Surrey Votes

This is the first local election I have voted in for Surrey. Since I was 18- I was a part of Langley Township. Now I am choosing a party in a municipality that I have only been paying attention to for about a year. In this year, I have already seen some things I feel needs changes.

Voting was easy. I showed up at the nearby elementary school, showed my id and proceeded to fill out the ballot. In Surrey, there are coalition, teams, and groups that have banded together to garner votes. On the ballot, it shows which candidate is with each group. That made it so much easier to vote.

Voting is important in every election. From choosing a mayor to choosing the leader of the country and everyone who helps out. I’m hoping to see my voice heard and we shall see which way my municipal election goes.

Be Patient With The Results

As the USA still has no clear winning President, it is important for everyone to be patient. This is truly an unique moment in history that the world is witnessing. It could be a huge shift in how elections are run in the future. Especially in this day and age of “instant gratification” that we have all become accustomed to.

So to my American neighbors- be patient. Every vote matters. Every vote needs to be counted. There will be a President announced.

And please stay civil if you don’t happen to like the end result. It’s only a few years- work towards change or appreciate the results if it fits your views.


There’s a couple elections coming up. One big one in the USA that the world is watching. And one in our Canadian province of British Columbia- that most people don’t seem to notice. I will be voting locally, but thinking globally.

As for the US election- I hope that something good comes from it.

In fact HOPE is the most important factor for many of the citizens. HOPE for good health care. HOPE for education. HOPE for equality. HOPE for a strong economy. HOPE for a future.

I have hope that the right decisions will be made over the next few weeks. Canada lays out HOPE. In fact there’s even a town in BC called Hope. I often drive through it. In fact, I always joke that I’m “Beyond Hope” once I go passed. I don’t want North America to be “Beyond Hope”.

Please, go vote.

Get Out There & Vote!

What are you doing reading my blog right now? Don’t you know there’s this election thing happening in Canada today? Go and vote! Then come and read my blog- I’ll wait.

Done voting? Excellent. I had thought about doing the advanced voting last weekend, but since I had a turkey to make- no go. This morning however- I was first in line at my local polling station waiting for the doors to open. That’s mostly because I finished a night shift and the polling station was a couple blocks away from our home. The timing was impeccable.

It’s going to be a rainy and miserable day in the Vancouver area. Not only will it be miserable because of the weather… but also because we are the last province to be counted. Many of the other provinces will have their numbers in and whatever the west does isn’t likely to skew the vote in either direction. But I have the opportunity to place an ❌ inside of a circle next to a name of some candidate I think will be best for my needs. So I chose someone.

And making the choice this year was difficult. I finally narrowed it down to two candidates and made my choice as I stared at the paper of names behind the cardboard cutout. Maybe you were better informed than I was. Maybe you just vote the same way every time. But a vote is still a vote.

Tell your family to vote.

Tell your friends to vote.

Tell your coworkers to vote.

Tell your neighbor to vote.

Tell the barista to vote.

Tell the traffic safety person to vote.

Tell a complete stranger to vote.

You get the idea. Make everyone have their voice heard today.

If you read all the way to the end before hitting the polling station- all I want to say is “Go Vote!

It’s The End of The World As We Know It

And I feel fine.

That’s pretty much the extent of my opinions on politics south of our Canadian border.  It’s also pretty much my feelings regarding Canadian politics.  I don’t tend to discuss or get into heated debates with friends, family, colleagues, or coworkers over any of this.

Voting and politics in general is emotionally rough.  There’s always a winning side and losing side(s).  My social media blew up over the past 24 hours.  I even shared some images and links myself.  I admit that I got caught up in the moment.

Thanks Wil.

But in the end, we are all in this together.  So “Don’t be a dick!” when sharing your views or opinions.  Healthy debate is much more civilized than name calling and fear mongering.