End Of 2022

This year was another relatively good year for me. It had ups and downs, but mostly positive vibes. I don’t think I will change anything for 2023.

I am ending my year with a quiet evening with my wife, my kids, my sister and my niece. Even though we were invited out to a couple events, I honestly feel that spending tonight with the family who is here matters the most. I do appreciate and love my friends for always thinking of us and inviting us out. Sometimes I just need to know how loved we are with those invites.

Real plans for 2023? I am continuing my journey to be alcohol free. Which has not been easy. But since the end of November, I have done darned good at it. It feels as though it is never a good time to quit drinking. There is always celebrations, frustrations, or casual moments that a drink would feel fitting. Seeing friends share pictures, memes, or videos has made it difficult at times for me. A bit of FOMO happens. But I needed to do this for myself again.

My last length of time without drinking was only 300 days. I couldn’t even make a whole year. It started as just an occasional drink, but then I felt like I was becoming dependent on booze. Yes, I have shared numerous experiences drinking, having fun, and supporting small breweries. But I also have a tough time calling it quits each time. It was never just one drink. There were moments that I’d drink whatever I found in the house as well once I was out of beer. Like a scavenger hunting for scraps.

Feels True

As well, my body was not enjoying the years of abuse. Nearly three decades worth of drinking. I now feel more pains in my body than I remember. But my breathing and guts feel better after the last 30 days of sobriety. So I’m focusing on each day and doing my best to distract myself from the urge to drink.

That is my hardship. My Achilles heel. My crutch. Normally I just share positive stories in my blog. But today was about being truthful with myself and those who follow me.

2023 will be filled with courage to overcome more obstacles and set out on new adventures. Reconnecting with friends. Controlling my destiny. That’s my 2023.

Oktoberfest 2022

Last night some coworkers and I went out to Oktoberfest at my favorite brewery- Trading Post. We went four years ago at the Fort Langley location (read about it here: Oktoberfest 2018) and had a blast. Last night was at their brewery location- which was really fun.

I reserved a large table last week because I knew there would be at least six of us. At the last minute, I had my boss’s boss join us as well. I was honestly surprised at how little we talked about work and just had a riot.

With the table came three large platters of food. We also ordered one more because with eight of us- we were drinking a lot and eating a lot.

Throughout the night, we enjoyed some Bavarian Oompah music from a trio of musicians. As well, we entered a couple contests- like chugging a 2 liter boot of beer in the fastest time- our group came in second. But at the end of the night, I won a draw and got to bring home a smaller boot of my very own.

If you are wanting to let loose in Langley on a Friday night- there are two more weeks of this going on. Check out the Trading Post Website for more details and to book a table. You won’t be disappointed. Just make sure you have a safe ride home like we arranged.


Fall Down, Go Boom

On Saturday evening, I fell over and hit my head pretty hard on the cement of our garage floor. Besides a bruised ego, it feels as though I have strained some muscles in my neck and shoulder. All day yesterday my left thumb was also tingling with pins and needles.

My coworker reminded me “Pictures or it didn’t happen” and asked if anyone videotaped it. In my brilliant forethought- I had a camera in the garage. Not specifically to see this mind you, but there it was, at around 5pm.

Anyways, a tall guy like me falling over is not a normal thing to occur. Lucky for me in this day and age, there is camera footage. Oh boy do I look stupid. Watching it play back, I am embarrassed for past me and the fall that occurred.

My son was in the kitchen and heard the ruckus. He was nice enough to come and check on me. Again, the situation was embarrassing and completely preventable. My equilibrium was off due to a mix of swimming and drinking in the hot sun. Not a very grownup thing to do.

I am not ready to share the footage, give me a week or two when the Emotional Damage dissipates. Then I can share with friends.

Super Soft Stag

Last night I attended a stag party for a friend of mine named Jay. It was pretty tame but a whole lot of fun.

We started off at a place called The Barley Merchant. Here we were able to sample a variety of beers since there were fifty different ones on tap. Many from local breweries. We also had some appetizers and joked around quite a bit.

