Canada Day

I am Proud that we have Canada Day. To me, being Canadian means being kind and polite. I’m glad that’s also how the world sees our country.

So today I implore you to go out to enjoy our glorious country. Meet people and smile. Smile so that the love you have in our glowing hearts spreads far and wide.

May your celebrations be lighthearted and full of friendships!

Happy Canada Day!

It Smells Like Spring

Ah. Spring is in the air.

The smell of fresh cut grass.  The scent of burning vegetation.  The powerful odor of manure.

Living in the countryside isn’t always the beauty of daisies and daffodils.  Sometimes it’s the hardcore whiff of soil being turned.  Perhaps the perfumed aroma of fertilizer being spread emanates the land.  Whatever it is- spring has sprung.

The countryside has a full bouquet assortment the tickles the nose.  Unlike the city that always has a stale air about it.  Which is strange for me to finally notice. 

Over the past four months I have been commuting into Vancouver and driving home feeling at peace. Vancouver is a city I have never really visited even though I’ve lived 50 kms away for thirty years.   I don’t think I could ever be a city boy.  But I don’t dislike cities.  I love when we travel to Los Angeles, Seattle and Calgary for example.  Vancouver is pretty darn amazing as well.  

But a quick visit for a weekend to any one of these and I appreciate my home in the country.