18 Years

Today I celebrate 18 years of marriage to my wife. It has been an amazing journey. With far more ups than downs.

I have loved every moment. Even that time when she stabbed me in the face with her finger nails and tried to apologize acting all sweet and cute.

Or the time she thought I was taking a selfie and wanted to show that she brushes her teeth- so I took a selfie with her.

I love that ten years ago, we went on our first family trip to Disneyland. I never knew that an inner child was a real thing until I saw my wife gushing with pleasure and excitement as we wandered the parks. This also started a continuous desire to return as often as possible to Disneyland. Whenever we are having rough emotional patches- we talk about previous trips and future plans of traveling to those Magical Lands.

Through 18 years of marriage, we have created and cultivated a beautiful family. Our three kids have been a source of pride for us both. We love to joke and laugh with them. Our kids have become extensions of our personalities- sharing love into this world the same way my wife and I do.

Our love for one another has grown tremendously strong over the years. I’m lucky to have such a great partner. She is as crazy as I am. She even lets the crazy loose more when I’m around.

May our journey together not be restricted to just these first 18 years of marriage. We have a bond that I feel will last a lifetime.

Happy 18th Anniversary Lee-Anne! I love you with all my heart.



17 Years of Marriage

Today is our 17th Anniversary. It so happens to fall on a Tuesday, just like the day we were married. If you want to read about our wedding, check out my post from a couple of years ago: This Is What 15 Years Does.

Getting married on a Tuesday meant that all of our major milestones will land on a weekend. Which has/will be very convenient for big celebrations.

2011 Sunday 10 years

2016 Sunday 15 years

2021 Saturday 20 years

2026 Friday 25 years

After that, it gets a little dodgy for the major fifths. But you have to admit that 25 years is a pretty hefty goal in this day and age. 2026 only puts me at age 50. I know we will remain together until one of us croaks. We’re just a great match with crazy quirks intertwined together.

Talking on the phone with my wife, we never want to hang up. Sometimes one of us calls back to try and annoy the other. We are also on our way to becoming one of those old married couples in matching outfits on a regular basis. We already have matching shirts. I’ve also convinced my wife that Sketchers are great shoes. Should I mention our matching inhalers?

I don’t know of anyone else out there that would’ve stayed with me this long in spite of my idiosyncrasies. My wife is a lucky lady to have me. I’m even luckier to have her.

Happy 17 Years of Marriage Lee-Anne! Thanks for memories!

I Am A Liar

Reimagining memories to make ourselves look better is common amongst most folks. We all want to be seen in the best possible light at all times. Sharing stories with people of our successes or romance that seem borderline improbable is commonplace. But hey, at least we look good in our own minds and in the eyes of others, right?

I share many memories and ideas here in my blog and on various social media platforms. Sometimes they are a bit exaggerated. Sometimes not. There are times that I add or take away a detail from my stories that make for better storytelling. Let me give you a recent example of such a story I told my children.

Yesterday, driving the kids home from school, Suzanne Vega’s “Tom’s Diner” came on the radio. So I asked my oldest, who was sitting in the front seat, what the significance of this song was in my life. She said she was unsure. But from the back seat, my middle child piped up and she said that the song is from my wedding day. And she was correct. It was the song that was played at the reception as my wife and I walked into the room for “the first time” as husband and wife. I then explained to the kids the deep meaning behind why we chose the song.

How the singer is talking about sitting for a coffee- something my wife and I did regularly when we first started dating. And how the lyrics continue to speak about reading the paper at the diner- another activity my wife and I shared as we would do crossword puzzles together and read our horoscopes. Finally, the line about “Listening to bells of the cathedral…” corresponded with the ringing of the bell in the church as our wedding ceremony ended that day. I told my children that lots of time and thought were put into which song signified our love at the time. The song ended and they seemed impressed by what they just learned about mom and dad.

But what I told my children was a lie.

“Tom’s Diner” was played at our reception as we walked in as husband and wife for the first time. Yes, the fact about my wife and I going for coffees and read the newspaper together was true. But the reason for choosing the song was a lie. We chose the song the day before because we completely forgot to choose an entrance song. The part about the bells in the cathedral? I forgot that that was even in the song.

It was the first song suggested to us by the DJ. My wife and I figured, why not. It sounds neat at the beginning with the “Duh-duh-duh-da. Duh-duh-duh-da.” That was it. Nothing romantic or significant about the song. In fact, that was probably the first time I had heard it in the presence of my wife. The story I told to my children sounds more romantic and borderline fairytale.

