World JR Hockey

Yesterday my son and I attended his first ever hockey game. We went to the Rogers Arena in Vancouver to watch a match from the World Juniors. My boss at work was kind enough to give me a couple of tickets. So I took full advantage of my day off and my son being home for winter break to attend the game.

We were happy to show support to the Czech Republic as they played against Russia. I picked up a hockey scarf at the game so my son would have a souvenir to remember his first hockey game.

With one minute left in the game, the Czech team pulled out all the stops in an attempt to tie the game. Unfortunately, the last shot on goal didn’t make.

In the end, my son and I had a great experience together. We cheered, we oooed and we awwwwed with the crowd. We took selfies and videos. We even had good conversation during the drive to and from the game. All around, it was a great evening spent with my son.

Game 2: A Different View

Would you believe it if I told you that I’ve only ever seen two NHL games live?  Both within a week.  Both were free of charge from a couple of friends.  Five days ago I had a great experience where I was able to enjoy some one-on-one time with an old buddy.  (Read about it here: HockeyTonight’s game was with a larger group from my work, so the experience was very different.

I spoke previously about altering my career path at work (Read about it here: Changing It Up)  So naturally, I have entered into a different group of work friends.  I’ve always been friendly with my supervisors and I like to think of myself as a relatively nice guy who is easy to get along with.  I found it really welcoming to be invited to a hockey game less than two weeks after accepting my new position and join my fellow supervisors for a relaxing night out.  It was a blast.  

We started the night by talking about work for about five minutes, then went straight into just hanging out and having fun.  The fellow who got us the tickets had box seats in the 200 Club section.  All the pizza and drinks we could want was included.  

There was a large couch and a big screen tv showing the feed from the game as well.  So we could watch the game live or watch the game sort of live.  We wandered around and socialized, never really having an assigned seat.  The game was action packed.  (Our home team won this time).

A big thank you to my coworkers for being so gracious and fantastic.  It’s amazing how people have very different personalities outside of work.  It’s great that something such as work can bring a ragtag group of individuals together over a common bond and share some great laughs.


I’ve never attended an NHL game before.  I’ve watched an occasional game on tv from time to time.  I’m partial to the Olympic Games and love how Canada kicks butt.  Last night an old friend took me to my first NHL game.  Canucks vs. Jets.

I had to say “yes” because it has been months since I’ve hung out with my old buddy.  He’s been my friend since we were 13.  I met him in grade 8 band class.  We’ve both been kind of dorky- he’s good at solving Rubik’s cube in a few seconds, I am a Sci-Fi nerd.  Our common ground was that we both owned a Sega Genesis and we played NHL ’91.  That’s my connection with my friend and hockey.  I also had to say “yes” because it was Penthouse seats.

The seats were amazing.  We sat above everyone else.  There was free food offered up throughout the game.  Food that was trendy and tasty: lamb, quinoa, kale salad, lobster, sushi and desserts galore.  It was full VIP treatment.  And everyone was super friendly.

The game itself was fairly uneventful.  Canucks up by the end of the first period 1-0.  But at the end of the second period a 1-1 tie with The Jets.  The energy in the building dropped as the period ended.  This caused The Jets taking control in the third period.  Hometown team- Canucks lost.

But it was fun.  Win or lose, I had a good time with an old friend.  Maybe I will see more games in the future.  Maybe next time our team will win.