Finding New Social Media(s)

Since before Elon’s purchase, heck even before Trump’s presidency, I was rarely using Twitter. I started strong and thought it was a fantastic forum of ideas, news source, and quick status updates. But after a couple of years, I shied away and discovered that I really enjoyed Instagram better.

I do have a Facebook account, which I open periodically throughout the day. Not much going on in that world. I’ve joined LinkedIn, Discord, TikTok, I even joined Google+ way back when and thought it had potential. I was wrong. Those Google Hangouts were more annoying than they should have been. I have a MySpace account lost in the ether someplace as well.

Over the past few days I have noticed a trend in people going to other platforms as they abandon Twitter. First I heard about Mastodon. A few days ago I heard about Hive Social. So I created an account for each. Honestly, all of the social media accounts are starting to look very similar in fashion.

Feel free to search me out on either platform. I have gone with the user name JoeyWanKenobi this time around. I will continue to have the majority of my social media use to be on Instagram. But it’s neat to see other platforms.

Who knows, maybe the time will come when people get tired of social media and will want to meet up in person once more…and not just for a hashtag or instagrammable moment. Until then, can’t we all just get along?

Memories From Facebook

Seeing my Facebook memories is pretty much the only reason I go on the app these days. The old status updates help to remind me of where we’ve been and what we went through to get where we are today.

These updates about our former house make me happy with our decision to sell and move into a new house. When we went through those hardships, it sucked. It was tough to get ahead when we had that home. As much as we wanted to update and change the house- something would happen. We would go two steps back and have a headache on our hands.

Not having water or electricity is a thing of the past now. We don’t experience either of those issues anymore. Our current house is also looking like the roof will last for another ten years- so that expense won’t affect us anytime soon.

I like that I can look back and remember the frustrating times and how we got through them. I’m happy with our new home without having to update or repair at this time.

Back In The Dark

Recently my iPhone had an update. For some reason this update changed the settings on my Facebook app. I went from “Dark Mode” back to regular blinding white.

Naturally I changed it back. But I don’t know why I chose to do this. I also don’t know why I chose Dark Mode for my phone a few years ago. It was probably the novelty of it at first. But now I prefer not having bright white screen to view.

As I switched back my Facebook app to Dark Mode, I was curious if maybe I should try normal mode for a while and see if I like it. Perhaps it would feel like having a piece of new technology in my hands. Although that may only last a short time. Or eventually I wouldn’t notice and it would be fine.

I may change off Dark Mode later this evening. But for now, I’ll be sleeping during the daylight wishing for darkness.

I Don’t Remember This…

Every day or so I like to look at my Facebook Memories. That’s because I haven’t posted on there very often in the last few years. Mostly my Instagram shares go on Facebook as well. I don’t tend to add Status updates anymore. Which leads me to something very odd. A memory that I don’t remember happening or why it happened.

The first memory from seven years ago isn’t a big deal. At the start of January- BC property assessments are released. I’m always interested in seeing what our home value is as well as the neighboring properties. This year ours is the highest on the street. which is good and bad. We will have to pay full taxes with no discount this July.

But it was the next two statuses that I have no recollection of. SURGERY ON MY GUMS? What was that about? I had my wisdom teeth pulled out prior to Facebook even being created. So it wasn’t that. I still have all my teeth and have never had a root canal. My wife and kids don’t have any idea either.

Seriously though? What did I get done to my jaw? Why is it I was able to complain on social media, yet I have no idea what it was that happened? The comments are from my friends just poking fun at me. I am at a complete loss.

The on way to resolve my confusion is to ask my dentist on my next visit about the work I had done. But if I do that, my embarrassment level will be too high and I’ll need to find a new dentist. I don’t want to do that, I like our dentist.

So perhaps this “memory” shall remain a mystery to me.

As Far As Friends Go…

After last Wednesday’s funeral, I had mentioned how I was going to get back into Facebook and search out friends once more. Some people have found me and added me. But generally speaking- it has been me reaching out again. It was as my choice over two years ago to leave Facebook Friends behind after all.

In the short time since starting my friend gathering, I have accumulated 124 Facebook Friends. When I left back in March 2019 I was at almost 400. It feels like I hit reset on a game and my saved progress is gone.

Time to go in like Ash Ketchum on his adventures to get Pokémon! I’m 14% of the way there. Considering there are 898 total currently out there. I can hit that number of Pokémon friends quick enough.

So as I try and gather up my friend numbers, I’m going to use my power-up: kindness. It’s super effective. Gotta catch’em all!

I want to be the very best!

Most Liked

Facebook loves to share “Memories” when I log in. I’m sure many of you see yours as well (if you still use Facebook). Sometimes I love seeing the old photos or bizarre status updates I once did. I can’t even remember the last status update I did… I also removed all friends a year and a half ago, so no point to update into thin air…

Today Facebook shared with me- my most “Liked” photo of the year 2009. It’s a cute picture of the time my children made a train out of cardboard boxes for me. Having deleted 400+ friends, how many “LIKES” would you say this picture received? 200? 100? 50?


