Ooh Wee

Around our home we often quote tv shows and movies.  Since I have been on a Rick and Morty kick for a little over a year now my references are often… inappropriate to say the least.

My favorite insult to call my children is Mr. Poopybutthole”  It just rolls off the tongue with ease.  It’s sort of a misnomer because the character on the show is kind and positive.  

Problem is I am saying it far too frequently.  Mainly when I’m exhausted is when the name comes out.  I’ll forget my children’s real names and out comes “Mr. Poopybutthole” instead.  Which honestly doesn’t bother my kids.  My wife on the other hand is worried that I am teaching our ten year old bad habits.

I believe my children are kind and caring. So calling them a pet name like “Mr. Poopybutthole.” is perfect.  

Anyways.  Short and to the point tonight. I’m kind of tired and need to go say goodnight to the kids.  I hope my Mr. Poopybuttholes have a good sleep.