After a couple of hours tasting beers, we headed out for one of Jay’s favorite pastimes- karaoke. I will admit, this group of friends love singing and are quite talented. I enjoy cheering them on, since I don’t tend to get behind the microphone myself.

In a couple of weeks time Jay and Leona will be getting married. I’m really happy for them and look forward to seeing them tie the knot. They are a good match for each other.

Sober St. Patrick’s Day

I’m celebrating another St. Patrick’s Day by being sober. I have been dry since the end of August which is a huge deal for me and my health. At almost seven month without alcohol, I have had a few weak moments that came close to knocking me backwards into my old routines.

Besides mentioning my sobriety in today’s post, St. Patrick’s Day is just another day. Only I’m going to wear green and have Green Tea or perhaps matcha. That’s the extent of my St. Patrick’s Day celebrating.

When I was a child, I remember green being my favorite colour. I also remember the word GREEN was one of the first words my kids ever spelled. That was because of a preschool song from when they were 3/4 years old. It was very cute. Anyone who had kids at Wind and Tide would remember the same thing.

What are you doing today? Did you remember to wear green?

Weight Loss?

I’ve never been one to push weight loss on anyone. The human race comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes. I myself am a tall, lanky fella. up until almost six months ago I also drank heavily. Deep fried foods are still a favorite of mine, but I’m also trying to eat somewhat better.

For years I enjoyed taking in a craft beer or six on my days off. I wasn’t exercising or eating very healthy either. My body was not very happy with me. It started to give up and went with it. This tall skinny guy had begun to create himself quite the Beer Gut. I would shrug it off and just say, “It’s my Dad Bod.” But I also began having some heart palpitations more regularly and that finally scared me.

So I took on Sober September 3. Only instead of giving into drinking on October 1st, I stayed sober and have been since then. I didn’t lose the “Dad Bod” right away. In fact, over the Christmas period I was eating loads of rich foods and my gut was just hanging out, wondering where the beer was. Somehow in 2021, my body decided to adapt to this new predicament.

My wife got me back into using a Fitbit just after Christmas. So I began tracking my steps and watching my sleeping. She also picked up a Fitbit scale and every so often I stepped on it. Yes folks, I have lost weight. And it’s the good kind of loss. My gut has diminished finally.

There were no extreme diets. No crazy exercise regime. Just walking and being alcohol free. It has taken me almost six months to look and feel better. Both physically and mentally.

Tomorrow I am going for a lunch date to the Trading Post. What was once my favorite beer place is still my favorite restaurant. I can enjoy the atmosphere without the drinking. Besides, I am finally starting to look and feel healthy. I’m not about to shake that up.

Trading Post Temption

Yesterday my wife and I went on a quick date. We went to one of my favorite eateries in Langley- Trading Post. We always do our best to support the small businesses in our community. The only problem was I enjoyed drinking their beers- a lot.

My wife enjoyed a small glass of their cranberry sour, while I enjoyed a bottle of non-alcoholic craft root beer. I had been avoiding this location while I pushed myself into sobriety. I was worried that I would be unable to resist the urge for “just one beer.”

But I did. I’d like to say it was easy. It was in the fact that I was with my wife. Had I been with other friends or coworkers, I may not have had the strength to resist a beer. For the foreseeable future I think I’ll just keep myself out of temptation when out with friends.

Okay, maintaining our core bubble during Covid is helping. So there’s something good coming out of this.

November 25th, 2020

Normally on November 25th I go out and see my father’s final resting place, followed by a beer or two. Not today. Today I will not be drinking a beer for my father. Nor will I share any stories about him. Instead, I’d like to tell you that I hit a personal milestone that I’m genuinely proud of.

I’ve been sober for three months today. I may not have seemed like an alcoholic to most people. Looking at my posts on Instagram and the fact that I have a category called “Alcohol” in my blog- I thought I was just having normal fun- with booze.

I was a social drinker. Hanging out until last call, stopping for “a beer” with friends. Joking that “It only takes me one beer to get me drunk, I’m just not sure if it’s the fifth one or the sixth one.” It’s also one thing to have my friends looking to me as the person who is always ready for a drink.

