Pure Imagination

The other day I mentioned that my son and I worked on the Lego Sakura Bonsai tree together. We keep it in a square display case in order to keep it dust free. Our son decided that it looked kind of bland and wanted to update it a bit more.

He used his imagination and memories of when we went to Tokyo. In doing so, he added a rock garden, a waterway, and some greenery. I’m impressed by how he designed it- using a multitude of different pieces to create a cutaway scene.

Our son wants to add more detail to the last corner. I have a feeling it will flow into what he has created thus far. I love that he is so creative and takes the styles he has learned from years of conventions and Lego displays in order to utilize the pieces so uniquely.

Do you love building with Lego? Are your kids still playing with it as they grow older? Let me know in the comments.

Lego Sakura Bonsai

Today my son and I changed our Lego Bonsai tree into a Cherry Blossom tree. He and I worked together to finish off the branches and attached them to the tree. I like that the change coincides with Sakura blooming over the next couple of months.

We picked this set up back in the summer and built it together as a family- Lego Bonsai. This set is by far one of my top favorite Lego sets that we own. Although I will say, most of our Lego sets are pretty amazing. I love the Disney Castle, the Spaceship from Lego Movie, Star Wars Lego sets, as well as numerous more sets we have collected over the years.

Something about Lego and the simplicity of how it works, yet using imagination- it can turn into something much more extravagant and elegant. All while using simple plastic pieces to do it.

Do you have a favorite Lego set? Do you often build them as a family or with your kids?

Let me know in the comments.

Lego Bonsai

Today we went shopping for some summer clothes. We also went to a couple of stores just because we were at the mall. One of those stores happened to be The Lego Store. I totally did a spontaneous purchase of a Lego set.

The Lego Bonsai Tree.

We got it home and decided to put it together as a family. This is the first set we have built in the new house. It’s also been years since we last tried to build a set together. The Lego Spaceship from The Lego Movie was an ordeal and a half one Christmas! We were lucky to not repeat that fiasco.

But we were able to work together and got it completed rather quickly. We even had a spot all picked out at the bottom of our stairs for it to hang out. I think it looks really neat.

As well, when spring comes around, we can change the bonsai tree into a Sakura tree.

Sea Shanties

Somehow I keep up with ridiculous trends. Even when it’s unintentional. Most recently is listening to Sea Shanties on Spotify. I guess I’m hip with the cool kids.

My first Space Lego Set (from 1979- given to me in 1981)

I’ve always enjoyed songs that can tell a story. It’s probably why I obsess about musicals so much. When I was about five years old, my mother gave me an Irish Rovers record for my Birthday. And a Lego Set. I built, played and rebuilt that Lego set over and over again while listening to the Irish Rovers. Odd memory that’s for sure, but it helped make me who I am today.

Canadian/Irish Musicians performing in Australia. (Album from 1976)

My mother would also play Scottish Highland songs on our stereo. Hearing voices that harmonized so eloquently is something I have enjoyed for decades. The newest Tiktok trend of singing Sea Shanties is right up my alley.

I don’t have a favorite Shanty or pub song. But you will catch me singing along to them on occasion. Do you have a favorite genre of music that isn’t mainstream? Let me know in the comments.

Life Day

If there’s something that you need to know about me, it’s that I enjoy Star Wars tremendously. Let’s be realistic here, you all know I love STAR WARS. I mean honestly, I have numerous blog posts that are related to Star Wars in some way. Today is no different.

A few years ago I showed my children the classic in bad Crossover ideas ever. The Star Wars Holiday Special. The show is severely cringeworthy attempting to watch it. It’s so bad that my kids literally don’t remember watching it with me. But as a fan, I had to view it. I even grew up on those Star Wars made-for-tv-movies: Ewok Caravan of Courage and Ewok Battle for Endor.

Tonight, Disney+ and LEGO have released a Lego Version of the Holiday Special. I am overcome with joy and cannot wait to view it numerous times! I have been excited for months about this show.


Because LEGO somehow manages to make their stories based on movies or characters campy and fun while still holding true to the original content. So if you have kids- watch some of those LEGO shows with them. They are a ton of fun.

Tonight I shall wish you all an early “Happy Life Day”.

Toy Action

My son decided that today he would take some action shots of his Star Wars toys and Lego Star Wars toys.

