Clean Up The House

Today I have been doing a deep clean in the bathroom and the windows.

I’m using a device called “Sc√ľnci Steamer” that my wife got years ago. It’s a handheld steamer that works pretty good at getting the dirt off. I like to use it on occasion instead of always using harsh chemicals. Basically it’s just water so it doesn’t do any damage to the bathroom or windows. But it helps get a good cleaning done.

At little Before and After shot.

My son was intrigued by the steaming machine, so I convinced him that it was a ton of fun to use. (Just like that time I got him to pressure wash the back deck).

All the while I had a silly song going through my head from when my kids were younger. It was from the show Bear in the Big Blue House. I think I’m going crazy.

“C’mon Everybody- Let’s Clean Up The House!”