Uma Is A Positive Role Model

Our daughter Darwin has found a new role model. So she wanted to be more like her. I couldn’t be prouder. It’s starting with a haircut. Specifically: The Bride’s from our recent viewing of Kill Bill.

Uma Thurman is probably one of my favorite female actors. In Kill Bill, she is an extremely self assured assassin.

Our daughter has always had long hair. She decided she wanted it much shorter-with bangs. She views Uma Thurman as a strong female role model. So naturally she wants to mimic the personality she sees.

Darwin sat in the hair salon chair. Inches of hair fell to the floor. A liberating feeling of weight being let go. Like a new start with a new hair cut.

The new look was commencing. The partial smile- or rather smirk of confidence began to show. As a teenager, Darwin needs to find herself. Will this new look create who she shall be for the next while?

Is she happy? For sure. Can she play the part of a strong female lead? I know she can. Will this new look be around for a while? I’m sure it will.

Darwin has the strength inside to be a courageous teenager taking on all obstacles. Feeling like a ninja assassin may help that much more. I only hope that other girls find strong role models to take on the world like ours did.

Shave And A Haircut

I grew some facial hair. Last year I grew it from September 19-November 25th in memory of my father. This year I began on the same date because I thought it was a good tradition and I wanted it for my Halloween costume. I was going to keep the facial hair until closer to the end of the month, like I did last year. But, my kids have been bugging me about having a beard. Like really mean about it.

Not only teasing and being downright nasty to me, but the other day, my son asked me a poignant question regarding my beard- “If you don’t have a lot of good memories of your father, why do you want to look like him?


He was right. And I don’t want to be like my father. So off came the beard today.

I also went for my quarterly haircut this afternoon. I look very different now than I did waking up. Back to the “Old Joe” I guess. So instead of my beard- the kids can make fun of my receding hairline instead.


Rugged Good Looks

On Saturday I had my quarterly haircut. The main reason I get a haircut is because I don’t like to waste shampoo or hair gel. If I need to use a handful of either- it’s time to chop. Getting a hair cut every three months is just how I roll.

As I said before, I’m generally lazy when it comes to things like that. I look good after my Barber takes off a couple of inches. Now I’m looking better than ever.

Even the fellows at work complimented me on my haircut. Strange how something so simple as that can make you feel better. (Not that I was trying to get compliments from my coworkers). But my wife is happy with my look as well.

Throw on some dress pants, a collared shirt- and BOOM! I look like a grown up. I don’t like to put on dress shoes, so I still wear my runners. I need to remain comfortable in my old age. Only, I’m not that old yet. Those days will eventually involve white Velcro shoes…

Barber Shop

I get my hair cut about every three to four months.  I’m pretty lazy about it.  Every time I need a haircut, I go to the same barber.  He has turned into a friend.

I’ve been going to his shop for over a decade now.  The shop is in the middle of downtown Langley City (Langley isn’t very big, so he’s easy to find) and he has been there for 18 years.  He’s a one man operation specializing in men’s haircuts.  I think he does a great job and I recommended his services to everyone I know.  Sure, you could go to Supercuts or Magicuts for an $8 haircut, but why?  You could spend thirty minutes in a chair and talk about the weather or the newest celebrity gossip.  I have chosen to support a small business in my local town.  

The man behind the scissors.

This man has taken the time to get to know me and my family.  We have real conversations about life, the local politics, money and travel.  Even though I only see him three to four times a year, he cares enough to know about my life.  I’ve even gotten to know about his life.  How he loves road trips on his Harley.  How & where he plans to retire.   He’s told me about his children, his girlfriend and his other customers.  We share stories and laughs.  Customer service that goes above and beyond, that’s what I’m paying for.  Plus a really good haircut.

If you live in Langley, I recommend The Salt Lane Barber.  Tell him Joe sent you.  (You won’t get a discount, but you will create a genuine connection with him.)

(Pictures courtesy of Yelp)