Becoming a Jedi

As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago in Jedi Joe:  I finally became a Jedi. (For Halloween)

With the tremendous help of my wife, I finally looked the part of Obi-Wan from Episode 3. We followed an online tutorial on how to make a Jedi costume with a few modifications for my size. She did a great job on a custom robe and tunic for me. She loved every minute of it. I could tell through all the curse words and yelling.

My wife had to measure me a few times to make sure it was accurate. I’m a tall individual and there was no room for errors. We used almost all of the fabric we had purchased in order to make my look fairly authentic.

Because we were using the floor to lay out everything, our puppy had to get the boot outside for a while we worked. He was none too impressed. But at least it was sunny and warm for him.

Besides being the Jedi model, I did my share to help in the making of the costume. I searched the interwebs for how to videos and tutorials plus a few hundred different images. I was also put to work ironing the material.

In the end, my wife made me extremely happy. She took the time and perfected the details. Those who saw me on Halloween were equally impressed with her skills and my costume. I look forward to many more years of wearing it. 

I have now become a Jedi.

May the force be with you.

Jedi Joe

It’s finally going to happen.  I’ve decided to become a Jedi. No, I’m not announcing a “sad devotion to that ancient religion” or anything like that. I’m talking about a Costume/Cosplay for Halloween and an upcoming convention.

With my recent facial hair growth and the fact that I won’t shave it until the end of November (read about it here:Proving A Point) I needed to find a suitable costume idea that supported facial hair.  My wife suggested I go as a Wookiee because of my height, but it got me thinking about becoming a Jedi. Obi-Wan Kenobi to be exact.

Back in 1999-2000, I made an email address of which is now defunct because it’s Hotmail and filled with spam. But the one thing that I enjoyed from Episodes 1-3 was Ewan McGregor’s take on Obi-Wan which garnered the email name.

Since I’ve always had an Enjoyment of Star Wars it makes sense to finally dress up for it. My height would make me a good Darth Vader (or a Wookiee as my wife said) but I don’t overly have the time or money for that. I just need to figure out if I’m going to go with a store bought Costume or try and sew my own at this time. Pretty sure I will sew a costume that is screen accurate one day.  Time to do internet research!

Help me Joey-Wan. You’re my only hope.

Build me a Lightsaber


You light up my life.


You read that correctly.  Don’t buy me a Lightsaber.  We have three Force FX sabers currently.   Don’t get me wrong, they are awesome and I’m still on the look out for a Mace Windu Force FX saber.  But a custom, not mass-produced, killer looking hilt with a vibrant color blade would be fantastic.

So, I would like one built for me.  There are amazing artists out there that can do this.


There is a TR-8R among us.

The first site I ever heard of for custom Lightsabers was Park Sabers (this was like back when the Internet was invented).  These guys were making Lightsabers for people before Hasbro’s Force FX.

If you want to build one from scratch, head on over to Custom Saber Shop and piece it out.  More thought may be required, but check out some of those cool parts!


It’s all in the details.

Some of the most amazing custom built Sabers are at Ultra Sabers.

There is one amazing artist who makes some crazy “unstable blades” and some fantastic leather work.  So, be sure and follow Vader Head on Instagram.

Now that I’ve pointed you into the right locations…  My birthday is coming up soon.  So, maybe a gift idea?

A long time ago, to infinity and beyond.