Proving a Point

I have a generally great relationship with my kids. Lots of healthy joking between us as well as humorous banter back and forth. But sometimes they can’t stop with the insults and jabs.

The other day they were making fun of me. It was ok at first, then I decided to prove them wrong. Maybe I was being spiteful, more likely is I am unsure where my standing is with them any more. Gauntlets are thrown down- I’m going to grow a beard.

I don’t like facial hair. I mentioned it last October in Shaving about how much I don’t do facial hair. But this time around- it’s to prove my kids wrong. I will grow a beard to show them that I can. Even though I hate the feeling of facial hair.

I’m not sure how I will look- I’m a bit worried it will age me. I also think I’ll resemble my father. Both looks I don’t really want to achieve. In any case- I will shave whatever I’ve grown on November 25th. That is the anniversary of my father’s death. 

Perhaps I’ll like it and keep the hair. Although not likely… My 13 year old daughter told me “Next you’re going to become a hipster and want a man-bun.” Ouch. She’s so opinionated. No idea where she gets it. (From her mother…)


My wife thinks my eyebrow hairs are too long. She even tried to pluck them out just to irritate me. I don’t notice their length, in fact- I like my blonde eyebrows. Sometimes they have a life of their own. See:

My wife also enjoys making fun of my receding hairline. My thinning hair seems to be her “go-to” insult.  She enjoys pointing it out whenever we do a selfie together.

The little teasing she does really doesn’t bother me. Growing older means dealing with hair issues as it is. One of my favorite Christmas gifts a few years ago was an ear & nose hair trimmer. I know I’m strange. I don’t overly like rogue body hairs. I also shave the few hairs I ever grow on my chest. I like to keep the rest of my body well groomed as well.  Shaving my face is done every couple of days.  But my leg and arm hairs are fairly thin and don’t bother me.

That’s today’s lesson on Joe’s Body Hairs.