My most “LIKED” photo of 2009 had FIVE likes. For the entire year of 2009. One of which was my wife. I’m not saying this is the greatest photo ever of 2009. But for a person who had a few hundred “Facebook Friends” you’d think that I could get a higher number on any of my photos.

In the end though, looking for satisfaction through other people’s opinions doesn’t equate for the sheer happiness that this photo brought to me personally. My joy isn’t measured in numbers from other people clicking a thumbs up for me.

Its part of the reason I don’t try and sell myself or this blog. Sharing personal stories is for my mental well being. And in the end- that matters most.

Feel free to like and share today’s blog.

WordPress Issues

Recently WordPress wasn’t posting to my Facebook. I contacted them for help and they offered a solution. Removing and re-adding the Facebook page. Seems pretty simple.

So this is my test blog to repair the fix. Considering it took me a week to discover the flaw on Facebook shows how often I go on it.

Hopefully the solution WordPress offered up works. Facebook followers, let me know if you read this. Or don’t let me know and let me worry about the linkage not working some more.

Healthy Lifestyle both Physically and Mentally

As I get older I feel that my life needs a bit more of a health upgrade. My wife is constantly pushing me to be more active. And she’s right. Look at yesterday for example:

I become stagnant and inert sometimes without realizing it. Yesterday she accomplished nearly 12,000 steps. I barely did 1700. As you can see- her goal is significantly higher than mine. Now that I’m in my early 40’s- it’s time to really start looking at my future.

I’m planning to retire by my mid 50’s. Which means besides being financially secure by then, I also want to be able to enjoy life. I don’t see myself hitting the gym, but walking more and getting off my phone to see the world are becoming more prevalent choices in order to feel healthy. So I also took a drastic approach to my cellphone addiction on Sunday.

On Sunday, as I was waiting for my son to compete in his Speed Skating competition, I noticed how everyone in the stands was on their phones- hardly interacting with one another. Naturally, I took out my phone and opened Facebook. This is when I realized I have a problem. It became clear that even though in the past I have taken a month hiatus periodically from the Social Media- I needed to do more. So I began by looking at my “Friends” list. I removed people to try and “clean house”.

By the end, I had removed nearly everyone on my list. There is now only my wife and daughters, my three friends who have passed away and two fellows whom I respect in many ways. One is a hard working artist, the other is my son’s coach. It took four days before anyone noticed that they weren’t my “Friend” anymore. The one who did notice is a close friend of mine and messaged me last night. Others may not have noticed, because if they follow my Blog- they are still seeing me posts on a daily basis because WordPress shares directly there for me.

After nearly 12 years on Facebook, it is tough to just give it up. I have kept my Facebook “alive” in order to read stories and news articles from groups that I follow. As well as to interact with those who comment on my blog posts. A couple of years ago I stopped using Twitter. The one social media I do enjoy is Instagram. I follow many of my Former Facebook Friends on their and enjoy seeing quick snapshots of their adventures.

Maybe one day I’ll regret dropping all of those Facebook contacts. I didn’t announce it to the world at the time because it really shouldn’t be a big deal. So I guess this is that announcement just to let people know. Time for me to move on. And by move, I mean walk more. Healthy living should be both physical and mental.

A new journey lies ahead. If I put my phone down- I’ll see where I’m going.

Facebook Creeping

We’ve all done it. You go on Facebook to creep out some name of a person just to see who they pretend to be online. I do this quite regularly. Searching is easy. And fun!

Facebook doesn’t want you to clear your “Search History” though. It seems that they like to access what/who you were looking for. I figure this is for advertising purposes. I’m getting really sick of ads popping up. Or even the “Boost your post” ads for a page or link you shared. And now “The Marketplace” where people sell their junk (like unwanted Craigslist ads).

Once Instagram and Facebook joined forces, the advertising is cross referenced. I see ads on Facebook for stuff I post on Instagram and vice versa. Maybe it’s time to drop both social media apps from my iPhone. They know too much. They know everything about almost everyone. Hey, they do know everything- maybe I should look up that girl from my Grade 8 year that I liked…

But why would I care to see what someone is like that I haven’t talked to in 30 years? That’d be kinda creepy. But only if I accidentally click “LIKE” on a photo by accident… I can be careful enough to creep…

The Death of Social Media

Is social media dying? One word:


I am among most people who have been groomed into social media sites over the past few years.  In its infancy it started as using a computer having an identity on ICQ or later on, Messenger.  Advertising began as little ad bars along the top or sides of your message windows.  Easy enough to ignore. Typing took a lot of focus!

Then Facebook boomed. There were no ads, a bit of freedom to share statuses and tidbits of your life.  All you had to do was log in.  Facebook started to allow links to websites, photos, and simple word based games that forced you to log on repeatedly to get further on.  All of it exploded into a worldwide phenomenon. People staring at screens for hours on end, logging in hourly, hoping to connect.

