Two Decades Old

Over the past couple of days I have decided to listen to some of my older music. It started because of the other day watching Aggretsuko and remembering my love of heavy metal music. So out came some of my favorite cds and the tunes got cranked in my car.

Because of my eclectic tastes in music, I ventured far from my heavy metal albums and re-discovered some other classics from about 20 years ago that I listened to constantly. My drive in to work the past couple of days has been memorable because of these albums:

1995 Faith No More: King For a Day… Fool For a Lifetime.

This album has some great songs on it. I can listen to it from start to finish and then start again. I’m thinking that at my funeral “Just A Man” needs to be played.

1996 White Zombie: Super Sexy Swinging Sounds.

This album is a killer disco style remix version of Astro Creep 2000. Not many diehard Zombie fans appreciated this album. I found it to be a clever crossover of Industrial Metal and Electronic Music.

1996 Pulp: Different Class

This one is a Britpop style of album. The lyrics are gritty and tell a story in almost every song. Something about hearing “Let’s all meet up in the year 2000…” that reminds me of how old this album really is. And how old I am…

1998 Prozzäk: Hot Show

This one is a guilty pleasure. A quirky Canadian pop duo with catch phrases such as “Sucks To Be You” running rampant in a fun upbeat tempo.

I miss listening to an album all the way through. I’m glad I’ve dusted these ones off and given the laser in my car’s stereo something to do.

King for a Day…Fool for a Lifetime

No jokes, no gags, no pregnancy scares or fake news articles today.  In honor of April Fools Day, I wanted to reference a favorite music album from my past. Faith No More’s “King For A Day, Fool For A Lifetime” was a big part of my life at one point.  The album itself flows from one song to the next like a short story being told.  The title song of the album was played on many crazy nights in my youth.  I used to think the album was about sex, alcohol, drugs, and rock & roll.  Now as I read the lyrics, it makes me wonder if perhaps they are an expression fearing religion or politics.  

Click on the picture to listen to the song on YouTube: 


King For A Day.

The lyrics, in case you needed to read them:

It is not a good day, if you are not looking good.

This is the best party that I’ve ever been to.

Today I asked for a god to pour some wine in my eyes.

Today I asked for someone to shake some salt on my life.


Everything’s spinning.

(We’re on the ground)

Never cheer before you know who’s winning.

(Don’t make a sound)

Sniff the glass and let it roll around on you tongue.

Let me introduce you to someone before the party is done.

Someone to look to in need or in want or in war.

If you give him everything, he may give you even more.

This is the best party I’ve ever been to.

Don’t let me die with that silly look in my eyes…