Experiencing Japanese Cafes

Today we slept in after two hard days at both Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea. We needed a calm down and decided to take in some other unique experiences Tokyo has to offer. So we took our adventure to Akihabara.

We couldn’t even leave the train station without spending a tiny fortune on tiny capsules filled with tiny toys. We hunted them out afterwards and spent a bit more. But the first real stop was only steps away from the train station. We hit up the Gundam Cafe for a quick lunch (and lots of food photos for Instagram).

After lunch, we wandered the streets walking in and out of shops filled with those capsule machines and anime statues. I also found the “Table Flip” arcade game I was so desperate to play. We gave it a go for fun. My son made the top ten on the scoreboard. Then it was time for us to head out for the reason for our trip to Akihabara.

Then the highlight of our day was spending an hour in the Akiba Fukurou Owl Cafe. Almost hidden down a side street with no real markings except a few small signs on the windows. You need to book in advance, and they give you directions on how to find it.

Once we were there, it was like walking into a zen filled oasis. Classical music, whispered voices, and owls. Lots of varieties of owls. All of which were perfectly happy to visit with us as we marveled at them.

We were each given an opportunity to hold two different owls. So of course we took it! And we took hundreds of photos! This was one of the most unusual and gratifying experiences we have had. I even got to “hold” a Burrow Owl. This is my favorite Owl ever since I saw a Cartoon of it. I want one now more than ever!

That pretty much ended our day on an extreme high. We left Akihabara feeling fulfilled and could not stop talking to each other about the experience in the Owl Cafe.

If you make it to Tokyo- check out Akiba Fukurou Owl Cafe it’s worth it.

No Bowl Today

I don’t watch a lot of sports as it is. So today, it didn’t matter to me that there was a foosball game on.

This is now the second year in a row that I haven’t watch the game. The only thing I really missed was the excessively unhealthy food I would make. I love my Deep Fryer. I even made Spam Fries the other day. Wow were those tasty A.F. Besides the deep fryer, we would make a spicy chili, sandwiches and tons of salty snacks. Of course, we would share with friends.

I do love a Superb Owl and can’t wait to go to Japan and check out an Owl Cafe. That is probably going to be one of the biggest highlights of our trip. But has nothing to do with football.

Go Sports Team!


I mentioned last year around this time about how not into sports I am.  Don’t remember?  Read it here: Sports.

This year I ended up working on Super Bowl Sunday.  Which doesn’t mean much to me.  Except that I was unable to partake in drinking or deep fat fried food.  I did catch the end of the game and enjoyed a beer.

Super Bowl reminds me of how much I love owls.

That’s right.  Owls.  The greatest bird of prey ever.  I even shared a link about Cartoons that involved “The Hidden Life of The Burrowing Owl.”

Owls are the best.  You could even say superb.  If I could have any pet bird, an owl would be it.  I love Burrowing Owls.  Great Horned Owls are pretty amazing looking as well.  Those are my top two.  

We have barn owls in my neighborhood.  I’ve enjoyed watching them hunt over the years.  It’s so amazing to watch them attack rodents.  I can’t stand rats and mice.  I think we need to adopt an owl to rid our property of rodents.  Because owning a cat is just silly.

Owls would dominate over cats any day.  Plus they are much cuter when they kill rodents.  Ever witness an owl shred apart a rat?  Cats are too busy playing with their food.  

I really want an owl now.  I would name it Bernie the Burrowing Owl.

I hope you enjoyed my presentation about why I like owls.