Darwin is Seventeen

Happy Birthday Darwin!

I can’t believe that it’s been seventeen years since our second child was born. I feel as though she will always be our little girl even as she enters adulthood. Much in the same way I see our other two children. Sometimes when you look them in the eyes, you can still see the child they once were. It must be a parent thing, because I hear the same thing about other people’s kids!

My favorite thing about Darwin is how she loves to be a goofball. I think she gets it from me… oops. I do appreciate that she looks up to me as a role model. And as much as she is very similar in personality to me, she is also has her own individuality. It’s as though she is taking my qualities and improving on them.

As the years go on, and she grows into a young lady, I wish her nothing but success and happiness through all of her accomplishments. Darwin leads the charge when it comes to hard work and commitment. I am inspired by her on an almost daily basis.

I love you lots Darwin. Have yourself a great Birthday!

Sweet Sixteen in Social Isolation

Today is our daughter’s sixteenth birthday. Unfortunately with the world being the way it is, we are unable to make this birthday an extravagant one. The plan was to take her out to get her “L” so that she could begin to learn driving. We would also have gone for dinner at our favorite sushi restaurant- Nikko Sushi- but it’s just not in the cards for today.

And that’s totally fine. Because we have our health. And we have our memories of her previous birthdays. Each of them unique in their own way.

One year we took her to Build-A-Bear. Another time she was on an airplane flying back from Hawaii. We’ve been in the car on a road trip to another province. We’ve been at a few different conventions. A couple of times we went out bowling. One time she was competing at a Cheer competition.

But my favorite memories were spent at home. Where we made her a cake, gave her gifts that were created with love, and did the things she wanted to do. Like watch a movie or play a game. This year is no different. There is a great joy that we share in being home as a family.

So today, as our daughter celebrates her 16th Birthday, the sun will be shining down on her as she fills our lives with happiness.

Happy 16th Birthday Darwin!

Darwin. April 15th, 2019

Another trip around the sun has completed for our daughter Darwin. She turned 15 today. As much as I still want her to remain our little girl, I also know that she will be growing into an adult over the next few years.

Looking back at some of my previous blogs this year, I’ve noticed that we have shared some fantastic memories together.

In October, we were out hunting for a Halloween Costume.

We enjoyed last summer’s Bike ride around Barnston Island.

I’ve also noticed that she loves to have fun just like I do. Take last month’s Extreme Blanket Fort or our attempt at an Escape Room.

Watching her navigate her way into adulthood is interesting to say the least. She has goals and aspirations for her career and is constantly getting straight “A”s in order to accomplish this. She’s also inspired by my wife’s former fashion and has taken a liking to her old clothes. My wife is happy to see these clothes get a new lease on life.

Socially, our daughter has a ton of friends. She is kind to everyone she meets and is always ready to give the benefit of the doubt when it comes to awkward interactions. Which is a positive notion but realistically speaking will likely change as she grows. I just don’t want her kindheartedness to diminish.

I hope Darwin continues to enjoy life with a positive helping attitude and a warm hug when needed.

Happy Birthday Darwin!

You’re pretty amazing!

Lucky 13.

Our daughter turned 13 today.  Last year I wrote about how wonderful she is.  Read about her Here in case you forgot.

Six teens playing in an otherwise empty bowling alley.

This year she celebrated her birthday by taking a few of her friends bowling yesterday.  (Probably because we went last month for my birthday and I wrote a blog about it.)  After bowling we went back to our place for pizza and the girls had a sleepover in our theater room.  Noisy, giggly pre-teen/teenage girls up all night goofing off made for a quiet morning after.  When they woke up- I made them all birthday cake waffles- using cake mix instead of waffle batter BEST IDEA EVER. The afternoon became quiet as our daughter’s friends all left the house and we cleaned up.

For dinner we went out as a family to our favorite sushi restaurant: Nikko Sushi.  We go there for everyone’s birthday.  The owners are quite surprised at how much sushi my kids will eat.  But the owners have watched all three out our children grow up.  The restaurant opened a few months before our first daughter was born.  We have been going ever since they opened.  In fact, April 14th, 2004- the night before Darwin was born, we went there for dinner.  We have always been loyal customers and the food is exactly what we expect every time.  Delicious.

We came home after dinner and realized it was just after 6:00pm.  The birthday girl wanted to play a board game.  So she chose Monopoly.  Today was probably the only day she would ever have been able to convince my wife to play.  My wife despises Monopoly so much so that this was also the first time I’ve ever played with her as well.  Sad part?  My wife slaughtered us all.  And wasn’t even kind about it.  She destroyed her son by taking his Boardwalk as payment one turn.  The only property that our ten year old was proud to have.

After our rousing game of Monopoly, we enjoyed the cake that our oldest made for her sister as a gift for her birthday.  Earlier today as the cake was being iced- more icing was being sampled than used it seemed.  Because at the table, the sides of the cake were lacking some icing… But the artwork was exactly what our daughter wanted.

A big Happy Thirteenth Birthday to our little Darwin Petra!  She is a wonderful little lady with a beautiful personality that has earned her some really close friends. 

We love you Dee-Dee. We are lucky to have you as our little girl.

April 15th, 2016

Twelve years ago today our second child was born.  She has become an amazing little person over the years.  Since it’s her birthday, I’m going to share some information about her (proud parent moments to be precise) about who she is today.

Darwin Petra Havelka:

  • Nicknames include “Dar-B-Cute” and “Darweena”
  • Middle child/ younger sister/ older sister.

IMG_5501 (1)

  • She loves Hello Kitty ever since getting a pair of HK shoes at age 2.
  • Kawaii is also a favorite of hers & she is starting to draw in that style more often.


  • Cheer leading is her passion.  She loves being a part of a squad, and is always pushing herself to become a better & stronger cheerleader.
  • When she finds something that she likes- she obsesses about it.  Over the past few years -aside from Hello Kitty- she has fallen in love with Jem & The Holograms (The 80’s cartoon), Zero (the ghost dog from The Nightmare Before Christmas), Toadette (From the Mariokart/ Mario Party games), Totoro, and Sailor Moon… To name a few.


  • She is constantly dressing in cosplay and acting out the parts at Comicons.
  • She is a straight “A” student.  She is a perfectionist & has been known to beat herself up if she loses even one mark on an exam or project.
  • Her kindness and generosity has earned her many friends that love being around her.
  • She is a great listener and is often helping people out to make them better at what they are trying to accomplish.
  • She is very inquisitive about how the world runs, often asking questions beyond her age range (sometimes uncomfortable for a parent to answer).


  •  She loves her first name, and I could never picture her with a different name.

Darwin has been growing up into a lovely little lady.  She seems to have taken the best qualities of both her mother and I, thus creating a personality that draws positivity into the world around her.  She also knows how to lay on the guilt and has figured out the soft spot in my heart.  I love the little monkey (Monkey happens to be her Chinese Zodiac as well) & the world is a better place having her in it.

IMG_4812 (1)

Happy Birthday Darwin!