Purple Haze

It’s been quite some time since I changed my hair colour. Two and a half years in fact. My coworkers have been asking recently when I was going to do it. I guess changing hair colours is something besides my height that I’m known for.

Yesterday my oldest daughter dyed my hair for me. She’s never done something like this before. So I gave her some direction and she took on the job. The final results were fantastic. She also enjoyed doing it.

This time I went purple for my son. He asked me to. Starting on Monday- I will be one of the parent chaperones for his school camp trip. The theme for our cabin is “Infinity Stones” where each of his bunk mates are a different colored stone. He wanted me to be Thanos-esque, hence the hair colour.

Purple hair has always been my favorite of the colours I’ve done in the past. Maybe I’ll redo it once it fades away.

More Books, More Quality Time

Like I did with my son two weeks ago and with my one daughter last week: Brony For a Day– I had a day with just my oldest child.

*BIG SIGH* The snow nearly killed our plans though. But we braved the weather and headed out. This was the view inside my car when we started:

View of snow from inside my car.

It took two weeks to get to this point. You see, she is only a few months away from turning sixteen and doesn’t have time for dad. She is busy after school nearly every day and also has her own job working Saturdays. I got lucky today and the kids had a Pro-D day.

Our first stop was to buy hair dye for her. She has been begging to dye her hair for a few months now, so it was time to go shopping for a new colour. She chose indigo- I just finished doing her hair and she is really really happy with it.

Our second stop was Chapters. This seems to be a favorite for all of my children. I was here last week and the week before with my other children. Today my oldest offered to buy me a book in payment for the hair dye. Instead, I plan on just reading the books she bought after she is done with them. She spent $111 on books using gift cards she has accumulated over the past year.

She also got a wicked deal on a VR headset for her phone. Costing only $10. It fit in nicely with the theme of a couple of her books. After an hour or so in the store, we braved the snow once more to pick up her sister and headed out for lunch. We had some miso soup and green tea to warm us up.

My oldest and I haven’t seen eye-to-eye on occasion and we sometimes get snippy towards one another. In the end, our day was pretty enjoyable. I love the time I’ve taken to spend one-on-one with each of my kids over the past few weeks.

If You Could See Yourself Through My Eyes

Earlier this week our oldest daughter had an opportunity to get her hair dyed professionally at no charge.  She agreed to it, so we went and got it done for her.  It turned out far better than I could have imagined.  I may be a biased father, but she looks really pretty.  But it’s hard to get her to understand that.  She just feels that it’s dad being nice.  See for yourself- this is our fourteen year old:

Rainbow hair dye.

As young teenagers- those of us who remember it- finding your identity was difficult.  Trying to figure out where you fit in, what clothes to wear, what music to enjoy, and so on.  I don’t think it has changed much, as I am now bearing witness to my children enter into young adulthood.  It’s fascinating to watch.  But not always enjoyable to be nearby.

I love my kids.  Sometimes, on those rare occasions, a magical thing happens.  Those moments disappear.  Suddenly my babies aren’t babies anymore.  Suddenly they have aged- right before my eyes.  It catches me off guard.  I don’t want them to grow up.  I don’t want them to lose sight of laughter and compassion.  They don’t always have to be serious.  Life is a game.  A game that can be a lot of fun.
Our oldest took a chance on getting a new hairstyle.  I think it paid off.  Even two days later, the magical unicorn named “Happy the Teenager” is still around. I hope this version remains until New Years.

One can only wish.