Grey Skies

Here in my neck of the woods- we had a good run of amazing weather the last couple of days. It felt as though the May Long Weekend was going to shine! Today I woke up and it was grey and chilly. The forecast also doesn’t look to favorable this week. Chance of rain and more grey skies.

I honestly don’t mind too much. That’s because I have another couple of weeks of night shifts to go. The grey skies help me sleep during the day. I do have blackout blinds, but the turn in the weather also means less people and animals outside making a ruckus and enjoying life.

Maybe that’s a little selfish sounding. Like most people I didn’t look into the weather outlook for the weekend. I just assumed the sun would be around. Lots of my friends and coworkers have enjoyed camping and hanging out in their backyards over the last two days. At least according to their social media posts.

Don’t worry folks, the sun will return soon enough. We have an entire summer to go.

Long Weekend May 2018

It’s Friday before the May Long weekend. I’ve picked up the kids from school and saw that the freeway heading out of town was busier than a regular Friday. Campers, boats, minivans and SUVs departing for some time away from it all.

Not us.

This weekend we have no out of town plans. In fact our regular Friday plan of going to the Speed Skating Coaches on the Lake has been cancelled. But only because our one daughter is getting over being sick and our oldest daughter volunteered this morning. She helped to set out sandbags on a reserve to protect the homes from flooding. (I’m really proud of her for doing such a great thing for the community without being asked.)

This weekend for us will mostly be at home doing yard work. Sunday we are invited to a bbq so we will likely go there. And on Monday our two youngest are in a parade to promote our local Speed Skating Club. But if the weather is nice, we are tackling this crazy acre of ours! So many weeds…

May Long Weekend 2017

This long weekend we are working on the yard.  By we, I mean the entire family. With no arguments or “disappearing” children. You know the ones, they sense that work is needed to be done and suddenly they need to rush to their bedrooms or the bathroom… but not today in our home. They all got nabbed without a fight. 

I fear something may be wrong with the universe.

Our oldest announced that she enjoys doing yard work. She proudly got out the push lawnmower and tackled about half an acre. The very back half of our yard has an influx of dandelions, so we need to remove those first. The best way to do that without spreading the seeds? FIRE!

This video doesn’t exist

The yard is coming together nicely for the summer months.  We have a beautiful and peaceful location that we enjoy sharing with friends and entertaining.  There’s only a few more things to finish up, like our vegetable garden & my train garden, that will complete our home.

After a hard day’s work we are all really proud of the results.  It’s time to enjoy the birds chirping and the scents of fresh cut grass as we end our day with a BBQ meal.

The sun has finally come out. Time to relax before the heat turns on for the summer. Feel free to drop by this season. Only stipulation is BYOB+1(for me!)

BC Family Day

Today was BC Family Day.  It was put in place a few years ago in order to give an extra day off for everyone.  Most of the other provinces have had a similar stat day in February.  However, because BC has their day on a different week, some people aren’t happy.

It’s a free day off for most people.  Or they get paid time and a half to work.  But instead of appreciating that the government has allocated another day off, many have chosen to complain.  Complaints are mainly having to work because the rest of the country does.  There is even a petition to have it moved to line up with other days off.  I agree that this would make more sense.  But to complain that you have a day off or being paid extra to go into work baffles me.

I have to work on most stat days.  But my work will offer up an extra day off later in the month to make up for it.  That doesn’t bother me, in fact I prefer it.  I spend a lot of time with my family as it is.  I don’t require the government to give me a day off to do so.  I kind of enjoy being with my family.  They’re pretty nice people and we have lots of fun together.

I also don’t like crowds.  So having a long weekend means long lines at the border, the ferry, or on the road in and out of town.  Now I’m getting grumpy thinking about that.  Find your happy place Josef…

Anyways, however people spent their Family Day Weekend I hope it was fun and safe.  Even if you did have to work.

Long Weekends

While everyone packs up and heads out of town, I will be heading into work.  Long weekends (or most weekends for that matter) don’t mean much to me anymore.  I am lucky to be getting paid overtime for working on a statutory holiday while everyone else battles traffic, airports or ferries to get to their destination.

Of course people will enjoy their extra day off away from work- I know I always like that as well.  But as much as the trip or time away will be enjoyed, it will be quickly forgotten and the complaints will start as people wait in lines or the weather may change.  Remember to post about the good times on social media as you experience them.  Don’t let the dulldrums of the return home spoil your weekend!

As well- remember that the people working this weekend at the gas station, restaurant, police, or whatever the case may be, would love to spend time away from work.  Give an extra smile or high five to these people putting in the time as you enjoy the weekend.

Be safe out there and have fun!  I want to hear all about the good times you are having.  They may inspire me to travel elsewhere or do something new on my days off!