Laughing After Work

Every couple of weeks I work opposite a fella who I enjoy talking with. We have gotten into a routine of conversations while we drive to and from work. I really appreciate those phone calls.

We talk about pretty much everything. Work, family, the weather… you name it. But my favorite phone call is the one we have after work. That is when we share all the stuff that has occurred throughout the day. And we laugh. A lot.

It’s a great feeling to unwind after a long shift with a mutual kindred spirit. In all honesty, sometimes all we can do is laugh. Some of the most ridiculous things can occur in a twelve hour period. And it must be laughed about.

Driving on Nine

I drive to work.  Or is that commute?

I commute to work.  I don’t always like it.

Traffic sucks.  I am known to be an angry driver.  My goal this year is to calm down and slow down.  I have been trying to listen to different music such as classical or “spa” on my car’s satellite radio.  Sometimes I’ll listen to comedy and just enjoy a good laugh.

Getting to work on time isn’t an issue.  I always leave with plenty of time to spare.  Rarely am I late.  I mean very rarely.  Like only once in the last nine years at my job have I been late to work.  And that was in the first few months of trying to figure out where I needed to be.

It’s the drive home that sucks.  There’s no “set” time to get home.  I just want to get there.  Home is the place of peace and tranquility.  A place you dropped kicked your jacket as you came through the door- No one glared.

Wow, Mr. Belvedere was such a bad show.

Anyways.  I’m trying to slow my drive down as I come home.  Traffic or no traffic, the speed and anger at which I drive home needs to stop.  

My car is a machine made of glass and metal that could kill me or someone else and I need to respect that more often.