Today I ripped apart my kitchen. I’m lucky it has floating ceiling panels and I could take them off.  I was in search of a rat.  I hate rats in my home. I discussed in great detail, the battle I have had over the years: Screw Ratatouille. The war on rodents continues…

Opening up the ceiling- I found rat shit everywhere so I had my vacuum on the entire time to clean up as I went. I had placed a couple small mouse traps up there a few days ago. Both had gone off, one baby rat was in the trash, but one trap was missing. In its place was a pool of blood.

You do not want to see the mess. Trust me.

I’m not going to share an image of it. But as I took off each panel, the smell of dead rodent became stronger. I traced it to my fridge. So I pulled out the fridge and discovered…


Much cuter than rats.

A couple small turds and lots of dust bunnies. But the smell was staggering. Then a thought hit me.- “Shit.  I bet I just ran over the dead rat with the fridge.” I got on my hands and knees to have a closer look. With flashlight in hand, peered under the fridge that I had just rolled across the kitchen floor.  Much to my relief, it wasn’t there.
As I crouched there, the smell of death was immense. I removed the back panel of the fridge and there it was.  Hunched over the drain pan of the fridge not moving- a dead baby rat. With gloves on, I grabbed the baby rat and instantly its fur became dislodged from its body.


I nearly lost my breakfast. So I readjusted my hold and carefully lifted the creature up and placed it gingerly into a plastic bag.  I disinfected the motor and shoved the fridge back into the fridge spot.

I hope that this war will be over soon- with me as the victor.  I’m tired of freeloading rodents running amok in my kitchen. 

Tonight- we dine out.

Screw Ratatouille.

Living in the country means lots of wild critters hanging about.  Some I don’t mind, others deserve to be eliminated.

Rats for instance.  Hate them with a passion.  Gross and destructive.  At one point we had an onslaught of the vermin infesting our property when we first moved in.  This was because up the road from us- about ten acres of green houses were torn down.  All of the rats dispersed and the neighborhood had new unwanted tenants move in to each of our homes.  Their move wasn’t magical like the rats from “The Secret Of Nimh”.

It was gross.  I mean really, really gross.  The rats became nonchalant in their entry into my home.  I’d be watching tv and a rat would go across my kitchen floor and scurry up the cabinets.  Or they’d run from our kitchen and hide under a couch.  On more than one occasion I’d be staring eye to eye with one of them.  The worst experience happened to me one morning.  We had left a sink full of water and dishes to soak overnight.  I reached in to drain the dirty water from the sink and instead of grabbing the drain plug, I had a bloated dead rat in my grip.

It took many traps and unfortunately some poison to finally rid our home of these pesky shits. We have the occasional rat still show up inside.  But that doesn’t last long. I usually get them dead and gone within moments of them showing up.  Once my oldest daughter watched through the glass window of our sauna as I killed a rat with a 2×6.  I have no remorse for these critters.  When we got our roof replaced three years ago, a rat had died in our attic from the heat of the blow torch.  I found it because of the smell of death that filled that part of the house.  Going into the attic to retrieve its corpse had me nearly throwing up in my mouth over and over.  

Hot attic+dead rodent=sickly stench.

This winter we were lucky inside our home.  I did however find some rat shit in our storage sheds and on the engine of my car.  I just want them to stay out of my home and my life- is that too much to ask?

Anyways, here’s my opinion- rats suck.