October Movie Schlockfest

Every day in October I am planning on watching a cheesy movie. Preferably sci-fi and/or horror- the more “cringy” the better. So far I have watched three films that really fit the bill.

First film I watched was “Invaders From Mars” made back in 1986. I remember this film coming out on cable tv in the 80’s and I was so excited to see it. It is not good. Lots of excess screaming and ridiculous looking aliens. None of which is scary by any means.

Last night I watched “Cube Zero” which I was honestly hoping would be as good as “Cube”. Alas, it fell short. In fact it almost ruins the idea of what the original film “Cube” was about. But cheesy acting and ridiculous practical effects helped to make it more campy than “mind fuck” like it’s original.

Tonight I went back to the 80’s for an absolute disaster of a film. “Munchies” knew it was campy and ridiculous from the start with hints at “Gremlins” and numerous other movies prior to it. It is not a good film by any means. I lost interest in it by the end and was nodding off on the couch by 9pm.

The idea of watching cheesy and campy films came about on September 30th. That was the day my middle child and I decided to watch “Hocus Pocus 2”. Cheesy, corny, nostalgic and not very good. Perfect to get my tastebuds wet with the month of October.

Do you have any extra cheesy films for the spooky season that you would recommend? I have a few saved on our streaming device.

The Other Side of Vancouver 

This month I’m working nights in downtown Vancouver.  I noticed a surreal aspect of being there.  The views are amazing.  No matter what I am looking at, it just doesn’t feel real.

The city was asleep at 5pm.  No one was out and it was already dark.  But everywhere I looked, I saw beauty.  

I’ve traveled to other major cities through the night.  Each of them equally beautiful.  Calgary, Edmonton, Seattle, Los Angles, Sacramento, even Twin Falls Idaho.  All of them are magnificent spectacles as you approach and drive through.  

Photo courtesy Trip Advisor

I forget how unique Vancouver is. As much as I avoid traveling into there, I can still appreciate what it has to offer the skyline.  Perhaps I need to spend some more time here enjoying the nightlife.  We’ll see.  It’s hard to leave the suburbs and country life that I have become accustomed to.