Catalytic Theft

At 2:22am this morning, thieves stole the catalytic converter from our daughter’s Honda Element. It took them less than four minutes. Clearly they have done this before to other vehicles.

Our camera caught some footage of the theft. Unlucky for us, a spider decided to make its web in front of the top part of the lens, so we got a bit of glare on the upper portion. Looking back at the footage, there still would be no way to tell the license plate of the truck that stopped on the road. The cost to us will be $300 deductible for insurance and the time lost of not having the vehicle on the road.

As disappointing as this event is, and as frustrating as the theft can be, I’m hoping for some justice to come about. It turns out the Facebook group for our neighborhood has people sharing information about the incident. Hopefully we can get more information to the local authorities about what happened.

Perhaps then this won’t happen to other folks.

Lights, Now Cameras!

Since we moved in, we have been slowing making this house our home. I threw in a couple of ceiling fans for the kids. We added lights to the outdoors- along the railing and what we call our “Tokyo DisneySea Light” as well as a few others. Plus a tv and some outdoor furnishings.

It’s time to make us feel secure in all of those purchases. The weather cooled off enough today for my son and I to hit the attic and run some wires. It was CCTV camera install day. There are plenty of YouTube videos and how-to sites that I’m not going into those details.

My wife and I had bought six Lorex cameras and a hard drive a few months ago from Costco. I always wanted to have security cameras in our last house, but the undertaking would have been tremendous with all the brick work. So my wife indulged me and I got a set for this house.

First off, the install started off long and arduous. Having to find the best spots and figure out how to run the cables. After that- it was a bit of tinkering and we now have four of the six cameras up and recording. My wife was having fun with me while I set them up.

We opted to put the monitor in our laundry room. My wife didn’t want the screen to be front and center in our lives. I agree with her on that. The neat part is the hard drive connects to our internet and we can access the cameras remotely from our phones.

The hard drive allows us to have up to 8 cameras and we can also get the kind that you can move, zoom, pan and tilt with. That might happen in the future. Anyways, before next summer, I will finish adding the last two cameras to completely view our property.

I know the cameras may only be a bit of a deterrent for crime. Most criminals don’t care about cameras or security systems. If they want in your home, they will get in. I just like the sense of security the camera system offers my family.

Plus now I can decide if I want to open the front door or ignore people.