Time Well Wasted

Ugh.  Wasted my time this evening because I was late for an event.  I agreed to take my son to his speed skating practice at what I thought was his usual time.  Except they had cut it short and had announced it weeks ago.  My fault for not checking the calendar tonight.

I have no excuse for being late.  The calendar that my wife and I rely heavily on had it written in.  We write my work schedule, no school days, appointments and all of the extracurricular activities.  Even though today was his regular skating practice, it wasn’t at the usual time.  In essence- we showed up, he got on the ice and five minutes later was done.

Now my son and I have some extra time to spend together.  So we wandered across the street from the ice rink to the Cineplex.  We made it just in time for the start of The Lego Batman Movie.  

Good end to an otherwise potentially frustrating evening.  

Shhh… the film is about to start.  Setting my phone to vibrate.

I’m Late!

This week has been a very varied work week for me.  None of it my being a part of my regular sessions.  It also threw off my regular blog postings.

So now, for probably the first time since I began this journey, I am rushing to finish before the day ends.  Of course tonight would be the night that all the road construction is happening.  As well as my car trying to give me a good scare making strange noises and not wanting to accelerate.  But I made it home safely. 

Now with under ten minutes to go until the end of the night- I still have no thoughts on what to blog.  No memories that have sprung to mind that I need to share.  No good vibes to pass along.  Nothing about my family that I can squeeze in quickly.  Just a solemn and peaceful evening.

To all who may have been waiting for today’s post- have a good night and sleep well.  Tomorrow I will figure out what to post and try and get it in earlier.

Good night everybody.