Staycation With a To Do List

I just began a week and a bit of vacation away from work. No travel plans unfortunately. In the past we usually get to Disneyland this time of year, but with the kids in high school and other commitments, no such luck. But I still had a week of time off from work to take, so here I am. Alone.

I have made myself a To Do List of activities that I want to get accomplished while the kids are in school and my wife works. I’m pretty sure I’ll get most of them done.

  1. Finish my costume.
  2. Fix the tile and tap in shower.
  3. Fix the sauna heater.
  4. Get the Honda Element serviced.
  5. Decorate for Halloween.
  6. Do some baking on Saturday.
  7. Make turkey dinner on Sunday.

Most of my list won’t cost much. Which is really a good thing since we have a few expenses coming up. Our children and their activities are nickel and diming us this year. Although it’s more in the hundreds of dollars just spread out over the next few months.

Since I am at home and have some availability, I’m hoping to meet up with friends periodically to get a break from being in my house the entire time. So feel free to hit me up during the daytime hours over the next week if I haven’t reached out.

A Day To Myself

Finally a day to myself. One where no work is involved. A day where minimal chores will be done. An opportunity to do whatever I wanted.

First I took a morning nap. Then I made lunch. There are so many things I could be doing. But this is what I have planned until dinner:

Time to build a model I bought in Japan! Fun times! Hopefully I can get most of it done without interruption. I need a bit of “me time” or “down time” or whatever you want to call it.

It’s about time.

I Just Can’t Do It Alone

Having a family means I put their needs ahead of my own.  Usually.  I work to pay the bills, provide food, shelter, etc…  My free time is involved in extra curricular activities.  Either driving, watching, encouraging or celebrating with my family.  I love watching my children succeed.  I love that my wife has a fun business that takes us on trips to other cities.  I love my family.


Besides sleeping, my free time is rather diminished.  So I blog.  I make the time to allow myself to write out my thoughts.  Sometimes I can get my writing done while the kids are at school.  Sometimes I get it done while the kids are asleep.  But on days like today, I needed to sit back and write.  Hopefully uninterrupted.  But no such luck.  I found a quiet spot on the couch, only to be hunted out fairly quickly by my wife.  She came into the room and just began talking to me.  

Part way through, she paused to ask who I was texting. “No one.” 

What’s new on Facebook? “No idea.”

Have you been on Instagram? “Not yet.”

What are you doing then? “Working on my blog.”

Why didn’t you say so?

So there’s my dilemma.  I should have announced that I needed a bit of time alone.  I shouldn’t have snuck off to a quiet comfortable spot in the middle of the house.  Taking some “me time” is sometimes seen as escaping the family.  I guess it is.  I just wanted a few minutes to get my thoughts out.  After starting one blog post, I saved that draft and began this one instead.  

As quickly as I was interrupted, I was left alone again.  I have finished my blog post/mini rant, but now I need my wife to proofread.  My alone time is over.