Happy Diwali

I want to wish a very Happy Diwali to my friends and coworkers who celebrate today!

I had only briefly heard of Diwali in the past from the news and a few social media posts from friends. It wasn’t until last year that I truly got to enjoy the spectacle that emerges with the celebration.

The back of our home faces Central Surrey. There are numerous temples and large homesteads that celebrated last year. We watched fireworks going off all across the tree line in the distance for days. We spent every evening watching from the comfort of our home. It was spectacular. New Year’s Eve and Canada Day paled in comparison to the extravaganza that we witnessed.

Reading and educating myself about Diwali, I came across this information: One of the most popular festivals of Hinduism, it symbolizes the spiritual “victory of light over darkness, good over evil, and knowledge over ignorance”. To me- that sounds beautiful.

Happy Diwali Friends! Thank you for sharing your celebration with the world.

Gutters, Rainbows, and Fireworks

The autumn rain was falling periodically today. Between the rainfalls I decided to clear out the gutters of leaves and debris.

Our last home didn’t have gutters the way most houses do. Instead it was a flat roof with slopes to the drains. Cleaning these gutters was easy. I just put on some gloves, climbed a step ladder and scooped them out. In the spring, I plan on giving them a hose out as I check the shingles on the roof.

I also enjoyed another break from the rain as I drove to get the kids from school. The sky cleared up in the distance and the sun refracted beautifully off the remaining droplets in the atmosphere. Seeing the rainbows against the autumn colours was amazing.

I’m ending my day by watching fireworks from my bedroom window. Diwali is being celebrated. I really enjoy living in such a diverse country such as Canada. Especially on the outskirts of Vancouver. Those celebrating have a clear night to enjoy the festivities. I have a front row, million dollar view of the action. What a day.

Life is good.