More Than A Feeling

I looked out this morning and the sun was gone
Turned on some music to start my day
I lost myself in a familiar song
I closed my eyes and I slipped away.

Something about music can bring forth memories or feelings. Hearing songs from years ago can truly raise your spirits. I have become fascinated over the years at the variety of genres that I enjoy. Each time I put on something new, I find I over indulge in the music.

Unless it’s country. No time for that genre to pollute my ear holes.

I have written about music numerous times now. It’s nothing new to my readers. I would like to write my own music eventually. Just don’t get me to sing- I am self conscious about that. Especially if it were to hit the interwebs.

Hopefully one day I can piece together a song and say, “Here’s a little number I tossed off recently in the Caribbean.”

Because reasons…


I love music.  Most people love music. Music adds enjoyment into our lives.  We listen to music when we are happy or sad.  Music brings back emotions, feelings, and memories of our past.  Without music, movies wouldn’t be as dramatic or enticing.  Without music, there’d be no reason to dance.  Without music, there’d be no romance.  I could not imagine a world without music.

Everyone has a favorite style of music.  My styles have changed numerous times over the years.  I have a love for the Muppets, Parodies, Industrial, Disco, Hair Bands, Musicals, Classical, the list goes on…  It all depends on my mood.  I set up speakers throughout my home in the main living area and deck so that I can enjoy music as I walk around from room to room.  When I was a teen, I had two 12″ subs pumping 300watts of bass in my car that rattled my trunk.  (I still have those speakers somewhere).  I like playing music loud.

The one thing I wish about music was that I learned how to play.  I’m not saying I don’t have a knowledge of music.  I was in concert band from grade six to grade eleven.  What I’m saying is, I have never known how to compose or play from the heart.  I’ve heard my friends create music together.  Most of it fantastic enough to earn them money doing it.  I’ve got friends who, to this day, make a living in the music industry.  Everything from going on tour to running their own recording studios to playing in a band at pubs & bars to Karaoke to being a DJ in a strip club.  All of these friends have a talent that I never had and I’m proud of them.


Composing her first piece at age 13.

Perhaps because of this, I chose to start my children at a young age learning the piano.  So we bought a Grand Piano.  If our kids were going to learn how to play, we wanted them to enjoy the chance by playing on a nice instrument right from the beginning.  


“Jem” cosplay.


We then found a fabulous piano teacher for my children.  Her personality and knowledge of the piano made her a perfect choice.  We became good friends.  She even taught me for a year, but I struggled.  Now my children have surpassed my basic musical skills and abilities.  But I knew they would.


Playing a Piano in the Park


For my wife’s 45th birthday in December, I repurposed an old vinyl record into a 45 adaptor to celebrate.  I found her favorite soundtrack in a Value Village and made something with my own two hands for her.  These are my skills.  I can make art when all people see is stuff. 


45th Birthday Gift


Music plays a big part in my life.  Oddly, I can never get enough.  We all love music.  We tap our fingers to the beat as we drive.  We laugh at a wedding as some crazy line dancing goes on.  We cry at a funeral when the last song requested by the deceased is played in their honor.

“Dance your cares away.

Worries for another day.

Let the music play.”