Reality TV

I love traveling because I get to watch bad television.  I usually watch the shows about houses and home makeovers.  House Hunters, Love it or List it, Property Virgins, Flip or Flop, and pretty much anything of that style.  I watch it for the inspiration of what I could make my home one day.  But after viewing all of these shows on a regular basis, I came to realize that the term “Reality TV” is a lie.


I got the blackout Bingo!

Not only are the houses staged, but the majority of the problems and situations are as well.  Here’s our $8000 kitchen upgrade with all new everything.  What?  You found that our plumbing isn’t to code?  After the $4000 repairs, we better just paint the cabinets instead of replacing them. As well, how many times are these regular people (actors really) coached behind the scenes about how to react or what to say?  I really like the open floor plan, but the vaulted ceilings are about three inches too high. Most of the shows have the same premise every episode and the same dialogue.  I’m not so sure about house number 2.  We are going to be over budget if we still do what you want, here’s plan B.


Did not expect squirrels.

Unfortunately these shows are labeled as “Reality” because I bet there are a few takes made for the scenes.  It also seems like the conflicts are set up or known about ahead of time.  All of this is so that the people on the shows can have their 15 minutes of fame to share with their families and the rest of the world.  For me, it’s a guilty pleasure to watch while away from home.

Heck, maybe one day I’ll do a show and you’ll see me “act surprised” about the added expense of something I had no idea about…