Family Kindness

My mother surprised me this week. She called me last weekend and asked if she could come for a visit before the weather turns. She drives from Cambell River on Vancouver Island and it takes a while to get here. Normally if she comes, she brings her friend along for the ride. That friend of hers is the mother of my oldest friend William. This time around, my mother came down by herself. Along with Jodie- her puppy.

The visit was more of a surprise by what my mother did for me- not her time coming out. My mother reads my blogs on a daily basis and I wrote something that got her thinking. She kindly brought me a gift that prompted my memories.

My mother brought over the ruby and gold glasses I had mentioned in Dad’s Ruby And Gold blog. I was taken aback by the gesture from my mother. She told me she would rather that she gave them to me before her passing than after. That way I could enjoy the glasses for longer. It was really kind of her to do this.

I sometimes forget that my family reads my blogs. I also don’t realize that what I write can affect others in a positive manner. Which can positively impact me as well. I love sharing my memories and stories and my biggest hope with the majority of my blogs is to promote positivity. I guess it does.

Thanks Moira for the kind gift. I appreciate it more than you can imagine.

Call Mom

It’s Mother’s Day. Or rather Mother’s Day is almost over. So if you haven’t done so, call your mom!

I was pretty late today in giving my mother a call. Work was busy and I didn’t have a break long enough to step away and call her. When I did get through to her, I learned she was at my sister’s place for the weekend. That’s really good news. As my mother gets older I’m glad that she is close enough to my sister’s place that she enjoys taking a weekend to go visit.

My mother isn’t overly tech savvy, so FaceTime or video calls don’t generally happen. So seeing my mom is only about two times every year. I think that early this summer I’m going to head over to the island and visit for a few days. I’m pretty sure there’s a couple minor projects around her place that she would want some help getting done. That’s the good son in me talking.

Have you called your mom? If not, there’s only a few hours left! Or perhaps you had a chance to see her. Either way, make sure they know that you’re thinking of them- especially on Mother’s Day.

2021 Mother’s Day

For Mother’s Day, our kids did their best to make my wife happy. Breakfast in bed, a day of Netflix binging, dinner, doing what was asked (without eye rolls and back talk) and a few gifts. Everyone was happy. It was great.

On social media I witnessed numerous wishes to moms everywhere. A few moms I know shared what their families had done for them as well. There was a lot of love going around yesterday.

I also saw a few images of my favorite tv moms. These are the ones who taught me about life. Many of them were humorous and worthy of being a tv mom.

I enjoyed the positive vibes I witnessed yesterday. There is plenty of love for and from mothers out there. Love like that should be shared more often.

My Wife- A Fantastic Mother

Today is Mother’s Day. My wife loves being a mother. I can’t imagine a world where we didn’t meet and have children. Since 2002, my wife has been a mom.

Now the kids are getting older. The teenage years are aplenty. And they are of the capacity to decide what to do for Mother’s Day. So far our two youngest have made her breakfast in bed. Now my wife is playing video games with our middle child. Our oldest will return from work shortly, at which point they are going to head out to visit their Oma. Physically distancing of course. But to see the smiles on her grandchildren’s faces is something that hasn’t happened since Christmas.

Besides breakfast in bed, the only gift my wife has received is a Lego Minifig that our son made. It really looks like my wife! I can share any other images at this time, as the other two kids haven’t given their gifts yet. Tomorrow I’ll be sharing those pictures and stories.

Until then, Happy Mother’s Day Lee-Anne! May it be relaxing and peaceful.

My Mother

The majority of my blogs are of my children and my current family life. That’s because I work hard at being the father I always wanted growing up. That being said, I don’t always write flattering pieces about my father. How I saw him is exactly that- how I saw him. Which brings me to the other person who raised me- My Mother.

My mother is a very private person and doesn’t like having her life shared online. So it is rare that I mention her (or my sister for that matter) in my blogs. I respect that she doesn’t want the world hearing about her. I’m sneaking today’s blog in about her because she is here visiting us for a couple of days.

“Gramma” as my kids call her- lives alone on Vancouver Island. Gramma is retired and has a small dog named Jodie living with her. We see my mother about twice a year for a short burst of about two or three days. My kids make an effort to hang out with her because of the brevity of these visits. I encourage it as well. Sometimes my kids will try and get Gramma to tell them stories of my youth and whether I was a troublemaker or not. Sometimes the kids fight over playing with Jodie.

