No More Masks

As of 12:01 this morning, BC had lifted the mask mandate. There are mixed reviews on this decision- as can be read hear from the local News: Mask Reaction.

Personally, I will still carry a bag of disposable masks in my car. I honestly feel it will depend on the situation and location as to whether I should wear one or not. For example, this morning I have been out shopping to three different stores. I’ve been wearing a mask and probably 75% of people are as well.

Just because the government says we don’t need to wear a mask, doesn’t mean we should accept that Covid is over. Far from it. Perhaps though, people and businesses will be more forgiving if people take sick days. No need to come to work and spread a cold or flu in the upcoming years.

We should also make it normal that folks wear masks by choice if they are getting over being sick. Much like the Asian communities. No one treats people poorly for choosing to mask up in places like Hong Kong or Japan.

If mask mandates return, I would hope that folks be receptive to the idea, and not be idiotic as some anti-maskers/ anti-vaxxers have been.

Dose Deux

Today I received my second vaccination shot. While I’m not the first person to be fully inoculated, I’m glad my time has come.

I went for the mix-n-match second shot. My first dose was AstraZeneca. Today’s was Moderna. A bit of a different approach compared to my first shot. This time around I headed into an “Immunization Centre” to get the vaccine. It was well organized with three people outside greeting everyone kindly and giving direction.

I arrived early, so I listened to the instructions given to numerous people. When it was my turn, I headed in and was greeted by the next group of volunteers. The process was smooth and relatively painless, minus the needle.

I’m glad to have this part of the pandemic behind me now. Give me two weeks and I’ll be strong like ox! Now to register my immunization record online to keep an electronic copy available. You can as well if you are a resident of British Columbia:

Let’s keep the world healthy.

Superb Sunday?

Today marks the 55th Superbowl Sunday. But it won’t look like any other. With Covid-19’s hold on the world, expect to see numerous cutouts in the stands.

But that’s not all. Bars and restaurants around North America are going to get hit hard financially. In the past, this is one of their biggest draws. I’m only hoping that society takes heed and errs on the side of precaution today.

I’m not a big sports guy. So today is little more than a quick talking point and conversation starter. I’m sure a team will win and some fun commercials will be on YouTube soon enough. If you are watching the game today- please don’t gather in large groups. That’s all I ask of the world.

Go Sports Team!

Planning For The Solitude

With everything going on in the world today, I have made a plan to keep our children busy. Go Joe!

Today I headed out and hit up the Home Depot for a pressure washer, some cleaning supplies, tools and paints. A $1000 later and I have enough projects to keep us busy for quite some time.

I also made a point of getting my haircut, an oil change and to pick up some old records. Those last three were in order to support small businesses during this tough time. With everyone rushing to buy toilet paper and pasta sauces, remembering that those small businesses rely on us now more than ever. These small businesses are also taking precautions to ensure healthiness. As well, I did my best to avoid touching stuff and sanitizing frequently.

Starting tomorrow, I don’t plan on leaving my house anytime soon. I am on a week of vacation that I was already planning on just staying home. We have enough food to keep us fed for nearly a month. But that’s how we have always been. We keep our freezer and pantry stocked at all times. Of course this could all change if required.

Like if I run out of beer. But I got a decent stockpile of cheap beer to keep me going.

Seriously though, I plan on not going out any more. Every place I went to today was pretty empty. And no one was rude or panicked. Let’s keep it that way please.

Meh or Blah?

So… places of large gatherings are shutting down. Perhaps it’s over precautionary, but that’s probably for the best. I’ve seen and experienced firsthand how gross things can be. Spending a decade or so at various comic and fan conventions- you realize how valuable hand sanitizers and Lysol are. Crowds of people sharing germs, constantly touching things. Rather disgusting.

Prior to those conventions, I spent five years working at Chuck E. Cheese’s. Colds and flus were rampant among guests and staff members. Honestly, I think it boosted my immune system working there. Still, the place was wiped down and disinfected constantly.

Soul Eater

Sporting events, conventions, and Disneyland are being closed to the public. None of those places want people to fall ill or even worse. Completely understandable. You wouldn’t want your business to be the epicenter of an outbreak… I wonder how it’ll affect our vacation plans this summer when we wanted to hit up that magical place once again.

Maybe we won’t go… Only time will tell. If our trip gets postponed it may mean more time hanging out locally in smaller settings. Or just staying home.

Has the COVID-19 hampered your travels?

Is the world freaking out for no good reason?

Panic Purchasing? Butt Why?

Oh man. There is a lot of panic in the world right now. Especially regarding COVID-19. Unfortunately paranoia is causing folks to be a tad bit irrational.

On Saturday morning in my hometown of Langley, a video was taken of people rushing into a Costco to buy toilet paper of all things. The media has been reporting of the scarcity of the butt tissues for some time now. As if a lack of shit tickets is the cause of the virus outbreak. But people love to spread misinformation on social media causing panic thus creating a real shortage now. It’s a strange catch-22 that we entered over the past couple weeks.

Yes the virus is real and over 100,000 people in the world have been diagnosed with it. There are 5 million people living in British Columbia- 32 of which have the virus; and 4 of those have overcome it already. Less than 0.0000064 of BC’s population has the virus.

I’m not going to compare these numbers to cancer or the flu. I’m just trying to figure out why toilet paper and racism is taking hold of our society. And I’m at a true loss to explain it.

But if the world runs out of toilet paper, maybe it’s time for purchasing that bidet I’ve been wanting for a couple of years now. Washing my bum was a pleasant experience while traveling in Tokyo.

How is your toilet paper supply?

Are you stocked up?