How’s It Going To End?

There are times that I get so focused on my goals that I don’t always see how it will end. From yard work to career goals- there is always a journey to be taken. Sometimes the journey feels like it just goes on forever.

I haven’t written the ending to my story yet. I’m still working on character development. Some follies and adventures are still to be had. One day I will stop writing my blog. That day will probably arrive suddenly and without warning. But I hope to grow from it.

Everything that has a beginning has an ending. Sometimes you see the conclusion in the sidelines- it’s not always directly in front of you.

Foggy Thoughts

These past few weeks have had me in a mental haze.  My mind is going off in a hundred different directions.  I lay awake going through numerous scenarios about “what if” and following each path through my mind.

It feels like I have been going to Blips & Chitz to play “Roy: A Life Well Lived” over and over again.  Trying new paths but always reaching the same result.  Born, grow up, date, get married, have kids, do job, receive “Greatest Dad Trophy”, retire, get cancer, die.  Is that really my lot in life?  How can I change it?  What am I needing to do to keep my lifestyle fresh and exciting?

Perhaps more vacations?

Maybe a new car?

Exercise?  (Hahaha sorry…)

What about a career change?

Or volunteer my time to some community cause?

Recycle more?

Read more books?

What lies ahead?

The answer is: I don’t know.  And I’m ok not knowing at this point.  I’ve been trying new things this year to find my own inner peace:

Connecting with old friends.

Making new friends.

Writing this blog.

Trying new restaurants.

Cooking new foods.

Learning new arts.

Changing my hair colors.

Repairing family relationships.

My journey is still ongoing.  I just need to let it take me where it needs to.  There is no right path or wrong path for me at this moment.  I need to stop worrying because everything will work out.

Explore.  Dream.  Discover.

The one thing about life is that it has endless possibilities.  There is so much out there to experience, but precious few moments to achieve it.  As of late, my goals in life don’t involve owning everything my credit cards will allow me to purchase.  Instead I am trying to figure out how to do more traveling.

Only in the past few years, since doing road trips to Disneyland and various Comicons, have I gotten the travel bug.  We would add tiny adventures to our road trips in order to break up the monotony of just driving from Point A to Point B.  I often spoke with my wife about seeing more of the world, but we never really set any goals.  I’m hoping for that to change over the next few years.

I’m not ready to create a “Bucket List” quite yet.  But there are places I want to visit in the near future.  There’s no reason behind my choices, they’re just the places that seem interesting.

Is Totoro waiting for the catbus?

Japan: A friend of ours just returned from a trip to Japan and spoke fondly of it.  I would like to follow in her & her husband’s footsteps- see the countryside and experience Tokyo.  It is a place I’ve wanted to go for years.

The Amazon:  I have recently been doing some research and it’s a toss up between Brazil and Peru for this experience.  Maybe both?

This clock has always fascinated me.

Prague: My father defected from Czechoslovakia long ago… He never wanted us to see where he grew up, but from what I’ve seen it photos, it looks fantastic.

Germany: If we get out to Prague, Germany will be added to this trip.  My wife has been there numerous times and really wants me to experience the country.

Isn’t it Grand?

I’d love to check out more of Canada and the USA as well.  Here in North America there is so much more to explore than I could list… For example: seeing the sunrise at the Grand Canyon, checking out a show on Broadway in New York, partying it up at Mardis Gras in New Orleans, or attending The Burning Man festival in Nevada, perhaps one day staying at Hôtel de Glace in Quebec, or touring Peggy’s Cove lighthouse followed by a fresh lobster dinner in Nova Scotia… 

These are but a few of the ideas that popped into my head- mostly based on what my friends have seen and shared on their adventures.  If you’ve ever travelled to the many places I’ve listed, I would love some advice on what else to do or see.  Perhaps there is more of the world that I should see, but just don’t know about.  Hong Kong, Australia, Caribbean, Greenland, or any number of other countries have so much to offer.

There is so much of the world left for me to explore that I can hardly wait to begin.

Good advice.