Pay It Forward

I’m always of the belief that we should help others out in the best way possible. It goes beyond just giving donations to charitable organizations. We need to help one another achieve more every day.

I have found over the years that the majority of people out there need help. But many of us have difficulty asking for it. One of the best things that ever happened to me was a friend referring me to the company I now work for. Since that time, I have done my part and recommended others to apply here as well. Not everyone has garnered employment, but I have done my part to try and lead them to greener pastures.

Lending a hand is also a personal activity of mine. I’ll make myself available to assist friends and family whenever possible. Helping my kids and wife is always a priority when it comes to this. I’m not saying I put their needs ahead of mine, but rather I accept that their needs are of equal importance and will help out when able.

Over the years I have learned skills and growth from many coworkers, friends and family. My family and I have gotten to where we are with the help of those who care. I have also assisted others in personal development. We are all in this together- why not build one another up and “Pay it Forward”.


Since 1989, the BC Liquor Stores have been doing a program called Share A Bear. It’s a simple concept- you buy a small teddy bear and the Liquor Distribution Branch donates a similar bear to a child in need.

I don’t usually do impromptu purchases. But every year the bears do get cuter.

I’ve bought them in the past because they are super cute. And cuddly. My kids have loved them, so I assume a child in need would love one as well. This year I chose to buy a Polar Bear in a cute flannel hoodie.

This year, I’ll be giving it to our oldest daughter when I come home tonight. I owe her an apology, and a cute-pa-tootie bear should start to make a difference.

So if you’re buying something this season from the BC Liquor Store- (I know you will!) think about getting a bear. For $11.70- you get a cute toy to give away and a child in need will get a cute toy at the same time.

Giving feels good.

Determination & Motivation

I am determined to post in my blog every day.  No matter what.  Since I hit my one year goal of writing every day, the momentum has begun to slow down.  I’m losing sight of what it is I wanted to accomplish with my blog.  What I wanted to was get better at writing.

I realized last week that determination and motivation sometimes go hand in hand.  Even though it isn’t always necessarily that case.

Last week we had a few days of snow.  This is rather unusual for the Vancouver area and surrounding suburbs.  Our little side street did not get the luxury of being plowed or salted.  This made the snow become rather thick.  Even as vehicles drove down our street, all it did was compact it down making it more slick.  Over night last Wednesday it rained.  It made a slushy mess, but there still remained about a foot of snow.

Now, my neighbor across the street is a nice gentleman in his 80’s.  Every morning at 7:50 he and his wife leave for breakfast.  EVERY SINGLE MORNING.  They’ve done it for years.  YEARS.  I can tell if my children are late getting up for school if I see him backing out of his driveway in the morning.  They meet up with old friends at our local Co-Op restaurant every day.  My wife and I have joined them on occasion (more by accident because we are hungry and didn’t want to make our own breakfast).

Frozen water.


On Thursday morning he was backing out of his driveway and got his truck stuck in the middle of the road.  I went out to help him dig it out.  My wife came out as well and was speaking to his wife.  Turns out it was her birthday that day.  They weren’t going to do anything special for her birthday.  They just wanted to head out for breakfast.  After ten or fifteen minutes, we managed to get his truck back into his driveway.  He thanked me.  So my wife and I headed back into our home.  He did not.

Bob got his tractor out.

He was determined to go for breakfast with his wife on her birthday.  Even though it was their daily routine and they could have skipped it for a day, the snow wasn’t going to stop them.  Out came his tractor and he began clearing a path on our street in order to get his truck out.  His determination to go for breakfast was astounding.  Perhaps he was a bit motivated by the fact that it was his wife’s birthday that day.  No need for them to miss seeing their old friends.  

After he cleared a spot in front of his driveway, he cleared the road in front of our home.  My good deed earlier was reciprocated.  My motivation to help him was just a neighborly thing to do.  His motivation to get out of his driveway was to enjoy his regular breakfast routine.

Even though I may not always be motivated to write, I am determined to write each and every day.  Much like the determination my elderly neighbor has to go for breakfast every day.  Some days there a bit more motivation involved.