He set up numerous shots. He also worked in a bunch of techniques that made the toys look like they were truly telling a story. Here is a collection of a few of his favorite pictures:

He was having a great time while doing this. These images he took are fun. He plans on editing these, plus some of the others with a variety of filters. I can’t wait to see what else he comes up with.

Things My Kids Made For My Wife

Yesterday was Mother’s Day and our three kids made gifts for their mom. Each was a bit of them being gifted in a way that my wife can relate to.

First was the Lego Minifig our son pieced together. He felt it was a pretty close replica of my wife. With the hoodie and long reddish hair.

Our middle did a My Little Pony Mod. She put new hair in the pony, created a new cutie mark and added a Ningen Headwear Fox Hat. That’s my wife’s go-to hat during colder weather.

Our oldest did what she does best- she painted. She chose to make a Powerpuff Girls painting. Watching PPG was the connection my wife and I shared during our first year of dating.

The creativity and thought put into each gift makes me happy. It’s good to see the kids showcase their fun side while still sharing what they feel represented their mother.

If You Build It…

I received an amazing Lego set for Christmas from my wife.  It wasn’t Star Wars related, or film related in any way, nor was it train related.  It was the Disney Castle.  And it was awesome.

Over 4000 pieces.  I built it in about eight hours over the course of two days.  By myself.  I actually got angry at my family for attempting to help.  This was mine to build.  I hadn’t built a Lego set by myself in about fifteen years. The last set I remember receiving (for myself) was the Steven Spielberg Movie Studios set back in 2001.  And that set only had 433 pieces.  

Over the past few years I have played with Lego and built “creations” as my son calls them.  Usually I build with my children.  Just snapping a piece or two together, not really paying attention.  And like most people, we have a love of Lego.  We enjoy Lego.  Especially my son.  (Remember when I wrote about it back in November?  Check it out again: Lego!)  I have saved all of the Lego from my childhood, minus the occasional lost piece…  although, it seems that you always find the piece you’re missing after needing it.

Back to me.

Our family crest adorns the entrance to our Castle. We picked this up in Disneyland a few years back.


Over those two days in late December, I constantly scurried away to build a Disney Castle inside our Castle.  Make dinner?   Nope.  Shower?  No time.  I was in the zone.  Mastering the hunt for pieces and what was needed next.  It brought back memories of my childhood. My brain was echoing terms I used when describing pieces.  Two by six.  Slant roof piece.  Radio antenna…  I probably spoke a few out loud as I built the Castle.  

The entire experience was relaxing.  I now understand why grown men enjoy building models and playing with Lego.  Go grown man!  Enjoy your hobby!  I’m not judging.

Earlier this week, my son received a Lego set that he ordered online using a gift card.  He was super excited about it.  As he showed it to me, he asked if I wanted to help build it with him this weekend.

Hells yes!  I’m more excited about building the Lego set than I am about spending time with my son.  Does that make me a bad parent?


This weekend at Fan Expo Vancouver, there is a Lego area.  They always come to this convention.  And every year, my ten year old son spends pretty much the entire weekend there.  I’m totally cool with that.

Setting up the display he was asked to make today.


He is enjoyed by the staff & volunteers who work the floor in the Lego area.  My son has become quite the talk of that section of the convention.  Over the years we have been told that he is courteous and helpful all weekend with the other kids who stop by.  This year is no different.  

Yesterday a family showed up at my wife’s table to ask if Theory was our kid.  They wanted to express their thanks for what our son had done that day.  It would seem that Theory was very patient with their six year old autistic child and taught him how to build and just have fun.  They were unable to get their son to focus long enough for almost anything and tried to get him into Lego.  They told my wife that our son opened up new horizons for their son and they were extremely grateful.

As well yesterday, the staff at the Lego booth were super excited to tell my son that one of the seven  “Lego Master Builders” was going to be there on the Saturday.  My son for a moment was also super stoked, but soon realized that he and the Master Builder – Robin Sather- have been hanging out every year already.
Robin and Theory get along really well.  They think the same and love just building.  They have spent hours together at previous shows just talking and building.  The creativity just flows.

His 2015 design (that was also stolen after going on display) 2015 Fan Expo.


Who knows, maybe one day my son will be a Master Builder too.