I would often come home from work and drink a few beers. On my days off I’d drink at least twice as much each day and then finishing whatever alcohol I could find once the beers ran out. Its in my genetics to go way overboard when I do drink. However when my heart is racing after a few beers and my kids are calling me out and telling me I drink too much- I needed to reassess my life.

What started as Sober September this year has escalated into a three month win. A huge victory that I am proud of. The pilgrimage I set upon was only spoken of with those who were close to me. Talking about the burden of alcoholism isn’t easy.

If I could pat myself on the back, I am going to do it here publicly. The next month will probably be the most difficult for me to get through. I always took pride in setting up my “First Christmas Tree” of the season- the booze dispenser. My coffee would be spiked, and the eggnog as well. Not this year. This year is the new me attempting to emerge and conquer the world.

I needed to share this three month milestone. As embarrassing as it seems to be at times. Alcoholism is something I’ve lived with all my life. I have been drinking pretty regularly since I was 17. Making a fool of myself on many occasions and not knowing when or where the limit was. Alcoholism was destroying my health and my bank account. I also had a few negative memories that I left for my children. From stupidity to anger to embarrassment- I was easily losing “Father of the Year” chances more and more frequently.

Thank you for reading. I am trying to live the rest of my life the best way I can. If I falter, I hope to get back up and work towards being a better me.


My favorite drink In The World is Irn-Bru. It’s a Scottish soft drink with a unique flavor. What is the flavor of Irn-Bru? I like to describe it as an orange cream soda.

I first had some in Scotland back in 1995 when I was 19. I couldn’t get enough of the stuff. My favorite part about traveling in Scotland was buying Vodka and Irn-Bru at almost every pub. I brought some bottles home to share with friends. The soda didn’t last long as everyone enjoyed it. It took me a few years to find it here in Canada.

When I did find it for sale- boy was I excited! I bought it every chance I got because of the scarcity of it. Oh, and the cost was a bit ridiculous for a soda, so I limited my purchases. Paying $10 for 2 liters is a bit much or $4 for a small bottle. The problem now is that I introduced my kids to the drink, and they love it too!

Today I found a neat looking bottle of vodka that I had to own. And what better way to enjoy the vodka with than some Irn-Bru? Tonight I’m enjoying a vodka and Irn-Bru. It brought back some great memories. Perhaps one day I’ll share with my kids some vodka and Irn-Bru. Until then, this is my treat.

Sinatra as a Mentor?

Today I feel as if Frank Sinatra was an unbeknownst mentor. Not because I can sing- in fact far from it. But his lifestyle of sorts. I decided to do some quick research on him. Turns out some of his quotes resonate with me.

Having an intelligent woman in my life makes me feel like there is more substance in my relationship. Don’t get me wrong, she’s not just smart but pretty as well. I can make her light up the room when I get her to smile. We also have in-depth conversations where I often learn from her knowledge of various subjects.

The other side of Sinatra is his attitude towards drinking. He makes it seem refined and elegant. As if to be suave one needs to have a drink in hand.

Okay, maybe I shouldn’t look at him as a mentor. I enjoy my alcohol; perhaps a bit more than the next person. Drinking has been a part of my adult life for as long as I can remember. Which is hitting nearly a quarter century now. Not every day, but nearly every day off I enjoy a drink. It has become a part of my lifestyle. Sometimes in a negative way. A way that makes me unimpressed with myself.

Sinatra lived to be 83. That’s about forty years further than I am at this moment. I don’t know if I want to do forty more years of having alcohol as a vice. That’s a long time to keep putting booze into me.

But if Ol’ Blue Eyes could do it…

Expanding My Tastes

I do enjoy going for beers at almost any Craft Brewery. I have written about these adventures on numerous occasions. But at home I rarely buy good beer. I go for the cheapest cans and don’t care about the quality.

I also enjoy having a drink or two of some flavored liquors. At Christmas, I love having my Booze Tree up. It warms my insides.

