I Know Nothing

It’s hard to admit when you don’t know something. Especially when you really should know something about something. Instead of nothing about something. Which is worse than knowing something about nothing.

I know a lot of nothing. But nothing has stuff to explore which in sense makes it something.

I know nothing. But I try and help. So that’s something.

The Nothing

Today I have nothing to write about. This nothing is turning into something as I write about nothing. I suppose I could write about “The Nothing” from “The Neverending Story”. But even that would be something.

My Nothing really isn’t anything. So I’m ending my musings by stating nothing about nothing.

A Nothing Something

This is about nothing. A bunch of nothing filling a screen about nothing. Essentially it is the epitome of nothingness. Just a bunch of words creating sentences. No stories about things or activities. Just nothing.

But it's my nothing. A nothing that has turned into something. A little something I needed to write. Something I wanted to write. A something about writing nothing.

Nothing about something. Something about nothing.


Danger Zone

Absolutely no reason for my thought process today.  I was going to write about “Roasted Sea Laver”.  But this is all I could come up with:

Roasted Sea Laver is a delicious healthy treat.  Mmmm seaweedy goodness.  Like eating only the green part of sushi.  No rice or fish?  Sure, sell me a pack of that!

And here’s a photo:

Then I began thinking that I should write about how I enjoy using hands free technology with my cellphones.  My car has the ability to sync with my iPhone which is cool.  And at work I picked up a fancy “ear mullet” to use with the blackberry phone (not my choice of smartphones).  And here’s the photo I was thinking of using:

But all of that pales in comparison to my strange obsession with 80’s movie theme songwriter extraordinare Kenny Loggins. Footloose.  Danger Zone.  The only two songs I know and neither is from a film I enjoy.

And here’s the picture to go with that because Archer:

My brain couldn’t cope with getting a full article about anything in particular.  So there you have the three random thoughts I had as I drove home today.

Tomorrow I may write about a fancy new word I learned today: “Automagically”

I Got Nothing…

Today was a first in a long time.  I have no ideas about what to write for my daily blog.  I have a few that I am working on in my drafts, but I don’t want to publish them quite yet.  They still need some tweaking.  So here I am with nothing to write about.

Some days you just can’t get it together.  All day I lay in bed.  Laziness abound.  I put my phone on silent and tried to sleep the day away.  No real reason to do it.  I just had no plans for the day.  I got out of bed about an hour ago and prepared breakfast for tomorrow, so I got that going for me.  Hopefully tomorrow has a head start.

Perhaps tomorrow I’ll blog about the breakfast.  But today I have nothing worthy of a Friday evening read.  I am going to cut it short.  Just go about your business.  There’s nothing to see here.  Move along.