Weekend? What Weekend?

Just like that, my days off are over. The first day off entailed my being a chauffeur to our middle child to and from school. I also had to drop my wife and son off at the airport. They went away for the weekend up to Fort St. John for a long track speed skating meet. If he does well- he will be off to Quebec in April.

Then my next two days were all about pressure washing our back deck. I also got to chauffeur our middle to and from school as well as to the mall so that they could get an ear piercing.

Needless to say, I am sore and exhausted from all my time off work. I did enjoy being outside for the last couple of days in the sunshine. I was able to listen to music and feel accomplished with the deck cleaning. At the end of the day, I just sat outside and had a cold beer.

Poof. My weekend is over.

I’m Exhausted 

Tonight I am done.  Just tired and done.  This week has felt really long and trying.  My eyes feel dry and droopy as I attempt to get a few lines written for tonight.

This isn’t my best work.  Even at work, it wasn’t my best work.  At home, it was tense as well.  I felt a downward tug all week long.  Home life isn’t bad- it’s just stressful getting ready for back to back weekend Conventions with my wife.  She has inventory to build up and forms to make sure are filled out.  This time around we aren’t taking the kids so we need to make sure they are taken care of.

Now my body is saying that it’s time to enjoy your days off- but first- get some sleep.  Bonus- not waking up at 04:00am for three days.

I just need a couple of days to make it better.  Get the recharge that my brain and body need.  I need to feel like me again.  At least I can chill out with my friends tomorrow.  It’s my weekly Cask night outing.  No idea who will be there.  Don’t really care much this week either.  I just need some unwinding.

Two days off isn’t enough.

Working a regular job is great.  I know when I’m going to work and when I’ll have time off.  But working straight nights messes me up on the weekend.  I try and swing my body back to sleeping at night for two days, when really I shouldn’t.

I’ll get home after my Friday night shift and go to sleep, but only for about five hours.  The rest of my Saturday afternoon and evening is spent fighting off sleep deprivation and mental exhaustion.  Passing out about eight hours after my nap is a regular occurrence.  Sometime falling asleep while watching a movie with the family.

The Sunday usually has me waking up early and making a large breakfast for the family.  Then we have a good day of hanging out with other friends followed by a nice evening with a couple of drinks. I get to bed at a reasonable hour and wake up on the Monday morning at around eight am.

Then repeat.

Then the frustration kicks in.  I’ll be awake for hours, then toss and turn trying to get some sleep before night one of my work week begins.  After that first night shift, I’ll get home and crash for ten hours or so trying to get my body back into the swing of nights.  Every week is like this.  But I really enjoy the night shift because there’s so much to get done and I can still squeeze in some time with the family for a meal or adventure.

Like most people who work regularly, two days off just isn’t enough.  A third day added on would be great.  I’d love to have a four day work week.  Although, switching my sleep schedule around from days to nights and back again halfway through the week would probably take its toll on me worse than what two days off does.

Anyhow, time to try and get a nap before my Monday begins.  I hope you all enjoyed your weekend!