sister/ older sister.

IMG_5501 (1)

  • She loves Hello Kitty ever since getting a pair of HK shoes at age 2.
  • Kawaii is also a favorite of hers & she is starting to draw in that style more often.


  • Cheer leading is her passion.  She loves being a part of a squad, and is always pushing herself to become a better & stronger cheerleader.
  • When she finds something that she likes- she obsesses about it.  Over the past few years -aside from Hello Kitty- she has fallen in love with Jem & The Holograms (The 80’s cartoon), Zero (the ghost dog from The Nightmare Before Christmas), Toadette (From the Mariokart/ Mario Party games), Totoro, and Sailor Moon… To name a few.


  • She is constantly dressing in cosplay and acting out the parts at Comicons.
  • She is a straight “A” student.  She is a perfectionist & has been known to beat herself up if she loses even one mark on an exam or project.
  • Her kindness and generosity has earned her many friends that love being around her.
  • She is a great listener and is often helping people out to make them better at what they are trying to accomplish.
  • She is very inquisitive about how the world runs, often asking questions beyond her age range (sometimes uncomfortable for a parent to answer).


  •  She loves her first name, and I could never picture her with a different name.

Darwin has been growing up into a lovely little lady.  She seems to have taken the best qualities of both her mother and I, thus creating a personality that draws positivity into the world around her.  She also knows how to lay on the guilt and has figured out the soft spot in my heart.  I love the little monkey (Monkey happens to be her Chinese Zodiac as well) & the world is a better place having her in it.

IMG_4812 (1)

Happy Birthday Darwin!