Yard Pride From Front To Back

As the weather gets nicer, people are out working on their yards. My wife and I have spent a lot of time, elbow grease, and money on creating beautiful curb appeal. There is still more to come, but for the most part I’d say it’s looking great.

As I said, we aren’t the only ones working on their yards. I have seen the neighbors out on a regular basis tending to their lawns and gardens. My wife and I chose to keep up with the similarities of our neighborhood yards, not just because it looks good, but it also showed us which plants thrive in this general location. I also took the time to discuss with neighbors about their yards and experiences as the seasons change.

As for our backyard, since it is mostly a lounging location for us, the garden aspect is limited. Most of the edge gardens is established and we just need to trim back on occasion. My wife has been working on vegetables to be grown in a few planters around the backyard. So currently inside our home, the seedlings are beginning to sprout. Within a few weeks, they will be replanted outside as we await tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers to begin growing.

As wonderful as all of this sounds, there is a bit more chaos going on in our next door neighbors’s places. Both the house next to us and the one next to that are digging up their backyards. Next to us they are planning on adding a swim spa and the house next to that is wanting a pond. The crew that was hired is doing both at the same time and work began months ago. Now that the weather is nicer- they are working on it more frequently. I am looking forward to when the work is completed, not just because the noise will be over, but I want to admire the final results. I think the three of us will have outstanding backyards that we will enjoy for years to come.

Do you have big plans for your yard this year? Let me know in the comments and feel free to share previous work you are proud of!

Mighty Neighborly

We had a great evening hanging out with our tenants. It was the first time we really got to know them. Considering we bought the house from them, it was about time to hang out.

They told us plenty about the neighborhood and the house. We learned a lot. It was good to get an insight from them considering that they were here since the place was built.

We had a good time relaxing in the backyard. I look forward to more time with them.

New neighbors 

We returned from this last road trip to find that our old neighbors have moved out and new ones moved in.  We knew this was going to happen, but because of our busy schedules and traveling, it slipped our minds.  It was a nice surprise, trust me.

The home we live in was built by my wife’s father in 1972.  He was a bricklayer by trade, so the home is a solid design and has fantastic character in its bones.  We bought the home from my wife’s parents nine years ago and have slowly been adding our own touches to it.  Most of the neighborhood is people who have been here for twenty years or longer.  Except the house on the corner next to us.

When we first moved in, there was a lovely old couple next door who spent a small fortune on amazing landscaping for their yard.  They sold the place shortly after we moved in (due to their ages and the upkeep on an acre was getting a bit much for them) to another couple and their daughter & grandson.

This next family built a huge addition on the home- a large carriage house connected to their home.  This was for their daughter and grandson to live in.  They moved out a few years later because they wanted their grandson to  attend a different high school and wanted to downsize since the grandparents were now looking after him full time and their daughter had moved away.  I’m not sure of the reasons for her leaving, because it’s never my business to be nosy.

I wish this happened to our previous neighbor.

They sold the house to a couple in their mid fifties.  These new owners were downsizing from twenty acres to the one acre.  Immediately they tore out a portion of the fantastic landscaping and built a workshop/garage in its place.  Within a few months, the lady started complaining about our children playing outside.  She told us they were disrupting her peace & quiet and had she known kids lived here, they never would’ve bought the house.  This was during the noisy construction of their workshop…  I don’t know how she could have missed the fact the there are kids in the neighborhood since you could see into our yard.  We have a tree house, a bright two story pink and purple playhouse, a zip line & a trampoline set up.  Not to mention the elementary school one block away.  Throughout that first summer, it was rather uncomfortable being in our backyard and we dubbed the neighbor “The Wicked Witch of the East”.

One time, she stood along the property line waiting for one of my kids to run by.  She yelled at my daughter making her cry.  My daughter came into the house and told us what happened.  I went over to the Witch and told her she made my daughter cry and  her response was that our children make her cry everyday and that they are horrible people and should not play outside.  I was ready to lose it, so I told her that if she had problems with the kids to talk to my wife or I.  Later that summer, I had to phone the police on her because she had set up her stereo speakers on the side of her house, aiming directly into my backyard, cranked her music and went into her home.  The police showed up fairly quickly and she was fined.  The police spoke with me and were on my side since it’s just children playing and they couldn’t hear them being overly loud as they went over to our neighbor.  After that moment she never spoke to us again, or try and do stupid things.  Her husband was nice, and I spoke with him from time to time.  The kids were never mentioned.

They sold their home to a new family.  Today I went over and introduced myself. This family has two boys and a home business.  The husband is really nice, and I told him that we were glad a family was back in the house.  I explained a bit about the run-in with the lady who owned the house previously.  He then shared that when they had walked through the home with his family before purchasing it, she flipped out on his son when he sat on the bed.  It would seem that she didn’t like kids at all.  He also told us about how she hid some defects of the house when she showed it to them.  Based on hearing this, I’m glad she’s gone.

I’m happy to have new neighbors.  They seem nice.  I hope they stay longer.