I learned something new this week from a coworker of mine. How to re-string a guitar. At first I was intimidated by the notion- since I’ve never really had any experience with it. But I knew I could do it with a bit of guidance.

First, we removed the old strings and gave the guitar a wipe down. I learned about using an oil as well on the fretboard to protect the wood. I also learned about how to adjust the neck if required to straighten it out.

I had taken the advice of getting a set of thinner gauge wire for my daughter to use. They will be easier for her hands to help create the sound she will be happier with. I’m looking forward to hearing her play once again.

After learning what needed to be done and the care we should put into the maintenance of the guitar, I’m feeling much more comfortable about doing it myself. It’s not rocket appliances. In fact, next time I will teach my daughter what needs to be done so that she can take it on herself.

Any further advice on care of guitars would be appreciated in your comments!

Christmas Morning


Well, maybe not as much as it once was.  Our children have grown up to an age that they allowed us to sleep in until 8am.  Unwrapping gifts was a pleasure.  Everyone remained calm and there was lots of smiles and joy.  This year all the lovely women in my life received the gift of music.  

Our youngest daughter was super excited about her vintage turntable.  Now she can pull out our old vinyls from the 80’s.  We also gave her a Nightmare Before Christmas Album with images printed directly on the records.  

Our oldest received her first acoustic guitar.  She had been sneaking some practice time on her younger sister’s electric one earlier in the year-which caused a few good fights.  So I took her out to the music store and asked her to find one she liked.  She surprised me by finding an acoustic one.  This morning, after almost all of the gifts were opened, she had a bit of disappointment on her face until I moved a blanket that had covered her new instrument.  I’m not saying she wasn’t happy with what she had already unwrapped- but she knew she was going to get this.  I think she was just waiting for it.

For my wife I bought her a bass guitar and amp.  She wasn’t expecting it.  But the joy on her face when she opened it was awesome.

She has since been Instagraming photos of her new instrument.  I hope she learns to play!

We also received a bunch of Lego as a family (somewhere in the neighborhood of 20,000 pieces when added up!)  There were lots of books and I received a bounty of craft beers.

Our children made some lovely paintings as gifts to my wife and I.  Encouraging their artistic side is something we love to do.  I have kept a bunch of their art as well as hung it up to display.

It was a funtastic morning.  In all my hurriedness last night to put out gifts, I forgot an entire bag full of gifts for my wife.  Oops.  So we opened them with her just before breakfast (which was at 1pm).

We are off for a walk now to talk about Christmas and spend some more time together for Christmas Day.

Merry Christmas from us goofballs!