Last weekend I discovered my favorite booze at the local liquor store that just opened. I had first found this during our visit to Shelter Point Distillery back in August 2017. I loved “Barrel of Sunshine” so much, I bought home three bottles of it. Boy does it go down smooth, let me tell you. In fact, I actually get myself stumbling off of it. Anyone who has had some with me knows of this fact. I’m holding off on cracking this bottle until my birthday in a few weeks.

In the mean time, I have found a tasty way to make a White Russian. I got inspired while watching “Russian Doll” on Netflix. I figured it’d be a good drink to have while binging tv. We have had a bottle of Van Gogh Espresso Vodka in our freezer for a few years and rarely sipped on it. It was a lovely little kick added to the coffee flavor from the Kahlúa. Plus it meant I didn’t need ice because it was already chilled.

I’m on the lookout now for a drink called “After Shock”. It’s a cinnamon Liqueur, but at the bottom of the bottle is sugar crystals that absorb the alcohol and make for a sweet, boozy snack once the bottle is done. Mmmmm boozy sugar…

Any special drinks you enjoy? Or can you find After Shock for me?

One Month Sober

I successfully went the entire month of September not being abducted by aliens not drinking. I’m not gonna lie, I feel goram good about it. (That’s my Firefly reference for the year btw). it was a personal goal that I successfully met. Like when I quit smoking cold turkey 13 years ago.

Being that the limitations I set out a month ago were personal ones, there was nothing stopping me from giving up and having just one drink last month. No one else would’ve cared. But it mattered to me. A couple times I really wanted a beer to just “feel normal” after a tough day. I contemplated whether drinking makes me normal or if my indulgences make me more like Rick Sanchez. Thus making drinking a part of who I am.

Will I have a drink on “Day One” after my month of sobriety?

Not likely.

Will I refrain from ever drinking again? Doubtful. I’m just not planning on partaking in alcohol any time soon.

Previously I would look forward to my days off or vacation time by planning my drinking schedule. WOW that sounds bad. But when I’ve been drinking for 25 years, that’s kinda how I plan my life- it just became normal. What’s strange about that observation is that many people live like this. Planning to the end of the work week or the next social drink. This is totally acceptable.

I never let alcohol interfere with work or the obligations to my family. But when you train your kids how to serve a drink or fetch a beer- is that the role model I really want to be? Haha, maybe… it’s cute in a bizarre way to have a two year old hand you a beer, right?

I’ve always become more socially fun after a few drinks. It doesn’t mean I don’t have fun when not drinking. It’s just a different “let loose” fun.

When I examine my lifestyle- Staying alcohol free may be the best plan for at least a little while longer. My bank account is feeling relief. My body is doing great- I’m napping less and my allergies are calmer. But I don’t think it’s ever going to happen that I never touch a drop again. I am in no rush to grab a beer over the next while that’s for sure.

But I am starting vacation soon… and there’s this margarita stand that I like…

Designated Driver

Today we went out to an Oktoberfest party at The Trading Post in Fort Langley. I volunteered to be the designated driver to my wife and our friend since I am partaking in a personal Sober September. It made me realize that I have never really been a DD before. I did it once earlier in August for our Dinner Train. But usually, I am the one getting a safe ride home.

Today as everyone around was getting tipsy and drinking, I realized that when I was younger- I made many mistakes getting behind the wheel of a car after a few drinks. I’m embarrassed by my actions from my past. I got lucky in my life that I never injured or killed anyone. But those lapses in judgment could have come with terrible consequences. Even though nothing had ever happened in my past- I know that time would only catch up if I kept it up. Having a safe ride home has become part of the plans as I head out.

Being sober at a drinking function isn’t all that bad. In fact it’s sometimes more entertaining to see (and remember) the shenanigans that occur around you. At the end of the day/night getting your friends back home safely is probably the best feeling. Oftentimes you get thanked in a drunken love kinda way. Slurred speech and kindness comes out.

Obviously my advice is simple: Make sure you have a designated driver or a safe ride home planned out in advance. It’s much better to get home safely than not at all.

Sober Seventeenth

Today is St. Patrick’s Day. I plan on spending it sober. What???

