Cheap Fashion

I’m the kind of fellow who wears jeans and a t-shirt most days. I have a tough time buying shirts that cost more than $20. Last year I bought 4 shirts the entire year. I also find it difficult to spend $80 on shoes. I did not buy a single pair of shoes in 2021. I wear my shoes right down to nothingness, and then I continue to use them as “garden shoes”. You know what I mean- the kind of shoes you put on to quickly step outside. The heal is destroyed from walking on it and the laces are so loose you just slip into them.

But accessories? That’s just superficial for the most part. I have a pair of diamond earrings my wife gave me for my birthday one year. I wear them daily and only take them out periodically to clean them. That’s my most expensive flashy accessory. I also have a 40th Anniversary PAC-Man watch I got as a birthday gift and I love it.

Before we went to Mexico, I bought a pair of $20 sunglasses. This is the first pair I have bought in almost 20 years. Every pair prior was free from conventions, or tinted safety glasses from work. If it protects my eyes, it’s good enough. No need for name brand eyewear that I’ll break or lose.

I only wear the PAC-Man watch when I wanted to feel dressy. Normally I am wearing my wife’s old Fitbit on a daily basis. But I didn’t like the look or feel of it. So I bought a $20 watch off Amazon last week. It tells the time and date if I push a button. Basic led numerals. Nothing fancy or high tech.

I’m cheap when it comes to accessories for my appearance. Honestly all jewelry is costume jewelry, why not be cheap if you have to accessorize?

What Is Love?

When I was a teenager, getting my driver’s license was easy. At age 17, I was able to borrow my mother’s car periodically. One summer day my friend and I took our girlfriends at the time to the PNE in Vancouver.

It was a lot of fun going on rides, eating food and playing carnival games. The girls we were with went to the local radio station booth and sang a Brian Adam’s song and received a cassette tape of their rendition. Loads of laughs and handholding as we journeyed around the fair.

Anyhow, her and I eventually ended our relationship as the summer also ended. It was totally civil. We kept in contact over the years and went out on the occasional date every so often as we entered into adulthood.

I mention this specific date because my former girlfriend had removed her earrings. They were heavy and hurting her ears. She lost/forgot them in my mother’s car (which eventually became my car). I discovered them a few years later along the side of the seat and kept them with some other mementos from my youth- such as letters, artwork, and trinkets. I’m a bit of a hoarder…

Yesterday, I noticed my 16 year old daughter wearing the earrings. I had no idea that she had taken possession of them. But I find it really cute to see that teenage girls over the decades still have the same sense of style.

Puppy love is great. Perhaps my daughter will have a fun date this summer whilst wearing these earrings. Who knows.

Diamonds Are A Boys Best Friend…

When I was around 16 or 17 I got my ear pierced. That was nearly 25 years ago.  I was at the mall with a female friend who wanted only one piercing, but the cost of getting two was the same price. So I went for it.  About a year later I did the same thing with a different female friend.  I now had two piercings in one ear lobe.  For many years I wore small loops in them.  I liked having a pierced ear with two holes.  It meant I could buy a pair of earrings and use them both.

At age 19 I got my tongue pierced. I had it for almost two years, then took it out. I realized that I missed the piercing, so at age 24, I had my tongue re-pierced. That hurt badly.  When it was redone, they pushed the needle back through the scar tissue on my tongue. The swelling was incredible.  My mouth was full of blood. I vowed to never go through that again. Since then, I rarely take out that piercing.  I’ll be a grandpa with it in.  I still use the original stud and have never replaced it.

About 15 years ago, my wife bought me a pair of diamond earrings as a gift. Originally, I only wore them on date nights with her.  But after a few years I decided that I prefer them over the simple hoop style I once had.  I really like my diamond earrings.  They have come to define who I am. 

For years my father hated that I had pierced my ear.  When he found out I had done my tongue, he told me I’d never get a real job.  Eventually, he was wrong.  I did have a hard time finding a job, but that was from lack of education and experience.  I am impressed nowadays that society has accepted piercings and tattoos as normal in the workforce.  It makes it easier to be oneself without always conforming to someone else’s expectations. It was one of the many reasons I hated working at Chuck E Cheese’s as a manager.  I had to enforce a dress code on teens that I couldn’t agree with. Especially since I never took out my tongue ring.  Many of my staff didn’t even know I had it.

I don’t tend to accessorize lavishly.  So the diamond earrings are a one off.  I don’t even own a watch worth more than $20. But, if I find a diamond tongue stud, I may have to buy it.  Just because.