One More Lazy September Sunday

It was a late Saturday night at our home yesterday.  Good food, good drinks, and good friends ensured that good times were had.  Not all of our friends could make it out, but that’s ok.  Everyone has different schedules and some had other plans.  There will be more BBQs and more dinners for more friends to come out to in the future.

The late night meant a late start to the next day.  Being exhausted from the food and drinks- it took us a few hours to finally get out of bed once we woke up.   We were smart and a pot of coffee was set the day before on a timer.  The cups of coffee were delivered to my wife and I by our children as we lay in bed.  It’s nice that they do this without being pushed to.  No bribes.  No arguing.  The children just bring us coffee.  My wife and I love them to pieces for these little moments.

Having smart phones and videogames in our bedroom meant we didn’t need to climb out of bed until 1pm.  It was great.  The last of the summer vacation is ending exactly as it should.  A lazy day with no real commitments lay before us.  The children had a pajama day watching tv shows and playing videogames in our theater room.

Back to the grind this week with school and work taking over our lives.  

Everyone needs a lazy day once in a while. 

 We needed this one.  

Lazy Days

“Lazy old day

Rolling away

Dreaming the day away

Don’t want to go

Now that I’m in the flow

Crazy amazing day”


With my old iPod on shuffle- Enya came on first for this afternoon.  The song “Lazy Days” played soothingly through the speakers.  Her singing style and simplicity of melody has always held a soft spot in my music collection.  There’s nothing more calming than putting on some Enya and forgetting about the world around you.

My first iPod. The box is still mint.

Forgetting is exactly what happened to this iPod.  It was my first iPod back in 2006.  I bought it as a gift for my 30th birthday for myself.  It was a 5th Generation 30GB video model.  I loved it.  It was by far the best thing that ever happened to my music collection since Columbia House fifteen years before.  

This image stolen from the interwebs just like the music that killed Columbia House.

Ah yes, Columbia House- with its deals on CDs that had me buying more than I wanted or needed in my late teen years.  I often forgot to send back the “I don’t want this month’s selection” card.  But hey, that is how I ended up with a large REM and Enya collection.  At a time when I was into C+C Music Factory and 2 Unlimited,  it was the forgetting to say “no” that got me my first Enya CD.  Originally thinking, I should give this CD away to my mom for a gift, I decided instead to open it and give it a spin.  I’m glad I did.  I have been an Enya fan ever since.

Hearing it again this afternoon on my iPod reminded me that I have no idea what music was on this thing anymore.  It seems summer of 2009 was the last time I added any music to it.  Steve Martin’s The Crow and Lonely Island’s Incredibad were on that summer’s main playlist.  There were other Artists and Songs throughout, including my entire Enya collection.  As my music shuffles away from Enya towards The Beastie Boys, I am enjoying my Lazy Day.  

Today I focused on how lazy I have been with the way I enjoyed my music over the years.  I’m now too lazy to change the music saved on this iPod.  May Highschool Musical forever remain hidden in its digitized playlist. (That was for my children at the time.  Really.)