Day Off Dud

The past couple of weeks I have run into a bit of a dilemma. I don’t plan what to do on my days off. I work four days a week and get three days off. You’d think I’d make the most of my time off.

One problem is money. I don’t want to spend anything excessive lately since we have a big trip planned for Spring Break. That’s the grown up thing to do. No need to put myself further into debt.

On my days off, my wife appreciates it if I take on the responsibility of rides for the kids as well as dinner plans. I love cooking, so this isn’t an issue. Except for trying to figure out what to cook. Rides for the kids isn’t that bad either. Even six months into the school year, I don’t know their schedule…

I’m just filling my time with internet browsing and naps. Which is okay, but doesn’t make me feel productive. I guess I could finish tiling the bathroom- the Project I started before Christmas- maybe…

I Work Hard For The Money

Today I agreed to come in to work to help out.  It didn’t bother me in the least.  Even though it should have been my day off, I know that I get other days or time off in return.  But I get to quote one of my favorite films all day. “I’m not even supposed to be here today.”

Besides going to work for a few hours, my Saturday is generally relaxing.  Tonight is no different. I was able to plan with my wife a quiet dinner for the family.  Some BBQ and hanging out in our yard by our new gas fire pit. It may not be the warmest Spring evening, but it is peaceful. No lawnmowers or neighborhood children screaming.  Our dog is by my side as the kids finish clearing our table.

Now to enjoy a glass of wine from a bottle we picked up a few months ago while on a tour with some friends.  The smells of fresh vegetation and a few chirping newborn birds add to the ambience.  

Side note: Before I left for work, a baby bird had fallen from its nest and landed on my car. The mother was dive bombing me as I tried my best to gently coerce the little dude off my car.  I had my daughter help me back out of the carport so I wouldn’t injure either animal.

So my day was eventful and uneventful at the same time.  Just another day.

BC Family Day

Today was BC Family Day.  It was put in place a few years ago in order to give an extra day off for everyone.  Most of the other provinces have had a similar stat day in February.  However, because BC has their day on a different week, some people aren’t happy.

It’s a free day off for most people.  Or they get paid time and a half to work.  But instead of appreciating that the government has allocated another day off, many have chosen to complain.  Complaints are mainly having to work because the rest of the country does.  There is even a petition to have it moved to line up with other days off.  I agree that this would make more sense.  But to complain that you have a day off or being paid extra to go into work baffles me.

I have to work on most stat days.  But my work will offer up an extra day off later in the month to make up for it.  That doesn’t bother me, in fact I prefer it.  I spend a lot of time with my family as it is.  I don’t require the government to give me a day off to do so.  I kind of enjoy being with my family.  They’re pretty nice people and we have lots of fun together.

I also don’t like crowds.  So having a long weekend means long lines at the border, the ferry, or on the road in and out of town.  Now I’m getting grumpy thinking about that.  Find your happy place Josef…

Anyways, however people spent their Family Day Weekend I hope it was fun and safe.  Even if you did have to work.