Sakura: The Beauty of Cherry Blossoms

The one time of the year I wanted to travel to Japan was in the spring. This was so that I could enjoy the Cherry Blossoms, aka Sakura. Here is a sample of them from around Tokyo during our visit:

Those first few images were from the Ueno Zoo and the walk from the train station to the zoo. The little mascot and rules were there to make sure everyone was respectful.

Everywhere in Tokyo had beautiful Sakura in bloom. We often stopped to take numerous photos. Especially our daughters, who enjoy their Photography Classes back home.

Our first day in Tokyo we went to the Tokyo Tower in the evening. It was our first glimpse of Cherry Blossoms. We took a bunch of photos while at the Zōjō-Ji temple.

We also went back to the temple on our last day as our final walk before taking our plane back home. It seems that the 12 days we spent in Tokyo had us seeing full blooms to a loss of petals. As if the end of our visit signified the end of the Cherry Blossoms.

Visiting Tokyo at Spring-break and over Easter was probably the best time to go. There was no need for a guided tour as Google Maps would point out the Cherry Blossom locations as well.

It made me miss the Cherry Blossom tree we had at our old house. Now that we are home- we are trying to figure out a spot to put a few on our acre that will get the best results.

A big cheers to all things Sakura that we enjoyed in Tokyo. Thank you Japan for sharing the beauty!

Tea and Travel Day

We traveled back home from Tokyo on an overnight flight. After checking out of our hotel room in the morning, we decided to do one last walk around the nearby Hamarikyu Gardens and enjoyed a tea ceremony.

It was a lovely and calm adventure in the park. Lots of beautiful Sakura (Cherry Blossoms) and high rises in the background. A perfect description of how the Tokyo lifestyle is.

Before heading back on our plane to Vancouver, we also decided to do a late afternoon lunch with one last traditional Japanese meal.

Cold Udon with Fujisoba beef. This was a slightly spicier meal than I expected (should’ve noticed the wasabi on the edge), but the beer was chilled perfectly to wash it down.

After lunch, we made our way back up towards Tokyo Tower. We stopped to visit the “Care Guardian Deities of Children“. The little stone statues with red hats and windmills dedicated to the safety of children and a memorial to miscarried and stillborn children.

We finally ended our day with a dessert from a market tent and a beer outside the hotel. Many crazy memories were made. And a big thank you to the people of Tokyo for such wonderful hospitality.

I wish we didn’t have to leave. We are ready to start planning our return.