It may surprise some of my friends. I do enjoy a drink (or five) from time to time. But tonight, I just don’t want to. No reason. I’m just not in the mood to be out there with a bunch of people getting drunk and rowdy.

Those of you who do want to enjoy in St. Patrick’s Day celebrations- stay safe. Make sure you and your friends have a ride home. Having fun doesn’t mean you have to be irresponsible.

So whatever green beer or Irish kissing you do tonight- enjoy yourselves.

Just What I Needed

Nine days ago my wife and I attended the wedding of some old friends. It was a small intimate wedding about the size of ours.  I knew about half of the people there from meeting them over the many years of friendship with the groom. It was great to socialize and laugh. In fact I had the most fun being sober at this wedding.

Those who know me know that I enjoy having a few drinks at these types of events.  Even more so if the booze is running freely.  This time around, I agreed with my wife to give her a chance to let loose.  So she did and had a great time. We sat with some friends and laughed.

Throughout the night music played and people sang.  They sang quite well in fact.  It was a lot of fun. I began having some intense discussions with the non-sober people about music.  Turns out, everyone knows songs from The Cars and Kenny Loggins.

So as we sat at the table singing “The Cars Greatest Hits” over dinner, I realized that I enjoy sobriety as much as I enjoy intoxication. “Let the good times roll.”  We discussed Kenny Loggins impact on the films of the 80’s and how each of the songs he wrote that appeared on sound tracks helped defined the movie.  

The topics we had throughout the night kept everyone in great spirits.  We joked about drugs, dildos, and dinosaurs. At one point, one person was writing a song for my wife and I.  I believe it was called “Pound Town”.  

The night was a riot.  For the car ride home, I drove a couple of other friends home as well who had been enjoying the drinks.  My wife really let loose at the wedding and people began to question who was the more “adult” person in the relationship.

That’s a good sign.  It means that we both still enjoy life and all it has to offer. Be it sober or a bit tipsy. Or a lot tipsy as was the case for my wife and our friends. Like Kenny Loggins once said, “I’m alright, nobody worry about me.”


Being that today is Cinco de Mayo I figured I could talk about Mexico.

I’ve never been there. Nor do I want to go. It’s not on my “must see before I die” list.

That’s about it.  I don’t have much else to say about Mexico.

In regards to North America’s take on Mexico- I don’t overly drink tequila (never liked the after effects) and I rarely eat Taco Bell (never liked those after effects either).  However, authentic Mexican food intrigues me.  I’m pretty sure I can find a decent restaurant for that.

If we were to travel farther south than the USA, I’d like to hit South America and check out Peru or Brazil.  For beaches- I enjoyed Hawaii the one time we went, but could easily trade that for the Caribbean or Greece.  

I’m sure Mexico is nice and all.  From what I’ve seen from friends vacation pictures it looks like a great place to relax and be catered to. If I end up in Mexico one day, I’ll make the most of it. 

Tonight, I’m going make the most of it as well.  I’m hoping to enjoy a shot (or two) of Patron Gold Tequila with a Corona chaser. The best and worst Mexico has to offer.

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Ashland- Remember Me?

I love driving down the West of Coast of North America. Today we began our drive from Vancouver down through Washington State and Oregon. Since we weren’t bringing our children, we took a Pop Vinyl belonging to each of them and we are photographing them along the way.  It’s a fun way to keep the kids on our minds.  

Go away rain!

 There is something beautiful about the I-5 as the scenery changes. Farm land, cities, forest, desert, mountains, more cities… All of it within 24 hours of driving. Driving through Washington State- it was a downpour. At least the traffic was light. As soon as we crossed into Portland Oregon, the rain stopped. As if an invisible barrier along the river prevented the clouds from moving from State to State. It was too good to last. The rain storm found us in the mountains as we drove towards Ashland, Oregon.

We made it to our first hotel with only 2 stops for gas and 1 stop for In-N-Out Burger. This time we tried “Animal Style” cheeseburgers.  Pretty gosh darn tasty, but I still prefer the double cheeseburger.

Looking down on me.