No, my life isn’t picture perfect. Far from it. I do really enjoy making my life seem grand- even if I am “Making It Up As I Go.”

Being Randomly Thought Of…

Recently on social media, my friends have been thinking about my wife and I. It’s flattering and super swell. It makes me feel loved.

My wife and I have a wonderful connection with one another. Often poking fun at each other in a public setting, such as Facebook. It’s always in jest. Nothing my wife posts is meant to hurt my feelings in any way. If I am about to post something about her that may be considered “unflattering” I will consult with her first. In public though, insults are commonplace and quick witted.

Over the past few years, we’ve had friends say that they want to have a healthy and fun relationship such as ours. I’m glad that our friends think of us when follies and fun are abound. Sometimes I forget how people can touch each other’s lives in some of the sweetest ways.

Thank you to our friends for thinking of us and enjoying watching our lives unfold. We love you all.

16 Years is a Lifetime

I love my wife very much. Today is the day we celebrate 16 years of marriage. My wife and I have been together for only 17 years.  So I guess when it’s right, it’s right. We have made a lifetime of memories together. I expect a lifetime more.

We mesh quite well together. When I’m crazy-she’s normal. When she’s crazy- I’m normal. We create a peace between each other.  We harmonize our chi or feng shui that thing.  Whatever it is, it works for us. I’ve never been happier.  Life is pretty darned good.

When we got married, we never said “I Do.” Instead we said, “I Will.” The difference in those two sentences has made a difference in how I view our lives.  “I Do” is just for the moment.  “I Will” implies for a much longer time.  It promotes future planning.

I do love my wife. 

I will love her forever.

There’s This Woman…

Jane Curtain once said, “…there’s an old saying: Behind every successful man there’s a woman.  A loving, giving, caring woman…”

Jane Curtain

Of course there’s more to that quote, but I highlighted the part I needed for today’s blog.  The rest is a humorous banter between her and Dan Aykroyd on an old Saturday Night Live skit.  In the style of which they seemed like a stereotypical old married couple.

Our first photo together in 2000.

My wife supports me 100% with whatever I choose to do in my life.  She is my partner and we work together to make a pretty good go of things.  The only time she “stands behind me” is when she is pushing me to do better or remain focused.  

Take my blogging for example.  She encourages my daily writings and often asks if I have finished my post (especially if it’s getting late in the day).  She also proofreads 99% of them.  For that, I am truly blessed.  You’d be surprised how many mistakes I can make.

Really nice hair.

So many thanks are owed to the greatest woman in my life. She has made me a stronger person.  She has helped me through many struggles. She has helped me accomplish many goals.  Without her, I probably wouldn’t be anywhere near where I am in life.  Both successfully and emotionally.

Thank you Lee-Anne.

That’s the news. Good night, and have a pleasant tomorrow. 

Losing My Man Card

I have been told on numerous occasions that I need to hand in my “Man Card”.  I think it’s about time I did something about this.

My Man Card

So here it is my “Man Card”.  I never knew I had received it.  There was no ceremony or cigar smoking in celebration of becoming a man.  

Was it when I was about 13 and discovered that I became aroused at the female form?

Fond memories of Electric Blue.

Was it when I turned 19 and went out to the bar and drank everything in sight?  Ending my evening covered in my own vomit?  Not likely- I was drinking “Electric Blue Long Island Iced Teas” with umbrellas and pineapples.

Was it when I got married at age 25 to my best friend and start a journey alongside her?  Probably not since most people think that my wife has my balls in her purse now.

I’m a real man.

Perhaps it was the following year when I became a father for the first time.  I doubt it though because I helped design and paint the nursery and constantly changed diapers.

Maybe it was when I turned 33 and became a railroader.  Does this mean the women who work for the railroad are manly?  But again, I received no fanfare.

Rocking the pink hair.

Somehow my “Man Card” appeared in my wallet.  All my male friends have requested it back.  Please take it.  It hasn’t done me any good.  Being a sexist bigot isn’t really my thing anyways.  

I prefer to be a caring soul who enjoys arts and crafts with my kids.  Or a glass of wine on the deck watching the birds and squirrels play in my yard.  Sometimes lending an ear to a friend who needs it instead of telling them to suck it up is more my style.

So please take my “Man Card” and stop asking for it.