Not Talking Politics, but…

Generally in my blog I don’t talk about politics or religion. For the most part I think the general population is entitled to their opinions and mindsets and are free to share those ideologies as they see fit. As long as it doesn’t encroach or get forced on other’s beliefs or opinions.

I want people to let others just live their lives in peace and happiness. Sure, anger is a part of living. Not everyone will be happy with decisions made by the government. Peaceful protests are a great way to get others talking. But those protests can quickly turn to riots and violence.

What happened the other day- in fact what has been happening over the past four years- is hatred. Plain and simple. Like many people throughout the world, I was appalled at the actions of these extremists.

I’m not an American. But viewing an attempted coup d’etat because of a change in government was a disgraceful act helmed by a political leader. This was all happening in what I would perceive normally as a civilized democracy. A country where every vote is counted and the results are accepted.

Whoever the president of the United States is doesn’t affect me. So my option on that matter doesn’t need to be shared. Seeing the growing numbers of racists come out of the woodwork does affect me.

I love living where I do. The Greater Vancouver area has a diverse cultural system allowing for everyone to live their lives how they want. I worry that closeted bigots and racists will see what is happening in the US and instead of being understanding of different cultures- will bring that hatred here. I know Canada isn’t perfect, but it’s on the way.

We need to speak up against racism, sexism, bigotry, and all other hatred. I’m known as a privileged white male and I want to do my part in creating a world that treats everyone with respect.

I don’t talk politics. And I have no photos to share today. Just a rant. An opinion- that we, as a society, can do better.

Racism is Bad

I’m a white male between the age of 18 and 45. I have white privilege and I am fully aware of how it is. It isn’t right in many aspects. But it’s the life I was given. I can’t change that. But maybe I can change a small part of the world.

Our neighbors to the south of us in the States are in upheaval. And rightly so. What do I want? Stop being racist. Stop being shitty to people who are different. I want people to be nicer to one another. There is so much diversity in the world that we should share more kindness instead of hatred.

I feel sorrow for those who are Black and living in America. I don’t want them to experience more hatred. It’s not fair. And no one listens. The protests are needed now.

Over the past few years there’s been so many attempts to correct the issue of racism. People have tried to shed the light on the issues.

Today was “Blackout Tuesday” a day to not share on social media. A day to shock people into realizing the hate. Let’s fix it together. Protests, solidarity, humanitarianism.

Stop the hate.