We checked into our hotel and we were told the hot tub is open and so was the pool, but the pool wasn’t heated.  I still chose to enjoy both in the rain. 

The strangest thing though. The hotel we are staying at was the same hotel from 1993 that my school stayed at for the Shakespeare Festival. The same trip that a classmate had a fake id and we bought 2 dozen beers and snuck them into the hotel room.  That same trip that I smoked my first cigarettes- plural. Because smoking Marlboros and Kools was the way to get started smoking.  I was a nerd with a group of cool kids that trip.  My new friends were all throwing up and ended up with nasty hangovers.  I felt alive. 

That trip, the bus driver let me practice driving in the parking lot.  Back and forth.  Pretty cool for the nerdy dork.  In fact my new friends were impressed that the driver let me. Before the bus ride home I had bought a Disney video- The Fox and The Hound.  The bus had a vcr, and suddenly every girl on the bus loved me.  I had suddenly become a cool kid, not the outcast loser.

Look out.

Yes!  I shattered the idea of who people thought I was. The exhilaration of getting away with being sixteen and being drunk on a school trip. I was a goody two shoes at the time. No one would suspect me. 
I worry my kids may turn out like me at some point.  All the mistakes and craziness. But that’s how you learn.  That’s how you grow.

But I Like Beer…

I’m forty now and enjoy a cold beer on weekends and on vacations.  But that may soon be coming to an end.

I don’t drink much wine- but I do enjoy a white Zinfandel or sparkling wine in the summer.  I find that those pair nicely with fresh fruits.

Hard liquor seems to last forever in my home.  I was given a bottle of tequila back in March, and still haven’t cracked it.  Same with the Espresso Vodka given to us at the start of July.  I do enjoy a hint of Bailey’s or Kahlua in my coffee in the winter months.  But that’s a little treat to my self usually after a night shift.

Beer is still my “go to” alcohol.  But I am slowly cutting it out of my life it seems.  Many reasons factor into this:

  1. I don’t like hangovers.
  2. I don’t go out as much as I did twenty years ago.
  3. Beer isn’t cheap anymore.
  4. Alcohol gives me respiratory issues.

1. No one likes hangovers.  The time for hangovers is long gone.  Children and responsibilities are paramount these days.  Hangovers don’t mesh well with any of those.

2. Going out and drinking socially isn’t my thing.  I don’t watch sports, I don’t dance, I don’t sing karaoke, and I don’t like being drunk in public.  Having quality time with friends is awesome though.  So I make exceptions when I need to be around people.

An afternoon with a friend today.


3. Beer is getting expensive.  Craft beer is popular at the moment, with many tasting rooms popping up all around.  Of course Molson, Budweiser, & Coors are cheap-but they are mass produced and shipped worldwide.  These large corporations are slowing buying out the microbrews that have become popular over the past few years.  I find this unfortunate only because I prefer to help “the little guy” but I also understand that at some point their ultimate goal is to make money.  

A beer in one hand and an inhaler in the other.

4. As much as I enjoy the tastes of micro brews, I can only have small doses.  My allergies and asthma don’t appreciate fermentation in my system.  After two beers, I am feeling the effects in my breathing and my immune system.  After four beers- I am struggling to breathe and sound like I am suffering with a head cold.  I’m even worse when it comes to the heavy liquors like whiskey or rye.

In the end I need to decide if the suffering I go through is worth drinking or not.  I do enjoy the flavors being mixed in many craft beers these days.  But I do not enjoy the way my body feels afterwards.  Carrying an inhaler and a box of tissues isn’t my idea of fun.  
Oh well.  I’m feeling like a hypocrite as I finish tonight’s post while I sip on a glass of beer.  I’ll make my decision some other day.

Hangover Cure

We had a little get together to celebrate our anniversary back in July.  We were lucky that the weather held up and got to enjoy the backyard.  There was good friends, good food and lots of laughs.  With these get togethers there’s also some drinking involved.

That night I only had a couple drinks.  But I kept feeding my wife and a few of our friends some pretty stiff drinks.  Needless to say, there was some talk of being hungover the next day.
We aren’t getting any younger, so drinking in excess is not a good idea.  It really hasn’t been a good idea since having children.  Dealing with babies or toddlers while nursing a hangover is not an ideal way to adult.

