Berry Good

Living in the countryside means fresh fruits and vegetables are readily available. There’s a place I stop at throughout the summer that has cheap hothouse peppers in red, orange and yellow that are extremely tasty. I love to sauté them on the bbq with a bit of garlic or red onions.

We are also close by to not just one, but two berry farms. I love eating Fresh Berries in the summer. It means that I’ll be making more waffles, smoothies, putting berries in my sparkling wine, toppings for yogurt and ice cream or just eating them straight out of the bowl. Juicy, healthy treats.

Today I stopped by both berry farms. Mainly I wanted to see the difference in quality and price. Krause is all flash with a winery and food available. While Driediger is mainly just berries. Both have U-Pick available which is nice for a morning out with the family. Honestly, even though most people love Krause for its high end look, Driediger has better quality berries that are sweeter and lower in price as well. I do enjoy Krause for a bike ride to sample wine with fruit.

Whichever you choose to hit up, just remember that you’re supporting a local business. Which always adds sweet karma to your meals.

Barber Shop

I get my hair cut about every three to four months.  I’m pretty lazy about it.  Every time I need a haircut, I go to the same barber.  He has turned into a friend.

I’ve been going to his shop for over a decade now.  The shop is in the middle of downtown Langley City (Langley isn’t very big, so he’s easy to find) and he has been there for 18 years.  He’s a one man operation specializing in men’s haircuts.  I think he does a great job and I recommended his services to everyone I know.  Sure, you could go to Supercuts or Magicuts for an $8 haircut, but why?  You could spend thirty minutes in a chair and talk about the weather or the newest celebrity gossip.  I have chosen to support a small business in my local town.  

The man behind the scissors.

This man has taken the time to get to know me and my family.  We have real conversations about life, the local politics, money and travel.  Even though I only see him three to four times a year, he cares enough to know about my life.  I’ve even gotten to know about his life.  How he loves road trips on his Harley.  How & where he plans to retire.   He’s told me about his children, his girlfriend and his other customers.  We share stories and laughs.  Customer service that goes above and beyond, that’s what I’m paying for.  Plus a really good haircut.

If you live in Langley, I recommend The Salt Lane Barber.  Tell him Joe sent you.  (You won’t get a discount, but you will create a genuine connection with him.)

(Pictures courtesy of Yelp)