Case Of The Mondays

Sorry folks, the weekend is over. Back to work; the daily grind. It’s ten days into January and last year seems so far behind us already.

“A case of the Mondays” is like every other day now. And January is like the “Monday” of the all the months.

We are still in the “New Normal” which I kind of like. People give me more space, don’t talk to me as much, and generally just get their jobs done. It’s wonderful.

Do you prepare yourself mentally each week for Monday? Or just take it on the chin and enjoy the work week?

Reset The Week

Okay people- it’s Monday. Time to start a new week. Let’s put those negative feelings behind us and create new goals. We got this. There’s seven days to look forward to this week. Two of them happen to be the weekend as well!

So let’s get us a coffee, check the interwebs for some feel good inspiration and tackle this week. Unless you started your week on Sunday, then you’re already a day ahead. So good on ya! One down and six to go.

One Day Monday

Another Monday has come and gone. It’s just One Day.

One Day Monday.

A single use day which never comes back. One Day that starts the week. The week that we all look forward to the ending of. Only to start the cycle again. Monday starts with a push to get through the week.

But why? It’s only Monday. I think we need to stop fearing Monday. Stop racing through the day. Enjoy the day a bit more. Take a few extra seconds to sip a coffee or read a new article. We need to take Monday back.

It’s just ONE DAY. One day we cannot get back.

A Case of the Mondays

Most people dread Monday.  For some it’s the start of the work week.  For others, it’s the start of the school week.  Some of these people hate Monday because it means their weekend is over and no more partying.  Monday is a universal starting of a new week.  That’s why there is a weekend.  It means the week ends.


Currently, my “Weekend” doesn’t start at 5pm on a Friday and end 9am on Monday.  I don’t get a “Long Weekend” when there is a statutory holiday on the Friday or Monday.  I’m not like people in the service industry either, where their “Weekend” happens to be mid-week.  I have a job that has me working “on-call” meaning I could get called to work any time of day or night, 24/7.  So I usually find out about my “weekend” after I’ve had a couple of days of no calls.  I’ve even had moments where I can go five days without a call to go to work.  It may sound nice having all that time off.  But I can’t really make big plans like go skiing for the day, or drink at a birthday dinner of an old friend, or make plans in advance to hang out or watch a movie.  Sure, I could choose to not take a call to work and have some designated time off.  But I get paid just to be available.

So if you break down my pay vs the hours I work, I make the kind of money per hour I imagine strippers make on a Friday night.  Dolla bills y’all!  


In the end, the time in between calls to my job, I stay home.  I am often doing maintenance and home renovations around our place.  I get to drop off and pick up my children at school almost all the time.  I get to attend their concerts and performances 99% of the time.  I try and help my wife out with her business.  And over the past two months, I’ve gotten back into writing.

I’m enjoying my daily blog posts.  Each one usually takes me an hour or two to write.  I have a peaceful home during the day that allows me to stay on task.  I’m happy with my progress.  I’m humbled by the amount of people that read or comment as well.  I changed the name of my blog from “josefhavelka” to “Making It Up As I Go” because that’s how I truly feel lately.  I have no definitive plan for what I’m going to write about.  I also have no idea what my future holds.  Plus, naming the blog after myself seemed a tad egotistical, and that wasn’t my intention when starting this.

As your work week begins, I have just finished a night shift and will be off to bed soon.  Enjoy your week, and remember the reason why you are working or why you are going to school.  Take pride in yourself and your accomplishments.  No need to suffer from “A case of the Mondays”- you may get your ass kicked for saying that.