Joining the world of “adulthood” at the legal drinking age is pretty much a rite of passage.  You go out and party on a Friday, regret it Saturday morning, sleep the day away, and head out drinking on the Saturday night.  Your mind and body can take the abuse.  Pretty sure I’ve had weekend benders that killed my brain cells and lungs.  Although remembering what I did wasn’t really important at the time.  Thank goodness cellphone cameras and social media wasn’t around.

I’m not a big fan of getting myself into the hangover state any more, much less getting stupid drunk.  A couple beverages after a rough day can take the edge off.  No need to induce a hangover on my days off just because I can.  I’m all growed up now.  The best cure for a hangover is not to drink.

Couch surfing

Like most days, I’m down for a nap again.  I love napping.  Best thing ever.  Getting small blocks of sleep at any time of day has become kind of a specialty of mine.  It’s probably the reason I always feel so alert and well rested.  In fact, I started writing today’s blog as I curled up on the couch with a blanket at 7:30am on a Saturday.  No one is awake in my home, so it’s the perfect time to grab some 💤💤💤…

As I pulled the blanket over me, I thought back to the many times that I slept on many other couches.  My teens and early adulthood had me floating around on weekends staying at different homes.  After an evening of partying my head would lay to rest on various couches.  I found myself sleeping on worn out cushions covered in floral prints.  Or torn pleather seats that were indented from years of asses watching tv.  There was something comforting about laying down and feeling the waviness of the seats.

There’s still life left in it!

The couches expressed the lifestyle that once was.  Sometimes they were in the basement with a bit of life left in them.  Other times the couches were hand me downs given to my friends from their families as a starter to their new apartments.  Once in awhile the sofas were curb rescues doused in Febreeze and reinforced with a piece of plywood where the springs had busted.  Rarely did my drunken or drugged up self pass out on a couch that was brand new.

Breakfast with a view.

I was usually the last person to pass out and one of the first to wake up.  The end of a movie or tv show would ease me into slumber.  During an all nighter, I’d lay there watching the sunrise before falling asleep.  Late night naps became commonplace for me.  Early morning runs for recovery breakfast followed by another afternoon nap had me ready for more fun later that night.

It was the one thing that I truly appreciated of all the things my friends (and occasionally strangers) would offer me- a safe place to recover.

Another reason to drink?

St. Patrick’s Day.  The reason to drink (in excess) according to Wikipedia: Lenten restrictions on eating and drinking alcohol are lifted for the day, which has encouraged and propagated the holiday’s tradition of alcohol consumption.  Most people in North America dress in green with clovers and leprechauns, and drink cheap green beer thinking that’s how you should celebrate.  Not many people look at the religious background of St. Patrick (very similar to the lack of understanding the traditions behind Christmas & Easter) when celebrating March 17th.  

As I’ve grown older, finding a reason to have a beer or two has changed.  A birthday of a close friend, weddings, & funerals are top of the list for a reason to get a bit tipsy.  The occasional rough day at work sometimes calls for a stiff drink as well.  


What time is it?

When I first came of age to be drinking, any day was a reason to get hammered:  

  • The sun is out, let’s go drink at the beach!  
  • It’s raining, let’s drink at the bar!  
  • It’s lunch time, grab a pitcher of beer to wash it down.  
  • I woke up hung over, perfect reason to start drinking early.
  • I woke up drunk, might as well keep drinking.
  • I got a new hair cut, let’s drink.
  • It’s five o’clock somewhere, let’s drink!

I’m not telling people not to go out drinking.  I’m simply stating that I have done it, and I’m over it.  Life has many turning points.  (Like becoming legal drinking age and using that to your advantage.)  A big turning point for me was when my children came into this world.  It wouldn’t be fair to my wife to look after three kids and a hungover adult every weekend.  


Happy St. Padme Day!


I will raise a glass later today and wish everyone a Happy St. Patrick’s Day.  Go ahead and have fun, but please be safe and smart tonight.