So my wife bought something from Costco the other week that she was really excited for. It was a snack food item called Smucker’s Goober.

This item is peanut butter and strawberry jam in a single jar. I had heard of this from the 70’s and 80’s, but never tried it. Which is really very odd since I grew up during that time when snack foods were heavily processed and my mother actively brought home many of the iterations of food products for us to consume. I was always more partial to orange marmalade and honey vs jelly and jams.

As pretty as it looked, I was unimpressed by the taste and texture. My wife was also a bit disappointed and assured me that the grape jelly flavor is superior. I don’t doubt that. But grape jelly is not one of the flavors we ever have stocked in our home even if it’s not pre-mixed with peanut butter. My wife prefers raspberry or mixed berry jam and I’ll eat strawberry jam on occasion.

Perhaps we will try the grape/pb Goober one day. Or that may end up being that special treat that we will have in our pantry as we get older and are closer to retiring. Like when we eventually get An RV To Travel it would make sense to minimize how much stuff you have.

Have you tried Goober? Is the grape flavor better, the same, or worse than strawberry?

Let me know in the comments while I go and make a goober sandwich.

Peanut Butter Firsties

It’s been a few years but I finally got to have one of my favorite “Firsties” this morning. It may not seem like much, but it is one of my most anticipated experiences. I rarely get to enjoy it because other members of my family get to it before I do. They probably don’t realize how much I enjoy these moments.

I’m talking about a fresh jar of peanut butter.

To me, there’s something beautiful and magical about being the first to open a jar of peanut butter. We buy Kraft smooth peanut butter and always have. What I enjoy is unscrewing the lid and seeing that the foil seal is still pristine. A quick tug of the tab and the smooth brown spread is exposed to the air and a waft of peanuty goodness comes out.

The untouched butter taunts me awaiting the first scoop. A knife or spoon- doesn’t matter; all that matters is taking that first swipe. The cut that drives into a perfectly flat crown. The utensil slides down deep followed by a twist and out comes the first taste.

That first taste is the greatest. It’s as if the peanut butter has a chemical reaction with the air as it is exposed for the first time since the factory. I get a little greedy and spread extra on my toast. But hey, these moments are few and far between. Why not spoil myself just this once?

Do you have the same experience with a fresh jar of peanut butter? Or do you find a similar joy with another food?

Let me know in the comments.

Spread ‘Em!

My go-to breakfast of choice is the one, the only, the crowd favorite- TOAST!

Powdered Toast Man-
The Breakfast Superhero!

Okay, maybe it’s not the greatest breakfast in the world. But it is so easy to make. Slice of bread goes in the toaster, toasted bread comes out. It’s one of life’s little miracles. And it’s a regular staple in my home.

The most pertinent question remains for said toast. What do you put on it? Jam? Jelly? Marmalade? Butter? I’m a big fan of most spreads. Strawberry jam, citrus marmalade, or even Nutella!!!

My usual is peanut butter and honey. I love how the peanut butter gets a bit melty and super smooth. Spread some liquid honey on that and I’m in heaven. It’s the simple pleasures in life that make me happy. I’m easy like Sunday morning.

What is your spread of choice? Are you a jam or jelly type? Or perhaps you like the toast dry? No judging here!

Peanut Butter

The number one food staple in our home is peanut butter. We always have a jar of it in the cupboard. It’s the “Go To” breakfast and snack food choice. It’s great on apple slices or crackers. But mostly it goes on toast.

I put a lot of peanut butter on my bread. So much so that it usually oozing over the edges. I love peanut butter. But it has to be the super cheap stuff- not the stuff that’s organic or fresh tasting.

I want the kind of PB that will last forever in the cupboard. I want the type of peanut butter that doesn’t require refrigeration and stirring before usage. The sort of peanut butter that you can take to work and eat by the spoonful because you’re too lazy to pack a real lunch. The kind that is so smooth you’re not sure if it’s even made from peanuts.

That’s my kind of food product.

Peanut Butter Bacon Burger

I’m not the type of person who needs to demand respect.  I give respect and I often get respect in return. It has proven valuable and essential to my growth as a person. The road to respect is give and take.

But I noticed that respect seems to be diminishing from society as a whole. Over the past year there has been a lot of hate being shared. 
But why? People are allowed to have differing views. It’s what life is about. My concern isn’t about having an opposing view with someone else. What I find truly saddening is how people react to an opposing view:  Cruel internet memes. Racist or sexist slurs. Even violence. None of it is needed.  

I may not agree politically with a friend.  However, I will share the information I have with them to help explain my viewpoint and hope that they would do the same.  It’s about respect.

Now, the other day I was treated to a fantastic lunch.  I enjoyed a Peanut Butter Bacon Burger.  Delicious in a strange way.

The planet is full of Peanut Butter as well as Bacon Burgers.  Both of which are delicious on their own.  Some people like bacon and others like peanut butter.  Put them together and you have a blend that works.  A taste that stays in your mouth long after you’ve eaten it.  Somehow together they taste wonderful.

Like opposing views.  They may clash most of the time, but when you can work through your opinions it can create a better place.  

Society needs to be more like a Peanut Butter Bacon Burger.