Kids In The Hall

Back in high school, I was a huge fan of “The Kids in the Hall”. Yup, I was watching them when they first aired back in the early 90’s. The skits were very creative and totally out there. I even plagiarized some of the comedy in order to survive English class. My teacher at the time said I was “morbid” and “syndical” as well as “macabre”. Kind of like life if you ask me some days.

1996 rolled around and I was a couple of years out of school by then. “The Kids in the Hall” made the film- “Brain Candy.” I may or may not have been experimenting with psychedelics at this time in my life. But I did enjoy the film and the commentary on drug usage in North America at the time. Periodically I still put on the soundtrack because it was gosh darn good.

Around the same time, I went and saw “The Kids” perform a live show in Vancouver. Okay, maybe it was in the year 2000 that they toured. My life was a blur back then. I wasn’t ready to settle down… and life was still just a thing to live periodically. I knew one day that I’d be done monkeying about. Little did I know that was the year that my life would change.

22 years later and “The Kids in the Hall” banded back together for an appearance on Amazon Prime. Eight episodes to watch, and the first one had full frontal male nudity. Like the kind of nudity that was of men far older than I. Awkward nudity. Humorous nudity. Because- why the heck not? An added bonus- there is a contest they created called “paint Bellini” and naturally I entered. Wouldn’t that be a riot? Win the contest of a show that impacted my life all of those times way back when?

Anyhow, go watch the show on Amazon Prime. It’s Canadiana at its finest. Or don’t. I’m not your boss. But if you do- expect some new skits and a few classic characters to make an appearance.

Long live KITH. And did I mention, in high school- my friends and I tried to get our own comedy sketch show off the ground? Called “Slow Children Playing.” I tried a few times to get in going. Yet no one had the commitment to do it. Now it’s more “Middle Age Memes”. Or essentially “The Kids In The Hall.” So go watch it. Or don’t. No big deal to me.

Bad Movies

This afternoon, I decided to watch a cheesy horror movie in the comfort of our home. My kids watched with me, but our oldest was not paying much attention as she enjoyed playing in the Nintendo Switch.

I’ve always had a soft spot for cheesy horror films. In fact, I love films in general. Back in the 80’s and 90’s when video stores had a rent one get one free- I would choose the most ridiculous sounding movies as the free one. Now with Amazon Prime and Netflix sharing some of these “Classics” I get to relive the craptastic films that made me laugh.

Cheesy horror and slapstick comedy does not, I repeat- DOES NOT always hold up in rewatchability. “Killer Klowns” is no exception. The movie is bad. And bad in a bad way. Not bad in a fun way. Really bad. A few weeks ago we watched “House” and that was also bad. We enjoy making fun of these movies while we watch them. Screaming at the characters on screen or predicting the next zany kill.

Next film on my list of torture viewing is from 1987- “The Masters Of The Universe”. The He-Man live action that ruins the plot idea as bad as the live action “Super Mario Bros”. Dang, I should add that to my list of films as well! Probably right after we view some TROMA classics. Or “Attack of the Killer Tomatoes”.

Do you enjoy schlock horror? Tell me about your favorite.

Mr. Canoehead

My buddy at work and I were talking about weekend plans. I said I usually go into the weekend without much in the way of plans. He pointed out that I build something almost every weekend. Looking back at the past few weeks, he isn’t wrong.

This weekend I Upcycled A Greenhouse

Two weeks ago I Built a Front Porch and Porch Swing

I’ve done numerous things around the house as well, finishing off floors, painting rooms, building an Axe Throwing Pitch, and trying out various baking. I’m always busy even without planning it. I hadn’t really noticed. I just like to make stuff.

My buddy was laughing and we talked about how if a tree fell in my yard, I’d end up carving out a canoe. What would be more Canadian than carving out a canoe? It got me thinking about an old Canadian TV show- The Frantics and their character, Mr. Canoehead.

The Frantics starred four Canadian comedians, one of which was Rick Green, who many know as the duct tape guy from the Red Green show. But I also remember he did a talk show in the early nineties called, Prisoners of Gravity. This show was like the early days of video podcasts. His character was stuck in a space station, as an escapee of Earth exploring the issues examined in science fiction/fantasy literature and comics.

One of my favorite episodes was when he talked to the creators of The Watchmen comics. That really got me into the idea that comics are an art form that can be enjoyed by adults. This show was before ComicCons and superhero movies really took over our lives.

But I digress. I don’t have the talent to carve out a canoe. No matter what you might think. I’ll just continue to tinker and build stuff for fun and share my stories. And be a nerd along the way.

Life is Dam Funny

Back when I was in Grade 10, I became friends with with a set of twins- Jason and Paula. We met through another friend of mine who I had met in Grade 8. That friend, Jason, and I joined a five pin bowling league after school that year. Oh yeah, we were that cool. It was tons of fun. For two seasons we bowled together as a team called “White Men Can’t Bowl.” We thought we were funny spoofing the title of a movie… 

1992- Movie titles not considered controversial.

I came out to their birthday party that year for movies and cake.  Not hardcore at all for being in grades 9/10. However, it did run late and I missed my bus home.  I didn’t think of staying at Jason’s or trying to call home for a ride. So a buddy and I walked to my place. It took us three hours to walk 12.5 km. (7.8miles) in the rain down a road, that was under construction. This was the last of their Birthday parties I attended with Jason and Paula- until last night.

Last night I went to The Giggle Dam Dinner Theater to celebrate with my two friends for their 40th birthday. It was great to meet up with them and some of their older friends once more. Seeing Jason and Paula’s parents again was also a ton of fun as well. So much has changed in 25 years. Most of us are connected through social media, but sometimes a one-on-one encounter brings out the best in us.

Last night was my first time at a comedy dinner show. I wasn’t overly sure of what to expect- it was surprisingly entertaining. The staff were very attentive and quick with serving the meals and drinks. In fact, some of the comedians/actors were also helping on the floor. The venue was intimate and audience participation was essentially mandatory.  Throughout the evening Jason and Paula were brought on stage to be a part of the fun.

All of the actors at The Giggle Dam are multi talented and full of energy. Perfect timing and comedic songs filled our evening. The final performances were a medley of some well known songs song by all of the actors. Basically it was a short rock show to finish off the night.

In the end, smiles and hugs were shared amongst us. It’s great to know that even after all of these years, something fun like a milestone Birthday can bring a group of social media friends together. Life is damn funny in how we find and keep in contact with friends- a quarter century later.

Thank you to The Giggle Dam Dinner Theater for a fantastic performance. And a big “Thank you” to Jason and Paula for being lifetime friends.  Laughing with all of you really made my day.

I Love to Laugh

Some of my most fondest memories involve laughing.  Jokes with friends or internet memes.  From listening to comedy albums to watching movies.  There’s always something funny being shared.

A good Monty Python quote can go a long way: “I don’t want to talk to you no more, you empty headed animal food trough wiper. I fart in your general direction. Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries.”  

Or a throw back fit a la Office Space when the printer at work is failing. “PC Load Letter?”   

Perhaps breaking out into Denis Leary’s song “Asshole” on a hot summer drive will help relive some tension.

Laughing helps make life enjoyable.  A good joke among friends or a giggle over someone’s Vine “Damn Daniel!” can really brighten your day.  

Go out there & have fun.

“Life’s a laugh and death’s a joke, it’s true,

You’ll see it’s all a show,

Keep ’em laughing as you go.

Just remember that the last laugh is on you!”

Monty Python