The weather over the next few days, and leading into November, is supposed to be beautiful. Maybe not with the warmth of a summer day; but rather a mid-day sunshine while wearing your favorite sweater and sunglasses kind of day. Plenty of opportunities to enjoy the changing colours of nature to be had if one so chooses.

I plan on taking it easy during my free time. I’ll probably chill out a bit more on my deck and stare out into the yard, admiring the tranquility that we are surrounded by. The brisk air keeps many people quieter as they begin to warm themselves more frequently indoors. The woodland animals are slowly preparing to migrate and hibernate. Slowly the sounds outside quieten to a faint whisper.

Autumn is a beautiful and peaceful season.


After getting our septic tank pumped yesterday, I decided not to fill in the rock garden again. I figured that we may need to pump it out one day sometime in the nearer future… not twenty years later like this time. So we came up with a new plan.

Let’s build a pond.

Now, when we first moved in there was a pond in this location. But since our youngest was a year old at the time, we decided to fill it in to be safe. We just never bothered to dig it out until this summer.

Today my oldest helped me design the pond. She drove us to Home Depot and we picked up a pond liner, a fountain and some accent lights. We laid out the liner and began to fill the pond with water. As it filled up, we straightened out the liner and turned on the fountain. She’s really happy about the fountain feature- it looks neat.

As the afternoon went on, my two other kids decided they wanted to help out. We washed the rocks off from the previous rock garden that was here. My daughters set them up around the outskirts of the pond. Throughout the process, we all enjoyed wading around in the cool water. We set up a spitting fish fountain (that was from the original pond) and put our old gargoyle bird bath on the corner.

I did pick up a new piece that reminded me of our trip to Tokyo last Spring Break. As the evening settled in, we played with the lighting. We each have a favorite color, but it seems the pink is winning out at the moment.

Now to enjoy the zen like moments of the pond as we tinker and play with it over the next few years. Next spring we will put some plants out along the edges.

Maybe I could expand the pond to become a moat, after all we do live in Castle Havelka.

Mid Week Peace by the Lake

Our two youngest are planning on doing speed skating starting in the fall.  So during the summer, they need to keep up with exercising.  The coaches have been kind enough to open up their home this summer.   It’s only 45 minutes from our home. The nicest part is that it’s right on a lake.  

So while the kids are running laps, we get to chill out by the water.  It’s a lovely little location.  I’m really happy to have a few minutes to relax and write my blog this evening.

The outside property is very charming in a hodgepodge way. The family has set up plenty of little sitting areas all around. 

Perfect for enjoying the sunset as the evening comes to a close. Especially knowing that the kids will have worked to exhaustion by the end, and the car ride will be peaceful.

I Work Hard For The Money

Today I agreed to come in to work to help out.  It didn’t bother me in the least.  Even though it should have been my day off, I know that I get other days or time off in return.  But I get to quote one of my favorite films all day. “I’m not even supposed to be here today.”

Besides going to work for a few hours, my Saturday is generally relaxing.  Tonight is no different. I was able to plan with my wife a quiet dinner for the family.  Some BBQ and hanging out in our yard by our new gas fire pit. It may not be the warmest Spring evening, but it is peaceful. No lawnmowers or neighborhood children screaming.  Our dog is by my side as the kids finish clearing our table.

Now to enjoy a glass of wine from a bottle we picked up a few months ago while on a tour with some friends.  The smells of fresh vegetation and a few chirping newborn birds add to the ambience.  

Side note: Before I left for work, a baby bird had fallen from its nest and landed on my car. The mother was dive bombing me as I tried my best to gently coerce the little dude off my car.  I had my daughter help me back out of the carport so I wouldn’t injure either animal.

So my day was eventful and uneventful at the same time.  Just another day.

Do you hear that?

Do you hear that?  That is the sound of the inevitable back to school.  It is the sound of Silence.

My home.  My neighborhood.  My tranquility.  All of it peacefully existing.

No sounds of children playing.  No tv or videogames.  Just…. Silence.

The children are only just beginning their school year.  They will return home each afternoon with new knowledge and homework.  Some days they will moan and groan claiming a horrible disservice is happening to them.  They are suffering the hardship of being educated.

Today, at home, I am enjoying The Silence.  Even the animals have calmed down.  No birds chirping.  No dogs barking.  Everything is at peace with the world.  Like a sigh of relief has passed through the neighborhoods as children pause for the day in their desks.  With the teachers preparing for the year ahead, they keep the classrooms calm.

Time to relax.  Who needs summer vacation when you can enjoy the autumn peace?

So you hear that?  It is the minutes slipping by to the next summer vacation…