In the end the visits are the perfect length of time. They are just long enough that my mother and I don’t get on each other’s nerves. Plus my family goes at a much faster pace than she does. What with all the activities my children do- we are almost always on the go. My mother has a tough time trying to keep up. She needs to return home to rest after a whirlwind visit at our place.

Mother’s Day 2019

I took my wife out of town on Friday because we needed a break. But also because I wanted to try and take her mind off of today. Today is Mother’s Day as many of you know. My wife is a spectacular mother to three amazing children. All of whom aren’t home today.

Photo sent to us from a parent chaperone.

This weekend our two youngest are out of town for a music trip. Which really isn’t a big deal, except for the fact that our youngest youngest is two years younger than the rest of the group.

Our son has pushed himself to learn trumpet and violin since September 2017 when he began grade six. This past September he joined Junior Concert Band which is for grade eight and nine students. Our son and his friend are the only two grade seven kids in Concert Band. This weekend is kind of a big deal for them because the majority of the kids in the band are from Grade Nine.

So those two are away- due home in the late afternoon/ early evening. Our oldest is working her regular job until 5:30pm so she isn’t around all day either. That meant no breakfast made for my wife like she’s had In The Past. Our children will all be home by dinner in order to celebrate Mother’s Day- but I have to work the night shift.

Mother’s Day is a nice way to show that there is more thanks to be given to these special ladies. Especially as you get older. My wife decided to go and visit her mom for a brunch. I think that’s a nice way to show that she still cares about her. I’ll be giving my mother a call as soon as I hit the “Publish” button.

Above all, make sure you wish those moms out there a…

Happy Mother’s Day!

My Wife and Our Children

As my children grow older, I tend to leave them to figure things out on their own.  Sometimes giving them guidance with nothing but a few words. Like the other day for example. I simply asked what they are planning for Mother’s Day.

The three of them are too old to be doing crafts at school.  And I’m at a point where it’s not my place to decide what they should do for their mother either.  I checked with them again yesterday to see how things were going and they had their plans in motion. So this morning, my wife was treated to breakfast in bed and handmade cards.

The breakfast was a cheese and tomato omelette created by our oldest daughter.  As a dessert, the two youngest made a milkshake and brought it to their mom. But the cards were the best.  One of the kids found an old picture of their mother from when she was in grade six and put it in the card.  Another practiced her calligraphy skills and wrote a simple, but elegant card. The third pasted pictures of all three kids and some old pompoms from our wedding day on her card.  

All of it was sentimental and very lovely.  Our children don’t need as much coaxing as they once did.  They all showed how much they care in their own ways. My wife started her day off wonderfully thanks to her three kids.

Mother’s Day 2016

The post today seems like a no-brainer, so here we go:

When my wife and I first met, we knew that we wanted children in our lives.  We both had ideas of how to raise them, what we would do differently from how we were raised, and how many children we wanted running around the homestead.  I think that we have met all of those criteria that we set out to do.  Most of this is because of what a wonderful mother my wife has been to our children.  

My wife worked part time for a hot air balloon company. we enjoyed the perks of a few free flights and sparkling wine. She was given these glasses as a thank you.

After our first daughter was born, my wife returned to work for a short bit after her maternity leave was over.  But that didn’t last long, she missed her daughter.  So, a couple years later, after our second daughter was born, my wife became a stay at home mother.  She did some part time work during the hours that I was home to do the parenting.  This allowed for her to get out and enjoy adult conversations.  Plus she worked for a hot air balloon, that was a cool job and her kids thought so as well.  I would take  our children to watch a few take offs and landings, so my wife still got to be the mother she wanted to be.


After our third child was born, my wife decided she wanted to spend more time at home raising the kids.  Financially this has been difficult, but I am 100% sure that this has been the right decision.  Mothering of our three kids is a full time job.  Over the years, she has taught them life skills and the kids have benefited from her knowledge.  From daily chores to learning how to bake- she has shown them a bit of everything.  Our children went to preschool, and then into the public school system.  My wife then began sewing winter hats to keep busy while they were out during the days (and bring in some extra income).  

Why have one waffle maker, when two makes double the amount!

Today for Mother’s Day, the children and I made fresh waffles and we will be doing our best to pamper their mother.  My wife still wants to do things and work around the house, so we can’t really stop her.  

Recognizing her hard work.

Happy Mother’s Day to the best mother I know.  I’m lucky to have her raising our children, and the children are lucky as well.  They know it, and they will show it today.  Also because dad said so!