Even as Twitter and Instagram grew as alternative options to Facebook, the freedom to just spend time with online friends soared. Someone out there realized that there was an untapped advertising market.  So now as you scroll through your smartphone, trying to see what’s new with your friends, every third of fourth thing is an ad. 

Much like the way movie theaters know that they can put 20 mins of commercials at the start of a film because they already have “bums in seats”. There was no where to look but directly in front of you. Now, we do it to ourselves.  The amazing computer in your palm spewing advertisements when all you want to know is if your friend had a good birthday the day before.

Social media we once knew is dying. It is no longer “Social”.  At some point, there will be something new and everyone will jump on board because of the lack of initial advertising.  But it too will become a stream of commercials. We need to start calling it like it is:

Sommercial Media

Follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram…

The News Today

I stopped watching the news reports on tv a few years ago.  I found most reports are made for shock value.  Inflated numbers about “possible” injured and casualties.  Sensationalized terror attacks breeding fear into the public.  All followed up with some story involving celebrity gossip.  

I still pay attention to the news.  In fact, I get most of my news from NEWS 1130 on the radio as I drive to work.  In the 45 minutes to an hour it takes me to get to work, I usually hear a full cycle of the most important news of the day.  Plus traffic reports and weather every ten minutes.  I like this style of reporting because they need to give facts and not show videos to get their story across.  Sure, on their website there are pictures and video clips, but during my short drive- none of that distracts from the story.

Social media outlets do not share news.  People share “clickbait” and motivational images.  Of course there are things like Kony2012, The Ice Bucket Challenge or changing your profile pic to have the colours of a flag to show “support” to a country that spread like wildfire.  Again, very sensationalized for a brief moment.


Yesterday, SpaceX had an unfortunate setback.  I shared a video from CNN on my Facebook profile of the explosion.  Guess what?  It received a few comments & likes, but really no one else shared the footage.  Why?  Most likely because no one died, no one was injured.  Nothing more than a rocket exploding on a launchpad into a fireball.  Not news worthy to most people.  But I have questions. Hard hitting real questions.  

How did it happen?  What does this mean for commercial space travel?  How soon until they try again?  What kind of insurance did SpaceX need? Travel insurance or vehicle insurance?  

Turns out, Wired also asked some of those questions.  Click on the Wired link: The answers will astound you. (Clickbait joke)

The short answer: Nobody knows.  It’s only the day after the incident.  Science and business fields are waiting to find out about the future of SpaceX and the future of commercial space travel.  I’m waiting to find out.  My friends?  Some may be curious, but most likely do not care.  Part of that reason?  The idea of space travel to regular folks like me still feel out of reach.  As if it’s only for the wealthy elite.  At this point in time, it kind of is.  But one day, we may get off this rock and find a new rock.  

I hope I’m around for that day.  

I also hope SpaceX bounces back quickly from this set back.

I also wonder what their insurance deductible is.

Social Media

Recently I took a few weeks in March and avoided social media.  Prior to that, I would go on seven or eight times a day to see if anything new was on.  But since “returning” I find there is no desire to pick up my iPhone and check constantly.


I still see the advantage of social media.  It is a great way to share stories, photos, and information.  I am still going to use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Periscope.  There are other apps and media outlets that I have since stopped using, but somewhere there is my account if I decide to return.  Maybe one day you will find me posting again on Vine, Ello or Google+.


Virtual me.

Until then, join me in wasting all of your free time on Miitomo!  Thanks a lot Nintendo.

Making friends

In my early twenties, I was once described as a “sprinkler” because I spread out my time with many different people.  A few years later, it seemed my friends had whittled down to a select few. My life had mellowed out when my children were babies/toddlers, but I seem to be making friends again at record speeds.


Bill knows his shit.


Meeting new people is fantastic.  I love hearing about people’s lives and experiences.  Sharing knowledge and stories makes us all better people.  I find that with every person I meet, my life gets better.  My biggest problem… I am terrible with names.


“and you are?…”


Not just the names of people I just met, but also of people I’ve met numerous times.  I used to feel bad about not remembering names.  I’ve flat out said to people, “I don’t know who you are.”  I’ve even tried, “I’m sorry, your name escapes me.”  Most people just say their name again to me and I say something along the lines of, “That’s right!” As if the person telling me their name just discovered it themselves as well.  I don’t feel bad about asking any more.


Many a good time…

Then I realized that I’m a tall skinny freak.  I stand out in a crowd.  Most people who have met me remember me because of my personality.  I never take life too seriously.

I make friends through friends.  There’s a reason the first friend is a friend.  It’s like six degrees of Kevin Bacon when you trace out how you met people.  Each person I meet and choose to remain friends with, is one more life that now expands into mine.

I like making new friends.  But it can be awkward to say, “Hey can I get your contact information so we can hang out sometime in a non-sexual manner?”  Facebook has made this awkwardness a bit easier.  Although, awkwardness has its benefits.  It makes situations more memorable.  I live for the memories made with new friends.  It brings an air of excitement.

I’m off to go make some new friends.  So until next time, be sure and share some wisdom with somebody new.